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People trying to avoid legal usury: credit card balances, delinquencies, third-party collections, and second-quarter bankruptcies


Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) lenders face a tougher reality.

By Wolf Richter for WOLF STREET.

Credit card balances jumped $46 billion to $887 billion in the second quarter, which was still down 4.3% from the peak in the fourth quarter of 2019 and was just a hair above what it was in 2008, despite 14 years of population growth and inflation. Rampant inflation was responsible for much of the increase in the second quarter, according to the New York Fed’s Household Debt and Credit report.

Credit card balances also include balances that are paid off on the due date the following month, each month, so no interest accrues. Many Americans use credit cards only as a method of payment (and to get the 1.5% cash back or whatever), not as a method of borrowing.

A report by Fitch estimated that the total amount paid with credit cards for goods and services – in the United States reached $4.6 trillion in 2021, which would represent an average of $1.15 trillion in credit card purchases per quarter.

Yet total outstanding credit card balances in the second quarter only increased by $46 billion, showing just how heavily credit cards are used as a method of payment and the extent to which they are used as method of borrowing, which makes sense given the usurious interest. rates.

Credit card balances of $887 billion in the second quarter include transactions made roughly in June but paid in July that do not earn interest. And that’s been spurred by the surge in travel, much of which is paid for with credit cards.

Other consumer loans, such as personal loans, payday loans and Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) loans, all combined, reached $470 billion in the second quarter, below what they were 20 years ago, despite 20 years of inflation and population growth.

Trying to dodge the usurious interest rate scam: shrinking credit card debt.

People are borrowing a lot of money to finance home purchases and auto purchases where loan balances have increased from 2008; and they take out many student loans, the balances of which have been growing steadily since 2008.

But in order to avoid getting ripped off by usurious interest rates, people are pretty much restricted when it comes to credit cards – especially the huge sums that are paid in full every month and never generate cash. interests.

Credit card balances and other loans combined accounted for more than 16% of total consumer debt (including mortgages, auto loans and student loans). During the pandemic, this fell into the 8% range and reached 8.4% of total debt in the second quarter:

A Word About Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)

New York Fed data does not detail BNPL loans. But Fitch estimates that in 2021, $43 billion (with a B) of purchases were made using BNPL loans – compared to $4.6 trillion (with a T) of credit card purchases. in the USA. BNPL loans are therefore tiny, but growing rapidly.

BNPL loans, often aimed at subprime clients, are short-term installment loans, such as one down payment, three more to pay, usually spread over six to eight weeks. These loans are often issued at the point of sale. They typically carry 0% interest and are subsidized by the retailer to encourage higher average tickets and fewer cart abandonments. Retailers can partner with a BNPL lender.

If it sounds like installment plans from decades ago, that’s because it is, but now imbued with the unerring aura of FinTech and AI.

One of the hottest BNPL specialty lenders in the US is Affirm Holdings [AFRM], a startup with less than $1 billion in revenue in 2021. It went public in January 2021 amid immense hype. In October, its shares reached $176.65, after which they plunged through the IPO price of $49 per share, and closed today at $31.55 per share, down 82 % from top.

The company lost tons of money every quarter, including $55 million in the first quarter and $430 million last year.

According to Fitch, BNPL lenders “have seen delinquency rates more than double in recent quarters,” while credit card delinquency rates have barely increased as subprime-rated customers take on BNPL loans are the most affected by runaway inflation.

And like so many times with FinTech and AI foolproofs, credit checks are only as good as the people who wrote the code, and apparently the code was designed to maximize revenue, not control risk. Fortunately, this is only a tiny part of the consumer credit scenario.

Credit card chargebacks rise from record highs, remain low.

There is still a lot of money circulating, but some people are running out. In 2020 and 2021, people used their stimulus checks and PPP loans, along with extra unemployment benefits and some of the money left over from having to pay rent or mortgages, to keep up to date. on their credit cards. And crime rates across the board have dropped to record lows.

For credit card delinquencies, this record was reached in the third quarter of 2021, when balances past due for 30 days or more fell to 4.1% of total credit card balances. Then they start to get up. In the second quarter, they rose to 4.8%, which was still below any pre-pandemic low.

For “other loans”, the record low for the over-30-day delinquency rate was reached in the fourth quarter of 2021, at 4.3%. In the second quarter, it rose to 5.2%.

In both categories, delinquency rates are increasing but remain below the Good-Times normal. Credit card delinquencies are growing faster and may soon reach good times normal and then bad times normal. A major jobs crisis, such as during the Great Recession, will lead to a sharp increase.

Note how pandemic stimulus payments of all kinds and the ability to skip rent and mortgage payments drove delinquency rates down through mid-2021. But that game is now over and there is a return to reality. This is a very similar trajectory to auto loan delinquency rates:

And the first increase in third-party collections.

The percentage of consumers with third-party collections rose to 6.3% in the second quarter, less than half of what it was in 2013 (14.6%). So far, so good:

The average amount collected per person has remained roughly stable at around $1,230 over the past three quarters, after declining during the stimulus period:


The number of consumers with new bankruptcy filings in the second quarter climbed a hair‘s breadth to 95,200, but remains at a historic low, after the long downward trend that began in 2010 when bankruptcies peaked during the Great Recession. Also note that the number of people who filed for bankruptcy in the second quarter was less than half the number of filings in 2006, the low point just before the Great Recession.

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Back to School Events, Backpack Giveaways for the Killeen-Fort Hood Area | Local News


Summer is almost over and school will be back in a few weeks. Here are some back-to-school events and backpack giveaways happening in the area.

Frontline Honors: Roxanne Hocog, Senior Lifestyle


Roxanne Hocog, Medical Technician/Caregiver for Senior Lifestyle – Orchard Pointe, has been named the 2022 Frontline Honors Winner by Senior Housing News.

To become a Frontline Honoree, a person is nominated by their peers. Candidate must be a dedicated, high-performing frontline worker who delivers exceptional experiences and results; a passionate worker who knows how to put his vision into action for the good of seniors and aging professionals in the industry; and an advocate for seniors, their industry and their peers.

Senior Housing News caught up with Hocog to discuss his time in the senior housing industry.

SHN: What attracted you to the retirement home industry?

Hocog: I’ve always wanted to help people. I loved the challenge because not every day was the same and you never knew what to expect from one day to the next. I tried to work in other settings and decided to go back to where my heart was and since then I have been working in memory care.

What is your biggest lesson learned since you started working in the industry?

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that you can never be too complacent. Each day is different from the previous one. In this setting, you need to be able to multi-task and focus on whatever your residents need at the time.

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite thing about my job is that some of these residents don’t have family who can visit them regularly, and we have the honor of becoming an extension of their family. I have the opportunity to make a difference in their lives by taking the time to do activities with them like spa days where I wash and dry their hair and cut or curl it however they want to make them feel and look their best.

What do you want society (or the general public) to know about your work?

I want society to know that this work is very rewarding, but it is also a lot of hard work. The work we do as caregivers can be physically and mentally exhausting when the day is very busy or one of your residents is sick. I truly believe that all caregivers deserve additional recognition, as we are in one of the toughest jobs in the healthcare industry. It doesn’t have to be an entry-level position similar to working in fast food, this job takes a special kind heart and can become the best career choice you’ve ever made with room for growth and professional development.

What can be one thing that leaders don’t know, that you wish they would universally knew, about your work?

I would like the leaders of this industry to know that we as caregivers do hard work and really appreciate when they go out of their way to make us feel involved and that our contribution is meaningful.

To view the Frontline Honors Class of 2022, visit frontlinehonors.agingmedia.com

This Hoboken ‘hair fairy’ specializes in curly hair


Adopting your natural hair isn’t always as easy as it seems, especially when you have naturally curly, curly or wavy hair. These hair types come with a learning curve, as well as lots of product trial and error – and learning how to care for curly hair can be daunting. Over the past few decades, there has even been a movement for natural hair, led by black women, who have always faced prejudice for their nnatural coils. The movement encourages those with curly hair to wear it in its natural form – instead of straightening it or covering it up – as a way to express self-acceptance. Yet many people find it difficult to embrace their hair’s natural curls, especially if they tend to frizz or don’t know where to start. Fortunately, Hoboken has Katey McClintock – aka The Hoboken Hair Fairy – conveniently located at the Up & Out Beauty Salon, located at 1106 Washington Street. Katey is a curly hair and balayage specialist, certified in deva curl, rezo cut and rezo lite. Hoboken’s Daughter sat down with Katey to learn more about her journey and learn more about caring for curly hair. Read on to see the magic created by Hoboken hair fairy Katey McClintock.

(Photo credits : @Hobokenhairfairy)

hoboken girl: What prompted you to get into the beauty industry?

Katey McClintock: I have always loved the beauty industry. I think we have the rare ability to change the way a person feels on the inside by changing their outward appearance. The two are linked, especially with curly hair. It’s a special feeling of self-acceptance and confidence that comes when you see the full potential of your natural hair.

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GH: How long have you been in the industry? What has you professional path been ?

KM: I’ve been in the industry since 2016. I started helping first near my hometown, then in New York, before moving to Hoboken. I started my career with a focus on color. It wasn’t until I came to Up & Out in 2019 that I really started getting into curly hair. While hair color and balayage were my first loves, curly hair now has my heart.

H.G.: Tell us about your work with curly hair. What do you do differently when working with curly hair versus straight hair?

KM: I specialize in coloring, cutting and styling curly hair. The biggest difference when working with curly hair is education and the client-stylist relationship. Typically, a new guest is just starting to wear their hair natural and really doesn’t know where to start. My job is to put them at ease and show them how to recreate at home what I did at the salon. I also tell them why I’m doing what I’m doing – because let’s be honest, if they can’t replicate it, then what’s the point? There’s a good chance they’ll start blowing it again or straightening it again, which could lead to more damage, which is something we’re trying to avoid in the first place.

Hoboken hair sample one

(Photo credits : @Hobokenhairfairy)

GH: What is a curly cut and why should you have one?

KM: A curly cut is a haircut done on dry hair to accentuate the client’s curl pattern and make it easier for them to wear it at home. Generally, a curly cut is only recommended for someone who wears their hair curly pretty much all the time – about 80-90% of the year. A dry cut is 1000% necessary because anyone with curly hair knows that shrinkage is real and curly and wavy hair looks longer when the curl is stretched and weighed down with water. Dry cutting it allows me to see exactly what is going on and what spring factor I need to consider when determining the length and layering pattern.

