Apprenticeship loan specifically designed for apprentices

An apprenticeship loan is a loan that is specifically designed for apprentices. People who are in training usually have a regular income. This creates an important basis for obtaining a loan from banks. Trainees should make use of a training loan in cases where they do not receive financial support from their parents or financial

Consumer credit: still growing in May

The use of consumer credit maintained a positive dynamic last May, according to the French Association of Financial Companies (ASF): a slight increase in activity was recorded (+ 1.7%), which amounts to + 4.7% over the last three months compared to the same period the previous year, and + 3.9% cumulative over the last twelve

Loan without credit rating

The credit rating is bad and the creditworthiness bad, it is not easy in lending. When lending banks need collateral. The credit rating must be positive and the income regulated and sufficient. With one or more negative credit rating entries, it is usually very difficult to get a credit card from a bank based in

Foreign currency loans : two final refusals, one deferral

The Court of Appeal, acting in second instance, upheld its first instance decisions in Good Finance Mortgage Bank Plc. And Good Finance Commercial Bank Zrt. decision. The court of second instance shared in substance the position The Metropolitan Court in both credit institutions that the request for suspension of the proceedings and the proceedings before