GH: How should a client prepare for a curly cut?

KM: For any curly service, I recommend that the client come with their hair natural, completely dry and detangled – no ponytails or buns. Product is ok as long as I can run my fingers over it and you must not have washed it more than 3 days ago. The purpose of this is for me to see how your hair behaves naturally so that I can give you the best look to suit your face shape, curl pattern and lifestyle. I also like to see how the client does their own hair at home, so I like post-service photos, which allow me to see if further adjustments are needed as curly hair can behave differently depending on of everyday life and style. .

Hoboken Hair Sample Two

(Photo credits : @Hobokenhairfairy)

GH: Why is hair care so important?

KM: Hair and scalp care is of the utmost importance because this is where it all begins. If you don’t cleanse properly or use products with harsh ingredients that don’t penetrate the hair, you’ll end up with buildup and your hair and curls will never live up to their full potential.

GH: What is it about your work that might surprise people?

KM: What’s surprising about my job is that they don’t teach you any techniques for cutting or styling curly hair in cosmetology school, so it’s really up to the stylist to educate themselves if curly hair is something they want to pursue. This is why finding the right curly hair specialist is so important. At most, they spent two days learning how to straighten naturally curly hair with pressing, relaxation, and keratins. This is definitely something I would like to see changed in the near future.

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GH: What has been the highlight of your career so far?

KM: One of the highlights of my career has been learning tighter curl patterns and how to properly cut and style someone with a frizzy texture. It was important for me to learn this because I feel like to be called a curly hair specialist, it should include ALL textures and all types of curls. I want everyone who sits in my chair to feel confident, no matter [whether] they look different to me. Ultimately, someone with a tighter texture shouldn’t feel ostracized or rejected from a salon just because of their hair texture.

Hoboken Hair Sample Three

(Photo credits : @Hobokenhairfairy)

GH: What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into cosmetology?

KM: The advice I have for someone wanting to get into this, especially with curly hair, would be to take every class you can find and pick up some models. Models are a great way to practice your skills and build your confidence.

Currently, Katey is very happy to have her first baby girl and will be on maternity leave until the fall. Upon her return, she will focus solely on curly hair, while continuing to work with her existing clients.

You can follow Katey on instagram or make an appointment via Up & Out Lounge.

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Pink-haired breast cancer survivor wins ‘USA Mullet Championships’


The long revered mullet hairstyle is back in business, at least in the front, because we all know it’s a party in the back!

Breast cancer survivor Lissa Sears just won the USA Mullet Championships with a pink version of “short in front, long in back.”

“After chemo, when I was bald, I wanted to grow it in the mullet because I was like, ‘What’s the most opposite thing to baldness?’ It just made sense,” the Indianapolis-based comedian told her. out of hometownWTHR 13News.

Lissa, who was diagnosed “several years ago”, has been expressing herself with bold styles since beating the disease. “Who I am. I’m just doing it because ‘YODO:’ You only die once. Live every day, take every risk,” Lissa said.

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The competition, held at the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis, included different categories: adult women, adult men, children and teenagers.

Knowing that mullets get attention, some laughing at you rather than at you, is normal with the famous 80s hairstyle, but mullet individuals these days are usually in on the joke.

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“I saw a meme once that said, ‘If anyone has a mule, they don’t care, believe it,’ and it’s true,” Lissa said. “It brings me joy. It doesn’t matter at the end of the day.

“I get pulled over in the street every day. It’s not that they like pink. It’s not that they like a mule. They like that I have the courage and the ability to step out of my box. Do something I wanted to do for me.

It was Lissa’s first competition, and her big win earned her a spot in the “Top 25 for Mane Event” this fall. “It’s not like a hot dog contest,” she noted. “You train for years. You can’t wake up one day with a mule.

Self-expression after chemotherapy-related hair loss

While some women choose to prevent hair loss by cooling the scalp during chemo, many others report feeling liberated by going bald and finding a brave new version of themselves after cancer.

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Survivor Kara Ladd was 24 and had just started her life in New York when she was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma. Like Lissa, Kara says she was completely taken aback after the diagnosis, and it really forced her to step back and look at the life she was leading. “I was working too hard, I was stretching too hard, I was partying too much… my life was moving at such a fast pace and I didn’t know how to stop,” Kara told SurvivorNet. “When I was diagnosed with cancer, I was forced to pause and figure out who I really was and what my purpose was.”

Bold, bald and beautiful: Kara Ladd met a new version of herself after her cancer diagnosis

Like many people in her situation, Kara’s priorities changed a lot after her diagnosis. A young woman who couldn’t imagine herself without hair suddenly felt like a badass when she had to shave her head. “I see the world in a totally different way now,” Kara says.

Learn more about SurvivorNet’s rigorous medical review process.

Why Jordy Dwyer is passionate about improving Indigenous financial literacy


Jordy Dwyer is passionate about helping Indigenous Australians improve their financial well-being.

The 30-year-old Wiradjuri, who grew up on the NSW Central Coast, now works as a community engagement and projects officer at the First Nations Foundation.

The registered charity provides financial education to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

It’s important and rewarding work for Jordy, but it’s also helped him better understand his own relationship with money.

For ABC Everyday’s Money Q&A, we sat down with Jordy to hear her story.

What are some of the financial barriers faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people?

What is lost are the economic injustices that have happened recently, to be honest.

Were [the] first or second generation Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people able to participate fully in the economy.

This is a result of increased access to education and recognition by the wider community of the value and knowledge that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can impart in their workplace.

But that only happened recently. My father was not classified as a citizen until he was five years old. It keeps it under control for me.

How has your relationship with money changed over the years?

I was a survivor of child sexual abuse. I kept that to myself for about 15 years.

Thinking about it now, you’re living a double life, I guess. You are trying to paint a false picture that everything is rosy. For me, that included some pretty generous spending.

Until I was sorted in terms of sanity, it was always going to be difficult to manage the money.

Even last year I had a bit of a reality check at the age of 30 and realized that I didn’t have a lot of money in the bank, even though I’ve worked steadily since I left school in decent jobs.

I’ve always had this kind of survival attitude with money, just to get through the next week. This is a widespread attitude in our communities because we are so used to it.

It’s really about trying to change that mindset now.

We now have the opportunity to set up the next generation as well as ourselves.

What problems do people face when it comes to money?

We have had the chance to travel to special places to lead workshops and be part of community initiatives.

The big thing is the lack of knowledge that has been imparted.

In communities across the country, we see people taking out payday loans, buy now pay later, or rent to buy programs that end up costing them twice as much as they should.

We look for ways to help people out of desperation, which likely exaggerates this cycle of financial disadvantage.

It’s really about trying to make sure everyone understands what they’re signing up for.

It’s also about trying to start those conversations around money. It’s hard to talk about it when you don’t have it.

What is the impact of financial hardship on people’s mental health?

We have such a big problem in our communities with men in particular dying at ridiculously young ages. Mental health is obviously a contributing factor.

For me, I know looking back now, keeping up appearances and trying to keep up that facade was a big part of my money issues, that’s for sure.

There are so many black men across the country who are suffering in silence – not just black men, but non-indigenous men as well.

It’s important to try to remove that shame, especially when it comes to money.

If you didn’t have those conversations growing up, that grounding around financial literacy and wellness, it’s very difficult. You are starting from square one.

The reality is that many of us didn’t get the grounding from our parents or grandparents that a lot of non-native people probably get with these conversations about money.

What are the most rewarding aspects of your job?

As a Native, it’s always a great time to be able to get out and see other crowds across the country.

Sometimes you see people have those light bulb moments – they watch how much they spend and set financial goals. You see their optimism. That’s really what keeps us going.

It’s obviously hard to hear some of the stories, in terms of people who signed up for bad loans in vulnerable situations.

They might need to go to another community for some bad business, and they don’t have that money, and a payday lender gives them easy access, so they can end up in a hole.

Otherwise, when people sit down and weigh their budget and make one for themselves, it will often be the first time they’ve done it. It’s a high point.

This interview has been edited for clarity and conciseness.

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The 8 Best Amazon Hair Straighteners 2022 – WWD


If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, WWD may receive an affiliate commission.

Hair straighteners are one of those tricky styling tools that seem pretty simple, but when it comes to using it, the process is much more complicated. Have you ever spent a lot of time styling your hair with a flat iron to find crisp ends, zigzag patterns and locks that look toasty? These are just a few signs that it’s time to upgrade your hair straightener. And the truth is, using one of the best flat irons can give you a range of trendy hairstyles, from straight to wavy or even curly – if you know what to look for in a hot tool.

When I was thirteen, I remember begging my mom for my first straightener, desperate to get the first-ever stick hair hairstyles. Once my wish was granted, without knowledge or consideration for the health of my hair, I endlessly straightened my hair until it was crisp, using the highest possible heat setting and the lowest straighteners. dear ones I could get my hands on to stretch my allowance.

As an adult, I cringe at these memories, but with knowledge of a good heat protector and some advice from friends, I now have a little more idea of ​​what to look for when the purchase of straighteners. And straighteners have come a long way since my last crunchy days – now it’s easier than ever to straighten, curl or create waves in your hair, while smoothing out frizz at a variety of heat settings.

What to Look for in the Best Amazon Hair Straighteners

  • Temperature control: Heat is key and understanding how much your hair texture can handle and needs is crucial to making an informed purchase. For those with thinner hair, lower heat can often do the trick, as higher heat can damage the outer layer of the cuticle over time, making it increasingly difficult for your hair to retain moisture, which eventually makes hair dry and brittle. For those with thicker hair, having a few different options is crucial. If you can’t get the look you want with a lower setting, a wider range will allow you to experiment to find a setting that works best, but often 350 degrees (a standard for most straighteners) will do the trick. Are you in a hurry? If so, and you sit down to get your straightener to turn on, it feels like torture. — watch for those that heat up quickly.
  • Plate size: If your hair is shorter, or you find hitting the roots or small baby hairs top of your list of challenges, consider a finer plate straightener, while those with longer hair can easily use a thicker plate to cover more ground in a single pass. , resulting in a faster process overall.
  • Security Settings: If you’re like me and constantly dread leaving your house with the straightener on, an auto-off feature can help ease your anxiety. A recent addition to many straighteners, this feature usually automatically spins your straightener after inactivity. It’s been a game-changer for me when I’m in a hurry and suddenly remember, “Oops…I don’t think I turned it off.”
  • plate material: Another big debate to consider is whether to splurge for titanium or ceramic plates, and which type is best for your hair? If your hair is finer and easier to straighten, ceramic may be your best bet. Although it takes a little longer to heat up and may require more passes, it will ultimately damage your hair less than a titanium one. For coarse, thick, or hair that needs a little more effort, titanium will do the job, heating up quickly and requiring fewer strokes.

Amazon makes it easier and more accessible to find a variety of hair straighteners, with fast shipping and hundreds of reviews to help solidify your purchase, leaving you happy and your hair in for a good perm day. With sales lingering past Amazon Prime Day, there’s no better time to browse, shop, and save. Here is our curated list of Amazon hair straighteners to buy now.

T3 Singlepass 1″ Ceramic Hair Straightener and Styling Iron

With an internal chip to control and maintain heat settings and ensure one pass for smooth, straight hair, the T3 Singlepass makes it easier than ever to achieve curls, waves and silky smooth hair. Custom-created CeraGloss plates are designed to lock in moisture and style, extending the life of your desired style. “This is the best straightener I’ve used and I’ve spent 3 trying to find one that I don’t have to keep ironing all over my hair or making my hair too hot, or not make it silky,” says one reviewer. “Plus, five heat ranges, from 260 to 410 degrees, make this a fabulous option if your hair is on the coarse or curlier side and needs a little extra heat.

T3 Singlepass 1″ Ceramic Hair Straightener and Styling Iron


Buy now

Chi Original Ceramic Flat Iron

The go-to for all cool girls in the early 2000s, the Chi has remained a cult classic for a reason. Many reviewers note the hot tool’s durability, affordable price (under $60), and slim design, which helps it catch roots and hard-to-reach baby hairs. “It leaves hair shiny and perfectly smooth after about 1 or 2 passes,” says one reviewer. Even better? “It heats up very quickly in around 45 seconds, this product would be great for anyone on the go and someone who travels a lot due to its light and slim design and quick heat up times.”

Original CHI ceramic

Chi Original Ceramic Flat Iron


Buy now

Hot Tools Pro Artist Black Gold Evolve Hair Straightener

If you’re looking for a straightener that lets you master those loose styling waves effortlessly, this one from Hot Tools might be the iron for you. A unique, patented cylindrical design allows for a more comfortable grip and smoother, more rounded curls. The tool has been built with the brand’s special pulse technology, which allows it to heat up quickly (up to 455 degrees) and stay hot during use, making those waves a breeze. As one reviewer put it, “I was able to do super cute loose curls in about 5 minutes. This is the BEST straightener I’ve ever owned.

hair straightener

Hot Tools Pro Artist Black Gold Evolve Hair Straightener


Buy now

Ghd Platinum+ Styler flat iron 1″

Ghd, which stands for Good Hair Day, has developed one of the most personalized stylers to date, thanks to its unique ultra-zone predictive technology, which recognizes hair thickness and adjusts the temperature accordingly while you style your hair. . This high-tech feature monitors your hair texture from start to finish, ensuring you get the healthiest, most stylish results. “I knew about this iron, but I didn’t want to spend all that money on something you can get so much cheaper from another brand. However, now that I’ve purchased this iron, I have to say it’s worth it. ALL. PENNY.” said an Amazon reviewer. “I won’t own another type of iron again. Seriously, I can’t say enough how amazing this iron is.

Hot Tools Pro Artist

Ghd Platinum+ Styler 1


Buy now

BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Prima Ionic Straightener

“I AM LOVED WITH THIS FLAT IRON. I’ve had hundreds of these and it’s MY ONE TRUE LOVE!” raves one superfan on Amazon. We love that the BaBylissPro has five heat settings plus a cool touch, plus a rubber grip handle fine, which allows for an easier, burn-free process for your fingers so you can firmly grip and press hair for your desired style.Loved by hairdressers who specialize in natural hair to create the softest silk presses and more stylish, the BaBylissPro stands out as one of the most durable and versatile stylers on the market.” If you have short hair like mine, I wasn’t sure if I should go for the bigger size and I’m so glad I did. Even with my short hair, I can still use the iron on it…. it’s a beautiful thing…. and I can really have the salon look every day.

ghd Platinum+

BayBylissPro Nano Titanium Prima Ionic Straightener


Buy now

Drybar Reserve Vibrating Styling Flat Iron

If you’re looking for the polished look of Drybar, but can’t get an appointment at their studios, this could be your next flagship. Using vibrating technology, this iron’s subtle yet powerful vibrations promise a hitch-free styling process so you can press and pull through your hair with ease. “This 1 inch flat iron is the perfect flat iron. It has all the features I really want. It has auto shut-off, a digital temperature display, and a simple on-off switch, all inside, so settings stay in place. It is very easy to control. It’s easy to maneuver and light enough that you can hold it for a very long time. says a reviewer. Plus, the vibration is great for adding volume to your hair if you have finer strands.

BayByliss PRO

Drybar Reserve Vibrating Styling Flat Iron


Buy now

Tymo Ring Plus Ionic Straightening Comb

An alternative to the traditional dual plate straightener, reviewers are obsessed with the Tymo Ring Plus: “I didn’t have to go through the hair multiple times, I only went through it twice and the hair stayed smooth and smooth.” brilliant. The temperature control works great for different textures and leaves hair silky smooth,” says one Amazon reviewer, while another states, “Straightening my 4c hair is a chore! Usually I have to stretch my wet hair with a hair dryer, section and flat iron. It can take up to 3 hours as I have chronic pain and mobility issues. With this “hot comb” I can skip the stretching step and get my whole head done in 30-45 minutes.“

Drybar Reserve

Tymo Ring Plus Ionic Straightening Comb


Buy now

Dyson Corrale straightener

Dyson – known for its powerful and efficient vacuum cleaners – has shaken up the hair industry by rolling out styling tools to much fanfare, including the Dyson Airwrap, Supersonic and now the straightener. Infused with the same amazing technology you’ll find in their vacuum cleaners, the Dyson straightener is not only cord-free (no more tangles or hassle with cords!), but also features intelligent heat control, protecting your hair from unnecessary heat, while achieving a range of styles effortlessly. With auto shut-off and a safety lock, you can rest easy knowing your straightener is one step ahead of you.

Dyson Corrale Fuchsia Straightener, Pink

Dyson Corrale straightener


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Botox, bubbles and bags: Forever Young summer event


Forever Young at Dermatology Associates will be hosting a Girls Night Out this Thursday, August 4, 2022, from 5-7 p.m. at their offices at 2011 Moores Lane, Texarkana, TX. Forever Young is Texarkana’s newest medical spa and is owned and operated by board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jeff Young. Dr. Young and his team offer a full range of medical spa services including botox and disport, dermal fillers, laser hair removal and a variety of other facial and body treatments including SkinPen and Hydrafacial.

“The event will feature light appetizers, champagne and we will be offering deeply discounted botox appointments throughout the event,” said Christy Young. Botox appointments are now booked for the evening at a one night only rate of $10 per unit! Appointment times are limited, so please call ahead (903-276-5665) to reserve your timeslot! A 20% discount will also be available for all purchases made that evening for spa products (excluding kits) and spa services.

“We are really excited as we have several companies coming to add to the fun night! Poshitively Preloved luxury handbags and accessories will be coming! They have guaranteed pre-owned and genuine luxury handbags. They will also be offering big discount at the event!Another business coming up is Lola’s, which is a boutique in Fayetteville, Arkansas where my daughter worked this summer!said Christy.

If you’re ready to kick off this back-to-school season or just need a girls’ night out, grab your BFF and head over to Forever Young at Dermatology Associates this THURSDAY, August 4th for a bubbly, Botox, Bags and Beaus night. clothes ! What more can a girl ask for?

Emerging Novelty Hair Color Market Trends, Global Demand and Sales 2022 to 2028 – Shanghaiist


novelty hair color market is an intelligence report with meticulous efforts undertaken to study the correct and valuable information. The data that has been reviewed takes into account both existing top players and upcoming competitors. The business strategies of key players and new industries entering the market are studied in detail. A well-explained SWOT analysis, revenue share and contact information are shared in this report analysis. It also provides market information in terms of development and its capabilities.

The scope of this research report extends from fancy hair color market outline to tricky structures, classifications and applications. This research report also provides a clear picture of the global market by presenting the data through effective infographics. It also provides a detailed list of factors affecting market growth.

Download Sample Copy with TOC, Charts and List of Figures @


Key Players Mentioned In The Global Novelty Hair Dye Market Research Report:

L’Oréal, Coty, Henkel, Kao, New Avon, Cadiveu Professional, Chatters, Combe, Conair, Estee Lauder, Godrej Consumer Products, Johnson & Johnson, Revlon, Shiseido Company, Toni&Guy, World Hair Cosmetics (Asia)

Global Fancy Hair Color Market Segmentation:

Market segmentation: by Type






Market segmentation: by Application




In terms of depth and scope of examination, the study is vast. It faithfully covers global developments, while focusing on crucial market segment regions. This research accurately reflects the distinction between business performance metrics and supply scenarios across various geographies. It provides a detailed breakdown of the fancy hair color industry sectors. The report contains general information as well as a sales projection study for each location.

Based on geography, the global Novelty Hair Color market has been segmented as follows:

North America includes the United States, Canada and Mexico

Europe includes Germany, France, UK, Italy and Spain

South America includes Colombia, Argentina, Nigeria and Chile

Asia-Pacific includes Japan, China, Korea, India, Saudi Arabia and Southeast Asia

Impact of COVID-19

The report covers the impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus: Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in December 2019, the disease has spread to almost every country in the world, as declared by the World Health Organization public health emergency. The global impacts of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) are already starting to be felt and will significantly affect the fancy hair color market in 2022.

The objective of the studies:

– To provide a detailed analysis of the market structure along with a forecast of the various segments and sub-segments of the global Fancy Hair Color market.

-To provide insights into factors affecting market growth. To analyze the Fancy Hair Color Market based on various factors- price analysis, supply chain analysis, Gate Five force analysis etc.

– To provide historical and forecast revenue of market segments and sub-segments for four main geographies and their countries – North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America and Rest of the World.

-Provide country-level market analysis relative to current market size and future prospects.

– To provide country-level market analysis for the segment by application, product type and sub-segments.

-To provide a strategic profile of key players in the market, by thoroughly analyzing their core competencies and drawing a competitive landscape for the market.

– Track and analyze competitive developments such as joint ventures, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, new product developments, and research and developments in the global fancy hair color market.


  • Study coverage
  • Market by type
  • Market by Application
  • Global Fancy Hair Color Competitor Landscape by Company
  • Global Fancy Hair Color Market Size by Region
  • Region-level and country-level segment
  • Company Profiles
  • Industry Chain and Sales Channel Analysis
  • Research results and conclusion

Conclusion: At the end of the Fancy Hair Color Market report, all findings and estimates are given. It also includes key drivers and opportunities along with regional analysis. Segment analysis also provides in terms of type and application both.

Get the PDF brochure by clicking here:


If you have any special requirements, please let us know and we will offer you the report at a custom price.

How geography and sales fit together

This study is useful for all operators who wish to identify the exact size of their target audience at a specific geographic location. Novelty Hair Color Market allows entrepreneurs to determine local markets for their business expansion. This study answers the following questions:

  1. Where do the requirements come from?
  2. Where do the non-potential customers reside?
  3. What is the buying behavior of customers in a specific region?
  4. What is the purchasing power of customers in a given region?

Contact us:

Irfan Tamboli (Head of Sales) – Market Outlook Reports

Phone: + 1704 266 3234 | +91-750-707-8687

[email protected] | [email protected]

Jennifer Lopez shows off her toned legs in a floral mini dress as she steps out for lunch in Capri


Jennifer Lopez shows off her toned legs in a floral print mini dress as she steps out for lunch in Capri

Jennifer Lopez rocked a floral mini dress as she stepped out for lunch in Capri over the weekend.

The 53-year-old looked better than ever as she wore a large pair of aviator-style sunglasses and pulled her hair back.

She walked in a pair of wedge sandals with gold and beaded straps after performing at a UNICEF concert the night before.

Pretty: Jennifer Lopez modeled a floral mini dress as she stepped out for lunch in Capri this weekend

New bride Ms Affleck flaunted her killer legs in the summery look, which cropped just inches above her knees.

The number was light blue and covered in large red flowers with accents of darker blue and white.

Her straps were delicately tied in knots on top of her shoulder and she skipped a necklace, showcasing the square neckline.

The ultra-feminine look tapered in at her waist before transitioning into a slightly puffy pleated skirt.

Beautiful: The 53-year-old looked better than ever as she wore a large pair of aviator-style sunglasses and pulled her hair back

Beautiful: The 53-year-old looked better than ever as she wore a large pair of aviator-style sunglasses and pulled her hair back

JLo accessorized with a pair of small gold hoop earrings, which were easily visible with her golden hair pulled over her face.

The locks were arranged in a central part and pulled tightly into a neat bun arranged in the center of her head.

Beneath her lightly tinted shades, she flaunted a fully made-up face that highlighted her features.

Jennifer’s cheeks were dusted with a pink blush and her lips were covered in a pink gloss.

Fierce: She walked in a pair of wedge sandals with gold and beaded straps after performing at a UNICEF concert the night before

Fierce: She walked in a pair of wedge sandals with gold and beaded straps after performing at a UNICEF concert the night before

The Bronx native wore a heavy gold link bracelet and various matching rings.

She carried a medium sized wicker handbag with brown leather detailing in her manicured hand.

The JLo Beauty designer was with a small entourage as she sat down to a meal and sipped from a glass mug.

Fashionista: She carried a medium sized wicker handbag with brown leather details in her nude manicured hand

Fashionista: She carried a medium sized wicker handbag with brown leather details in her nude manicured hand

Refreshment: The JLo Beauty designer was with a small entourage as she sat down to a meal and sipped from a glass mug

Refreshment: The JLo Beauty designer was with a small entourage as she sat down to a meal and sipped from a glass mug

The Marry Me actress recently honeymooned with new hubby Ben Affleck in Paris with their kids.

Jennifer surprised fans several weeks ago when she revealed that she and Ben flew to Las Vegas to get married in an intimate ceremony.

Shortly after, they flew to France, where they were spotted sightseeing and enjoying the scenery.

The duo were joined by their respective children: Ben’s two daughters with ex Jennifer Garner – Violet, 16, and Seraphina, 13 – and Jennifer’s 14-year-old twins, Maximilian and Emme, with ex Mark Anthony.

Lovebirds: Jennifer surprised fans several weeks ago when she revealed that she and Ben Affleck, 49, flew to Las Vegas to get married in an intimate ceremony

Lovebirds: Jennifer surprised fans several weeks ago when she revealed that she and Ben Affleck, 49, flew to Las Vegas to get married in an intimate ceremony

Beware of unregulated “quick fix” salary advances


Australians have been warned about using increasingly popular ‘payday advance’ services because they fear exposing themselves to excessive debt and unregulated products.

Payday advance services give workers access to their payday in advance, with users able to withdraw between $50 and $2,000, which they then repay – with a flat rate or percentage – to the lender on the day. of pay. The services work similarly to payday loans, but with lower fees and shorter repayment times.

Deputy Treasurer Stephen Jones said Labor would seek to regulate buy now, pay for services later and pay industry upfront.Credit:Alex Ellinghausen

A number of large payday advance companies have sprung up recently, including Commonwealth Bank’s Beforepay, MyPayNow and AdvancePay, listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. Their number of customers has increased, spurred by the soaring cost of living and rising interest rates.

However, despite their growing popularity, cash-strapped workers have been warned to avoid these services.

A spokesperson for the financial regulator, the MoneySmart financial advice division of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, said while they may seem like a “quick fix”, users should look for other options.

“If you need cash fast, a payday advance service might come in handy,” the spokesperson said. “[However]Using a payday advance service means you’ll have less money on your next payday, and if overused, it can be difficult to keep track of repayments when managing other financial commitments.

“Keep in mind that each time you use the service, you are charged a fee. Although payday advance providers have limits on what they can charge you, your bank may charge a fee if you do not have enough money in your account to cover your refund.

Borrowing money through a payday advance service can also affect your ability to borrow money, such as a home loan, in the future, as lenders often have a low opinion of it. payday advance and buy now, pay later services when assessing a borrower’s spending habits.

Another major ASIC concern is that payday advance services are unregulated, operating under a loophole in credit laws, which allows providers to circumvent the need for credit checks or verification processes. difficulties.

Free Rolls and Cash (August 2022)


With the help of free codes in Roblox Hero’s World, players can earn more in-game cash as well as exclusive, free reels. Certain codes can be used to re-roll particular characteristics, such as the avatar’s hair color.

Players can create a new avatar in Roblox Hero’s World, also known as Hero’s Planet, and send it out to battle creatures and complete goals. Players can increase their class’ mobility by rotating. They can keep spinning to unlock new classes with a variety of skills.

Use free codes in Roblox Hero’s World to acquire new abilities and equipment to become the best player

Active Codes in Roblox Hero’s World

youtube cover

Here is the list of active codes in the game:

  • RETURN! – Redeem this code in-game to get a Roll (New)
  • CASH! – Use this code in game to get 500 Cash
  • HELLO! – Use this code in-game to get a Premium Roll
  • NASTY! – Redeem this code in-game to get a free spin

The detailed steps to redeem the code have been mentioned below in the article.

Expired Codes in Roblox hero’s world

youtube cover

The following codes no longer work in-game:

  • 2000I LOVE! – Use this code in game to get 4 Rolls and 50 Cash
  • 2500 LIKES! – Use this code in game to get 3 reels
  • 3500 LIKES! – Redeem this code in-game to get 15 reels, 5 premium reels and 12,000 cash
  • 4500 LIKES! – Redeem this code in-game to get 3 Premium Reels, 10 Reels and 7k Cash
  • ARENA! – Redeem this code in-game to get 5 Rerolls and 10k Cash
  • HAIR SALON! – Redeem this code in-game to get a Hair Color Reroll
  • BOSSDROP! – Redeem this code in-game to get 10 Reels, 5 Premium Reels and 3k Cash
  • BUGFIX! – Redeem this code in game to get reels, premium reels and cash
  • BUSON! – Redeem this code in game to get reels, premium reels and cash
  • XMAS! – Redeem this code in game to get reels, premium reels and cash
  • CHRISTMAS UPDATE2! – Redeem this code in game to get reels, premium reels and cash
  • CHRISTMAS UPDATESTOP! – Redeem this code in game to get reels, premium reels and cash
  • CLUTCH – Redeem this code in-game to get Reels, Premium Reels and Cash
  • FUNNY ! – Redeem this code in-game to get 5 Premium Reels and 3k Cash
  • GUILD WAR! – Redeem this code in-game to get 10 Rolls and 1k Cash
  • ICE! – Use this code in-game to get 10 premium rolls
  • KING! – Redeem this code in game to get reels, premium reels and cash
  • KINGBOT4323! – Redeem this code in game to get reels, premium reels and cash
  • LETSGOOOO! – Redeem this code in game to get reels, premium reels and cash
  • NAMELESS! – Redeem this code in game to get reels, premium reels and cash
  • NEWBOSSES – Use this code in-game to get reels, premium reels and cash
  • NEW! – Redeem this code in-game to get a Hair Color Reroll
  • RAIDFIX! – Redeem this code in-game to get 5 Reels, 5 Premium Reels and 2k Cash
  • RELEASE! – Use this code in-game to get 2 Reels, 5 Premium Reels and 500 Cash
  • REVAMP1! – Redeem this code in game to get reels, premium reels and cash
  • RYUKTON! – Redeem this code in game to get reels, premium reels and cash
  • STOP1! – Redeem this code in game to get reels, premium reels and cash
  • STOP CODE3! – Redeem this code in game to get reels, premium reels and cash
  • STOP CODE4! – Redeem this code in-game to get 4 Rolls and 4k Cash
  • SORRY! – Use this code in-game to get a Free Roll
  • SUBTOKELVINGTS! – Redeem this code in-game to get 10 spins, 5 premium spins and 10,000 cash
  • UNRIOCHIEF1! – Redeem this code in game to get reels, premium reels and cash
  • UPDATE1! – Redeem this code in game to get reels, premium reels and cash
  • UPDATE3! – Redeem this code in-game to get 10 Rolls and 2k Cash
  • UPDATEEE – Use this code in-game to get reels, premium reels and cash
  • NASTY! – Use this code in-game to get a Free Roll

Steps to Redeem Codes in Roblox hero’s world

youtube cover

Follow these simple steps to redeem the codes in Roblox Hero’s World:

  • Enter the Roblox platform with your username and password.
  • Search for Hero’s World and start it once successfully located.
  • Let the game load completely. It takes a while to load, like all other games on Roblox.
  • Click on the chat box in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Click or tap “https://www.sportskeeda.com/” to enter the code in the chat box.
  • Press Enter.
  • Press the submit button to see the promised rewards in your account.

Players are advised to copy and paste the codes, as this will ensure that there are no errors when redeeming the rewards.

Profile Picture

Profile Picture

How to Make Your Curls Shiny and Soft Using the Best Curl Creams


If you’re struggling with dry or frizzy curls and curls, it might be time to incorporate a curl cream into your hair care routine. Curl products should leave your hair hydrated and your curl pattern defined. For luscious coils that stick out and bounce, a curl moisturizer is fundamentally essential. It can be overwhelming searching for the perfect product or knowing what ingredients to look for, so I spoke with expert colorist and curly hair specialist Quia Querisma to give you an overview of the best curl creams.

Querisma describes curl creams as “a styling product that has medium hold and humectant qualities that help minimize frizz,” and explains that frizz is caused by several factors, including product buildup, use of wrong shampoos and failure to use water-soluble styling products. It may seem like you and your hair against the world, but Querisma has offered some tips for achieving defined, full-bodied curls.

She recommends looking for products that contain shea butter, almond oil, and coconut oil. If you notice you have a lot of breakage, she suggests seeing a stylist to trim the split ends. Finally, she advises considering your hair type before choosing a wash-and-go curl cream. If you have a finer texture, better opt for a lighter formula like a gel. If your hair is thick, you will need a thicker curl cream like a pudding. Ahead are ten curl creams that are sure to look absolutely gorgeous in your washes and on-the-go, twists and refreshes.

At Elite Daily, we only include products that have been independently selected by our editors. We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

The Perfect Twisting Cream

Creme of Nature’s Twisting Cream is made with shea butter, one of Querisma’s key ingredients for a regenerating curl cream. It’s a great choice for natural hair and great for smoothing out unwanted frizz. According to Amazon reviews, it’s also great for twists. “When I twist, my problem is always my end,” wrote one satisfied customer. “They usually look dry and dull, but the cream brought my tips to life! »

A sulfate-free curl cream to fight frizz

You can’t beat the price of this curl cream that comes highly recommended by happy customers. This Argan Oil Infused Curl Cream from OGX has a 4.4 out of 5 star rating based on over 18,000 reviews.

A pudding that defines curls at a low price

Designed for natural hair textures and formulated by black cosmetic chemists, this lightweight, vitamin-infused pudding won’t leave your curls feeling weighed down. One satisfied customer shared that he “loves, loves, loves this particular Pantene series for African American hair! I used it to set my 4B/4C hair. It left my hair hydrated, soft and not harsh and my curls came out beautifully!”

A curl cream for super soft curls

As the name suggests, Miss Jessies Pillow Soft Curly Lotion promises to leave your knots and curls soft and bouncy. The formulation isn’t heavy so curls can pop out at will without being weighed down by the product. It’s also popular with curly girls and has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating based on over 4,000 reviews.

A lightweight curl cream with vitamin E

This lotion from beloved curly girl brand Marc Anthony has been around for ages and has an average Amazon rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 7,000 reviews. Satisfied customers love that the formula is lightweight, alcohol-free, and hydrating.

A nourishing cream for curls with almond oil

Querisma recommends almond oil as a top ingredient to look for if you want soft curls. Design Essentials Curl Cream contains almond oil and promises to strengthen, nourish and define curls and curls. One Amazon shopper shared that this curl cream does all of the above, writing, “I have 4c curls and needed a product that would help maintain moisture in my hair and make it easier to styling. This product works! When I twist my hair, it’s always soft, subtle and moisturized. I can comb my twist with my fingers and it’s lovely.

The Perfect Twist-Out Cream

PATTERN’s styling cream is a no-brainer if you want defined twists, bantu knots, washes and more. It is free from parabens, silicones, phthalates and formaldehyde which can leave hair dry and brittle. It includes shea butter, cacay oil and sweet almond oil. One satisfied customer wrote, “My hair is usually frizzy from the Florida weather. This product held my hair well without weighing it down or making it greasy. I like.

A lightweight curl cream for super shiny curls

This vitamin-rich curl gel helps lightly condition, lock in moisture and boost shine, allowing curls to achieve maximum levels of bounce and shine. One buyer wrote, “Love the scent and the way it defines my curls! It’s lightweight and doesn’t leave my waves crispy. It also doesn’t leave my hair greasy or greasy! 10/10!”

A curly cream to strengthen split ends

Cantu’s Txtr Defining Cream is made with Canola Oil which helps repair split ends and soften strands, as well as Shea Butter, recommended by Querisma. “This product is amazing. I’ve tried so many brands/products for my curly hair, and this one left my hair soft, shiny, and curly! Best product ever,” one Amazon customer shared .

A curly cream that is suitable for all hair types

OUAI worked closely with the curly hair community to develop this curl cream formula ideal for all types of curls. It is formulated with coconut, babassu, chia and flaxseed oils which help to hydrate, protect the hair from humidity and seal the cuticles, preventing frizz.

JonBenet Ramsey’s father pushes for new DNA tests


John Ramsey, father of murdered 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey, is asking for help from the State of Colorado to independently test DNA from the 1996 case, which has yet to be officially classified as a cold case. And if Colorado obstructs such testing, Ramsey threatens legal action.

In anticipation of the possibility that Colorado will ignore his request, Ramsey is preparing a petition to have the DNA from his daughter’s case released by Colorado and, to date, has garnered more than 16,000 signatures, according to a report by FoxNews.

In a statement given to Fox News Digital on Wednesday, Ramsey commented on his legal action plans if Colorado worked against him saying “There was a case in Florida that I read about a few years ago, and the family did just that and succeeded. . The judge said: “Okay, you’re not calling this a cold case, and it’s a cold case. Let’s flip the evidence and move on.”…”And that’s our next step if we don’t see any progress.”

With no action taken on the case in 25 years, Ramsey hopes that new developments in investigative genetic genealogy (IGG) research may one day bring him closer to finding the person or persons responsible for the death. of his daughter.

“He’s been remarkably successful,” Ramsey said of the IGG search in a quote to Fox News. “That’s what they should do.”

There is back and forth as to the exact time of JonBenet’s murder, as it was not reported by his mother, Patsy Ramsey, until the morning of December 26, but the date on his grave reads December 25, 1996 and it is widely believed to have been killed shortly after the family returned home from attending a Christmas party that evening. According to the known timeline of events gathered from police interviews, Ms Ramsey awoke on the morning of December 26 to find a two-and-a-half-page handwritten ransom note on the inside staircase of their home asking for 118,000, $00 in exchange. for their daughter. This requested sum initially led police to suspect the Ramseys of killing their own daughter, as it was the exact amount of Mr Ramsey’s Christmas bonus that year, and the note appeared to be for Mrs. Ramsey’s handwriting, but they were both eventually erased. . Shortly after the note was discovered, Ms Ramsey phoned the police and when they arrived, JonBenet’s body was found inside the house.

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Burke Ramsey, JonBenet’s older brother, was also suspected of having something to do with his murder, but he was also cleared. In 2016 he was interviewed by Dr Phil and maintained that he did not kill his sister and did not know who did, although he had theories.

“He was probably a pedophile among the pageant audience,” Burke said during his 2016 interview. JonBenet’s image, as most know, is that of a little beauty queen, a hobby competition encouraged by her mother, who died of ovarian cancer in 2006 and was herself a former show girl.

Several people made false confessions to JonBenet’s murder, and in 2006 a man named John M. Karr was arrested, but all leads were ultimately proven to be baseless.

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Jennifer Bartlett, artist who made steel plates her canvas, dies at 81


Jennifer Bartlett, a painter who rose in the 1970s and 1980s to become a rare woman at the pinnacle of the American art world, using a multitude of styles, colors and materials – including hundreds of plates of shining steel – for exploring ideas about change, repetition and the limits of modern art, died July 25 at her home in Amagansett, NY, on Long Island. She was 81 years old.

His death was announced by the Paula Cooper Gallery and Marianne Boesky Gallery in New York, who represent her. A Paula Cooper Gallery spokeswoman, Sarah Goulet, said Ms Bartlett was ill but did not give a specific cause.

Finding inspiration in a seemingly mundane home, a simple sailboat, or the dreary view from her backyard, Ms. Bartlett saw endless variety in mundane scenes. She often painted the same object dozens or even hundreds of times in melancholy or jubilant, figurative or abstract works. The scale of his pieces varied with the tone: while many of his paintings were done on large canvases, other works were vast mosaics of steel tiles, filling an entire gallery as they spanned walls and in corners.

“Jennifer has blazed a trail for young artists, especially female artists, with the idea of ​​creating truly monumental installations with paint,” said Klaus Ottmann, curator at the Phillips Collection in Washington, in an interview with 2013 with the New York Times.

Late in her career, Ms. Bartlett painted scenes from her garden, views of the hospital where she was recuperating in Manhattan and a pointillist image of the September 11 terrorist attacks. But she remained best known for an earlier, more conceptual work: “Rhapsody,” a collection of 987 painted steel plates that filled the Paula Cooper Gallery when it was first exhibited in 1976. Times art critic John Russell , opened his review of the installation by call him “the most ambitious piece of new art that has come to me since I started living in New York.”

Instead of using a traditional canvas, Ms. Bartlett made one-foot-square steel plates that she baked in white enamel. Then she adds a pattern that becomes one of her trademarks, the screen printing of a pale gray grid that she uses to organize her images. Finally, she added or subtracted abstract markings or geometric shapes (triangles, squares, circles, lines) or painted more elaborate images (a house, a tree, a mountain, the ocean), using all the enamel paint colors that were sold at the time by Testors, an art supply company.

Taken as a whole, “Rhapsody” was both playful and philosophical, serving as something of a catalog of patterns, styles, colors, and shapes available to modern painters. “Mastering it from start to finish is a singular adventure,” Russell wrote, “and by the time we’ve reflected on the 54 different blues that went into the final ‘Ocean’ section, we’ll have expanded our notions of time, and memory, and change, and painting itself.

Ms Bartlett said she came up with the piece as she went along, wanting it to unfold as a conversation “in which people walk away from one thing and maybe come back to it and then make some even with the following thing”. The installation was acquired later by the Museum of Modern Art in New York, which exhibited “Rhapsody” in its atrium.

One of four children, Ms Bartlett was born Jennifer Ann Losch in Long Beach, California on March 14, 1941. Her father owned a construction company and her mother was a former fashion illustrator. Ms. Bartlett sought to build a different life for herself, drawing constantly as a young girl and dreaming – even at age 5 – of moving to New York to become a painter. After seeing the Disney animated film “Cinderella,” she drew the fairy-tale princess about 500 times, she said, “all the same but with different hair colors and dresses.”

Ms. Bartlett studied painting at Mills College in Oakland, California, graduating in 1963. She continued her art studies at Yale University, earning a BFA in 1964 and an MFA the next year. Her teacher Jack Tworkov, an abstract expressionist, introduced her to young experimental artists, including Claes Oldenburg and Robert Rauschenberg, whose work opened Ms Bartlett to new directions in modern art.

As she said later“I walked into my life.”

While in college, she married Ed Bartlett, a medical student. For a time, she shuttled between their home in New Haven, Connecticut; his art studio in Manhattan; and the University of Connecticut, where she taught and slept in her office. This arrangement proved untenable, and after a few years she divorced and moved to SoHo, where she was part of an artistic community that included Richard Serra, Chuck Close and Jonathan Borofsky, who lived across the street. side of the street.

“Art at that time had to be new,” she told Bomb magazine in 2005. “You had to take the next step.” To distinguish herself from her peers, she collected items found around the neighborhood (“rubber stoppers, plastic tiles, skeins of rope, red plastic teapots”) and baked, frozen, dropped, painted, and smashed them into works. of art. Inspired by subway panels, she then turned to steel plates.

By the mid-1980s, she was one of the country’s most prominent artists, with a retrospective of her work at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis and traveling around the country. She was photographed for Vogue and Vanity Fair, featured in the New Yorker, and began dividing her time between New York and Paris, where she lived with her second husband, German actor Mathieu Carrière, before their marriage broke down. ends in divorce.

She also dabbled in poetry and prose, publishing an autobiographical novel titled “History of the Universe” (1985). “The skin on the soles of my feet is rough,” she wrote in an impressionistic passage. “I am prone to alcohol, anxiety, nervous stomach, moods, tentative optimism and inflammatory infections. I was analyzed without success, although we both tried; the same is true of marriage.

At the same time, she continued to complete ambitious large-scale art projects, including site-specific commissions for the lobby of a federal court in Atlanta and the ceiling of a Buddhist temple in Japan. His work has since been acquired by institutions such as the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in DC, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, and the Tate Modern in London.

Survivors include a daughter from his second marriage, Alice Carrière, and two sisters.

When Ms Bartlett rented a villa on the French Riviera in the late 1970s, she began sketching and painting her view outside, eventually making nearly 200 images for a series called ‘In the Garden’. . His later projects included “Sea Wall” (1985), an installation of boat paintings and sculptures that stretched over 35 feet; “AIR: 24 Hours” (1991-92), which included a chart for each hour of the day; and “Recitative” (2011), an installation of 372 painted steel plates reminiscent of the landmark work that made her famous.

“Instead of tweaking things, I’m just doing more,” she said. told People magazine, explaining his serial approach to art. “I can’t do anything.”

Resumption of the Godfrey Salon, addition of services


GODFREY — After the past two years of social distancing, owner, massage therapist and makeup artist Kaysee Johnson has resumed nail tech services and added more to her full-service salon and spa.

Bliss Salon and Spa at 3047 Godfrey Road in Godfrey does it all: hair, makeup, massage, skincare — and now Reiki. Physical therapist and Reiki practitioner Kelly McCormick joined Bliss on Monday. She also offers guided meditation and stretching.

“She’s really good at what she does,” Johnson said.

Manicures and pedicures are back with Bekah Dedear, who also specializes in lash lifts and eyelash extensions. Dedear is a licensed esthetician and nail technician. Bliss had offered the service in the past, but not in the past five to six years.

“A few things have happened since COVID with makeup,” Johnson said. “People work from home, don’t go to the office and have gotten used to not wearing makeup. But a lot of people are at least wearing foundation and skincare. Even if you don’t wear makeup, skincare of the skin are important.

“Another thing that happened, everyone got so used to ordering everything online,” she said. “But we’re still here, still have a full line of cosmetics, and we hope customers will keep coming back and shopping locally.”

Makeup and skin care consultations are a free service; with a small staff, Johnson asks clients to call to book consultations to avoid wait times.

Johnson also added new foundation formulas from BareMinerals. Bliss carries the entire line and is the salon’s signature makeup application brand. BareMinerals is known for its loose powder foundation. Bliss now offers three different formulas, as well as the powder formula.

“For mature skin, liquid is a much better option, and we have three new liquid or gel formulas,” Johnson said.

Bliss’ services include esthetician and facial services, lash and brow services, as well as hair styling and coloring services. The company has won several community awards, including Best of the Best and Small Business of the Month from the RiverBend Growth Association.

Visit www.beblissbeautiful.com to view Bliss’ full service menu and complete product lines. Call 618-374-6292 to book a free consultation. Follow on Facebook at www.facebook.com/beblissbeautiful.

Bliss Salon and Spa hours of operation are 10am-6pm Tuesday-Thursday, 9am-4pm Friday, and 9am-noon Saturday. It is closed from Sunday to Monday.

Representation of afro hair on the rise in Hollywood


The stigma of afro hair has plagued the media for decades. The misrepresentation and mischaracterization of afro hair being perceived as scruffy or unkempt – usually on the part of the wider European diaspora – is slowly being dismantled through true-to-life portrayal through film and television.

Caricatures and stereotypes of dark-skinned people have been normalized throughout performance art through elements such as a mockery of body figures and the infamous black face. Hair was often also considered a point of reference.

The obsession with straightening afro hair to somehow reflect the perceived normalcy of stereotypical European hair, as a sort of default setting, has also been scattered throughout the media. Reflecting a time when black people were systematically forced to conform to European standards of beauty in order to succeed, as negative perceptions were mixed with more common black traits.

So much so that to this day there have been debates in educational institutions – especially in Europe and the United States – about whether natural afro hairstyles are considered professional.

Talk to the New York Times
Emmy-winning hairstylist Araxi Lindsey, whose credits include The more they fall, blackishand The Matrix Reloaded said of the case’s history since her debut in the business in 1990: “If they came out for a role, they couldn’t wear their natural hair,” she said. “If you wore your hair in locks or braids, you would be considered an outcast. So there were a lot of women with tight hair and afro texture who wanted these silky smooth wigs and weaves.

Lindsey won an Emmy for her work in hair day, and praised the series for having the courage to portray black women with their natural hair and romantically show that men “can love their women with natural-textured hair, that a young boy can fall in love with a girl with afro-textured hair.” She added: “I can’t wait for it to be normalized that we can wear our natural hair, not wigs and weaves, that we can celebrate the hair that naturally comes out of our scalp.”

This perception of default beauty standards, looks and character has plagued Hollywood since its inception. The 90s and 2000s were forged with the idea that generally films with black leads couldn’t sell, with Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Wesley Snipes and Morgan Freeman managing to turn the tide of the thought process.

Even with that, many actors frequently complained and lamented that the makeup departments struggled to cater to their skin tones, with the department’s products generally being aimed at lighter-skinned people, coupled with a lack of training on matching specific tones with certain colors.

As the late tens and twenties have passed, some producers, cast, and crew have actively worked to improve society’s understanding through widespread portrayal, hair is a big part of it.

Movies such as Black Panther, the more they fall, King Richardand Coming 2 America, recently introduced a variety of natural Afro hairstyles, well-known throughout the African diaspora, to a global audience. These movies have not only been critically acclaimed but have also been hugely successful at the box office.

From a societal perspective, AJ Asmar, who opened Hair Queen Beauty across the United States, noticed a definite positive change.

“I have six locations in Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama. I generate over $15 million in revenue each year and currently employ 80 people in my business. I haven’t seen this much pressure to women exposing their natural afro hair so far.

Asmar added: “From 2015 the environment was different with afro hair, wigs and weaves were much more common than they are now. We have noticed that products intended to nourish afro hair have become very popular, more than they used to be at the very least. I think Hollywood, television and film have a lot to do with it. People end up gravitating to what they see. They see themselves in the characters and attitudes they witness. Much of this happens on screen and through social media.

On how society at large has viewed and portrayed Afro hair over the years, Asmar said there is still work to be done.

“It is important that we eliminate the prejudice towards diverse hair. It’s completely ridiculous,” he said, “We’re not all the same, we should be celebrating our differences rather than forcing people to conform to what makes our society historically have this weird sense of comfort. .”

He concluded: “I am Palestinian and I have witnessed the gradual change in this sector over the years. I’m 100% about catering to people from all walks of life, rather than just focusing on Euro-centric hair.

“It’s great to see a positive change in the perception of afro hair.”

In addition to pushing for change, Asmar has also just launched the Retail University Training Technology to help people along their retail development journey. The virtual and interactive platform offers short videos accessible by phone, laptop or iPad. The program sends daily reports via text or email so business owners can hold their staff accountable and move them forward in areas such as sales and management.

In television and film, we consciously and unconsciously influence society through the portrayal of features, characters, and storylines. Portraying a certain look or hairstyle as negative or demeaning has been shown to have a direct impact on western society in particular. Factual over-policing, banking bias, and increasing abuse are all relative by-products of a lack of representation.

We have a responsibility to educate the public about the whole world through diverse stories and people, to help grow mutual understanding and prosperity. Representing cultures that are not of European origin then becomes no longer a matter of choice, but a responsibility.

Chef Jonathan Chapin names this sandwich the super sub of the summer


RENO, Nevada (KOLO) – Bring on the meat! Bring the vegetables! Long live the flavors! Chef Jonathan Chapin and his assistant, Brian Nolte, of Reno Recipes whip up a thick and delicious sub sandwich that can be made for an individual lunch or a celebratory entrée for the masses.


  • French bread loaf
  • MEAT: ham, turkey, bacon bits, peppery salami, prosciutto
  • DAIRY PRODUCTS: provolone cheese, whipped cream cheese
  • PRODUCT: jalapeno, pickles, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, red onion and nectarine pieces
  • CONDIMENTS: mayonnaise, spicy BBQ sauce (Marinade Absurde), mustard, oil and vinegar (Big Horn olive oil)


  1. Cut the bread in half, gut the middle.
  2. In a bowl, combine the cream cheese, bacon bits, finely chopped jalapeño, diced onions and diced pickles.
  3. Spread inside the gutted bread.
  4. Layer prosciutto, salami, ham, turkey, provolone, tomatoes.
  5. Combine oil, vinegar, salt and pepper with shredded lettuce; add to sandwich.
  6. Mix mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, mustard and nectarine pieces.
  7. Add the mayonnaise mixture on top of the sandwich.
  8. So ! Perfect for a picnic, a trip on the lake or barbecues in the garden!

And don’t forget to get your tickets for the Drag Queen dinner at the Peavine Taphouse on Thursday July 28th.

KOLO Cooks and Reno Recipes would also like to thank Se Ecglast for the knives, Roselee Wood Working for the beautiful cutting boards, Valentich for the aprons, Bryan Nolte for his behind-the-scenes help, and Siren Salon and Spa for Jonathan’s gorgeous hair.

Copyright 2022 KOLO. All rights reserved.

Hundreds of payday loan customers furious at being charged TWICE after glitch


A POPULAR payday loan company double-charged hundreds of borrowers after a technical error.

Customers who had previously taken out a loan from The Money Platform faced additional fees, despite repaying their loan months ago.


Customers expressed their anger online after being charged twiceCredit: Getty

About 300 payday lender customers are affected and have seen repayments taken back in error, in some cases totaling hundreds of pounds.

The Money Platform offers loans of up to £1,000 with a representative APR of 839.20%.

Those affected complained of being left out and the lender promised to make repayments and pay compensation.

A spokesperson for The Money Platform said: “We were informed this morning that our payment service provider, Mangopay, has reprocessed, through a technical error, a number of payments originally made in February and March.

Millions are due repayments on expensive credit cards and payday loans - are you?
I had £11,000 debt - but here's how I paid it off in just 18 months

“This was done by mistake and without our knowledge. We believe around 300 customers were affected.

The Money Platform said it was working with its payment service provider, Mangopay, to ensure customers are reimbursed as soon as possible.

The company said: “Mangopay told us they were issuing refunds to customer accounts this afternoon (July 25).”

The Money Platform told The Sun it plans to compensate affected customers, but has not yet specified how much it will cost or how people will get the money.

A customer affected by the issue said on Trustpilot: “Like others here, I received an unauthorized payment of £362 into my bank account on August 22.

“I don’t have a current loan plan or agreement, so I was shocked to see this amount randomly debited from my debit card.”

Another former customer said: ‘They withdrew £139 from my account on Friday when the loan was paid off months ago.

This isn’t the first time payday lenders have come under scrutiny. Many other companies have had to pay compensation to their customers in the past for technical errors, overcharges and business closures.

How to get your money back

You should be refunded automatically if you were affected by the glitch.

If you have not done so or wish to file a complaint, you will need to write to The Money Platform.

You can do this by filling out their online form. Be sure to use evidence to support your complaint. This could be proof that a payment made by the company means you missed a bill and a screenshot of your bank statement would suffice.

Loan providers are required to have a written complaints process that tells customers how to file a complaint.

You should be able to find the information on their website, but if not, ask them to send it to you.

Once you send in your complaint, the company must give you a response within eight weeks.

If you don’t get a response within eight weeks, or if you’re unhappy with the response you get, you can complain to the free Financial Ombudsman Service.

To get in touch you need to complete a form which you can find on the FOS website or simply complete the online complaint form.

If you prefer to speak with someone, the FOS can help you do this if you call 0800 023 4567.

Don’t run to payday loan companies if you need to borrow

If you are struggling and need extra cash, there are a number of cheaper and less risky ways to borrow.

And remember – only think about borrowing money if you really need it.

Cheap credit cards – first you need to think about the usefulness of the card. If it’s a purchase, you should look for a 0% credit card. If you want to pay off debts, a 0% balance transfer card will be the best solution, although you will have to pay a fee to transfer your money to the card.

Cheap Personal Loans – Personal loans are generally best for larger purchases or if you need to consolidate debt and pay it off. Use an eligibility checker like MoneySavingExpert to find out which loans you might be accepted for, without damaging your credit score.

credit unions – Credit unions are local organizations where members pool their savings to lend to each other. This often allows them to offer products at low prices.

Salon & Spa Galleria is hosting an Open House on July 28, 2022 in North Richland Hills


NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, TX, July 25, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Yes, you’re right. Mark the date. And actually, add an asterisk, meaning Champagne and Appetizers…and a chance to win $500.

This is all part of the cordial invitation extended by Salon & Spa Galleria – Bedford Euless Rd. as they will be hosting an exciting open day at this new salon on July 28, 2022 from 4-6pm. Want another glass of champagne? Do not be late !

“If you live anywhere in the North Richland Hills area and know how awesome it can be to open a new salon in your neighborhood, you really don’t want to miss it,” said Jennifer Knittel, Marketing Manager for Salon and Spa. Gallery.

To celebrate this new salon conveniently located on Bedford Euless Road, Salon & Spa Galleria is pleased to offer this opportunity for salon suite clients – past, present and potential – to take the stage while the champagne is flowing and finger foods are there for snacking, and the chance to win $500 tends to attract the bold and the beautiful too.

Treatments offered at Salon & Spa Galleria outlets can cover a wide range, from eyebrows to eyelashes, from hairstyling to permanent makeup, to deep tissue massage. “When you come to our open house on July 28, event guests will learn all about the amenities that come with a lease of salon space at Salon & Spa Galleria.

“No matter what part of County Tarrant their salon is in,” observes Jennifer, “our stylists have one thing in common: they really love what they do. And they love connecting with their customers. Each living room becomes a kind of extended family. Almost a home away from home – and you look great when you get home.

And so, jot down the date – in pen in your diary, in lipstick on your mirror, depending on your style – and find out what it’s all about at Salon & Spa Galleria – Bedford. If you’ve already rented a Lounge Suite in an SSG Lounge, we know you’ll let your friends know when the Open House is: July 28, 4-6pm

About Salon and Spa Galleria
Salon & Spa Galleria is one of the fastest growing private studio rental salons in the United States with 20 locations offering salon suites designed for independent beauty and wellness professionals. For information on dfw salon suite rentals, visit the salon chain’s website.

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Hair Extensions Market to Surpass US$4.99 Billion by 2032


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, July 24 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — According to a latest IMF report, the global hair extensions market was valued at US$2.38 billion in 2021. The market is expected to reach a value of US$2.38 billion. 4.99 billion by 2032, showing a modest CAGR of 5.3% for the forecast period 2022-2032. The rapid changes in lifestyle coupled with increasing availability of products are likely to drive the market over the forecast period.

Rapid changes in lifestyles, a preference for longer and denser hair, and an increase in product availability are contributing to the growing demand for hair extensions. The existence of side effects in hair transplant procedures and with hair restoration drugs is further propelling the hair extensions market. The hair extensions market is also driven by an increase in consumer spending on appearance and personality enhancing products. Rising popularity of grooming products and high expenditure for them will explain the growth of the market over the assessment period.

Get a sample copy of the report @ https://www.futuremarketinsights.com/reports/sample/rep-gb-10197

Rising disposable incomes in emerging economies like Brazil, India, and Argentina, among others, are likely to drive the sales of hair extensions over the forecast period. Additionally, marketing and promotion strategies focused or based on consumer buying trends are expected to impact the global hair extensions market.

“Increased product availability along with side effects associated with hair transplant procedures will increase the sales of hair extensions in the market over the forecast period,” an IMF analyst says.

Key points to remember:

  • The release of new hair extension products with multiple functions is expected to supplement the market growth over the forecast period.
  • The increase in grooming expenditure will explain the expansion of the market.
  • North America presents substantial growth potential in the market.
  • The rise of e-commerce is propelling the Asia-Pacific market to growth.
  • The European hair extensions market will witness significant growth due to changing consumer behavior.
  • Rising disposable incomes in countries like India, China, Brazil, and Argentina will influence the market positively over the forecast period.

For any question related with the report, ask an [email protected] https://www.futuremarketinsights.com/ask-question/rep-gb-10197

Competitive landscape

BELLAMI Hair, Godrej, Great Lengths, Klix Hair Extension, Evergreen Products Group Limited, Great Lengths, Balmain Paris Hair Couture, Qingdao Organic Hair Ltd. Beauty Industry Group, Hair Dreams, Hidden Crown, Hair Addictionz, Femme Hair Extension, Hairlocs, Easihair, Socap, and Cinderella Hair among others are some of the key organizations operating in the hair extensions market which are profiled in the comprehensive version of the report.

Major players in the hair extensions market are using tactics such as mergers and acquisitions to achieve market expansion. They invest in research and development to improve their product portfolios and gain a competitive advantage.

More information about the Hair Extensions market report

In its latest report, FMI offers an unbiased analysis of the global hair extensions market, providing historic data from 2017 to 2021 and forecast statistics from the period 2022 to 2032. To understand the potential, growth, and scope of the global market , the market is segmented. depending on the type of assembly, the type of sale, the sales channel and the region.

Hair Extensions Market Regional Analysis

According to the latest IMF report, North America is expected to dominate the global hair extensions market. This is possible due to the presence of a large number of hair extension manufacturers and organizations. Rising disposable incomes and accelerating urbanization in Latin America will boost the market outlook in this region for the forecast period.

The rise of e-commerce is likely to propel the hair extensions market in the Asia-Pacific region. An increase in disposable incomes in emerging economies like India and China will help drive the market growth. Additionally, regions like the Middle East and Africa will register an increase in the market owing to the increase in consumer spending on grooming products.

Rapid changes in consumer behavior will have a positive impact on the European hair extensions market.

Click on the Below is the link to buy this report @ https://www.futuremarketinsights.com/checkout/10197


1. Summary

1.1. Global Market Outlook

1.2. Demand Side Trends

1.3. Supply-side trends

1.4. Analysis of the technology roadmap

1.5. Analysis and recommendations

2. Market Overview

2.1. Market Coverage / Taxonomy

2.2. Market Definition / Scope / Limits

3. Market Context

3.1. Market dynamics

3.1.1. Drivers

3.1.2. Constraints

3.1.3. Opportunity

3.1.4. Tendencies

3.2. Scenario forecast

3.2.1. Demand in the optimistic scenario

3.2.2. Demand in Likely Scenario

3.2.3. Demand in the conservative scenario

3.3. Opportunity Map Analysis

3.4. Investment Feasibility Matrix

3.5. PESTLE and Porter’s analysis

3.6. Regulatory landscape

3.6.1. By key regions

3.6.2. By key countries

Read more Table of contents

About IMF – Consumer Products

FMI’s Consumer Products Unit offers distinct and accurate analysis of the global consumer products industry. This comprehensive research ranges from material type, category type, product types, consumer goods retail and distribution to supply, demand and trade assessment, and relevant advances in the industry. Our research studies serve as benchmark market guidelines for consumer product manufacturers, channel partners and government development agencies – “The Way Forward”.

See related research reports from Consumer Product:

Hair Serum Ingredients Market Size: Hair Serum Ingredients Market by Ingredient Type, Nature, Sales Channel and Region – Forecast 2022-2032

Hair Gloss Market Share: Hair Gloss Market: Global Industry Analysis 2015-2019 and Opportunity Assessment 2020-2030

Hair Multiplier Market Value: Hair Multiplier Market by Product Type (Kit, Loose), Application (Hair Coloring, Hair Treatment), End-Use (Salons, Spa, Personal Use) and Region – Forecast 2017-2027

Hair Texturizing Products Market Trends: Hair Texturizing Products Market: 2013-2017 Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment; 2018 – 2028

Professional Hair Care Products Market Demand: Professional Hair Care Products Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2014-2020

Nighttime Hair Treatment Products Market Analysis: Nighttime Hair Treatment Products Market by Product Type, Price, Demographics, Application, Sales Channel and Region – Forecast 2022-2032

Anti-Pollution Hair Care Market Type: The Anti-Pollution Hair Care Products market size will exceed US$ 3.5 billion in 2021. Between 2021 and 2031, the market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR ) by 7.4%.

Do-it-yourself eyelash extension market forecast: The global do-it-yourself eyelash extension market is expected to reach US$501.7 million in 2022. The growing demand for convenient and aesthetics is expected to drive sales at a robust CAGR of 7%, with a market valuation reaching US$501.7 million. 1017.5 million in 2032

Artificial Hair Integration Market Outlook: The Artificial Hair Integration Market is estimated to be around US$1,790.7 million in 2022 and is expected to reach around US$3,564.8 million by 2032

Smart Hairbrushes Market Sales: Smart Hairbrushes Market by End User, Sales Channel and Region – Forecast 2022-2032

About Us

Future Market Insights (ESOMAR certified market research organization and member of the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce) provides in-depth insights into the driving factors that increase demand in the market. It reveals opportunities that will drive market growth in various segments on the basis of source, application, sales channel, and end-use over the next 10 years.


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Why Welcome To Plathville Fans Are Talking About New Moriah Throwbacks


Welcome to Plathville Viewers are loving Moriah Plath’s recent photos because they show another side to the aspiring singer’s life.

Moriah Plath by Welcome to Plathville is definitely a chameleon when it comes to changing up her look, and fans love her evolution. Plath’s second eldest daughter was always the self-proclaimed black sheep of the family and marched to the beat of her own drum. Now Kim and Barry Plath’s daughter is sharing sweet throwback photos for her fans.

Fans loved Moriah from the moment they met her on Welcome to Plathville. During Season 1, she was a young girl trying to find her way in the world and define what she thought her life should be. It was obvious to many that Kim and Barry’s strict rules were suffocating Moriah, so many fans were happy when Moriah chose to move out on her own. For four seasons, viewers have seen Moriah changing clothes, makeup, and even hair color in an attempt to find out who she is. Now fans get a glimpse of what she looked like as a child.


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Moriah looks almost unrecognizable in photos from his youth. The Welcome to Plathville The star shared some sweet memories of her youth, living in Cairo, Georgia. The first pictures Moria shared were when she was about four years old, smiling for the cameras in her jeans with a plaid dress. At the time, Moriah had shiny blonde hair, similar to how it looked before he started dyeing it. The next snap she shared has her holding a family harp, presumably in the middle of a music lesson. Moriah even shared a photo of her and her siblings wearing modest clothes during a family portrait.

Moriah commented on a photo where she was 12, noting that she had a “baby face.” Followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the multiple photos. Many thought Moriah had such potential but squandered it with her cheap outfits and tons of makeup. However, others Welcome to Plathville fans shared how they liked how “openMoriah has followed her path of self-discovery. Overall, the Instagram post has been a huge hit among her followers.

Welcome to Plathville fans saw Moriah go through a brutal breakup with Max Kallschmidt in season 4. It turned out that the Georgian playboy cheated on Moriah in October. She tried her best to put on a happy face but got bored of Max’s story, which was full of lies. While some fans have become annoyed with her attitude, she is doing her best by posting pretty content for her followers.

Next: Welcome to Plathville: Why Moriah Plath is still hiding his true self

Source: Moriah Plath/Instagram

90 day fiancé before 90 days Hamza and Memphis

Why 90 Day Fiancé Fans Suspect Memphis and Hamza Were Fired by TLC

About the Author

Here’s how professional hairdressers can now have a chance to become India’s number one hairdressing icon


Hairdressing is an art (and a huge responsibility). Hair can make or break their confidence and if you’re someone who wants to take responsibility, kudos to you.

But how can you start your journey with ease, you ask? Don’t worry, Streax Professional, India’s leading professional hair color and hair care brand, has teamed up with India’s largest news platform, The Times Group, to bring you something super special!

*Drum roll*

India’s first talent hunt for professional hairdressers is here! Yeah, you heard us! Streax Professional Times India Hair Style Icon is a one-of-a-kind competition that brings together hairstylists from across the country on one platform.

But what is this contest?

The competition is designed to identify top hairdressing talent, based on various tasks framed and judged by internationally renowned industry experts such as Joakim Roos – Global Educator, Yolly Ten Koppel, Global Artistic Director – Pivot Point International and famed hairstylist Savio John Pereira; with technical experts from Streax Professional. Various Bollywood and fashion celebrities will join the judging panel in the semi-finals and final.


How it works?

Professional hairdressers can participate via an online registration form on the official site and social platforms among which 250 semi-finalists will compete in zonal rounds to find the top 10 finalists. These finalists will then be groomed in Mumbai to compete to show off their skills during Bombay Times Fashion Week on October 2 at the St. Regis Mumbai, finally revealing the coveted title of India’s first-ever hairstyling icon.

The competition is open to all professional hairstylists wishing to showcase their skills through a neutral, merit-based process. The categories on which hairstylists will be judged are Women’s Cut and Color, Women’s Creative Color, Women’s Red Carpet Style, and Men’s Creative Cut and Color.


So what can you win?

  • Win up to Rs. 15 cash prizes worth Lakh
  • Trip to attend Paris Fashion Week 2023
  • Annual contract with Streax Professional
  • Interview with Times of India, Femina & Grazia

Speaking of the talent hunt, Rochelle Chabbra, Head of Professional Division at Streax Professional, says, “Expertise and technical skills are a key pillar for the professional channel and hairdressers are nothing less than artists. Streax Professional has always been committed to inspiring and empowering stylists, with the best in hair and beauty; and the Streax Professional Hair Style Icon Awards are designed for that purpose; shaping and nurturing that creativity and passion, producing the best of artists and give them a platform for recognition and empowerment.”

So what we understood is that the IHI team is made up of enthusiasts. They aim to develop expertise and help hairdressers reach their highest potential. Excited a lot? We are sure!!

Here are the dates to watch:

Western Semi-Finals – August 13, Mumbai. Registration deadline: August 6

Semi-finals North – August 20, Gurgaon, last registration date: August 12

Semi-finals South – August 30, Bangalore, last registration date: August 21

Eastern semi-finals – September 10, Calcutta, last registration date: August 27

Northeast Semi-Finals – September 20, Guwahati, Last registration date: September 3

Are you someone they are looking for? Participate now. The first 500 entries are free!!!

How Installment Loans Can Help Increase Buying Power According to Realtimecampaign.com


Money doesn’t stretch as far as it used to. This becomes painfully evident with every purchase made and every bill paid. Sometimes it seems that families’ incomes have disappeared before they actually arrive. As such, people find it difficult to switch between paychecks. Unforeseen expenses, expensive necessities, and other matters are repeatedly put off until more funds are available. In some cases, this never happens.

Get the funds you need

With all of this in mind, installment loans become a go-to solution when funds are low and needs are high. Several types of installment loans are available from various lenders. They can be big or small and come with different terms and interest rates. one can go to this website to know more about installment loans. Take a look at some of their potential benefits before proceeding, however.

Cover essential expenses

People need loans for all sorts of reasons. These can include emergency medical treatment, vehicle repairs, home improvements and many more. Each of these expenses can devastate a family’s budget. Financial recovery can take months or even years, leaving victims to struggle endlessly in the meantime. Loans provide the cash needed to cover costs like these without having to withdraw the entire amount from one’s budget all at once.

Incremental payments

For some families, even spending a few hundred dollars can cause major financial disruption. With an installment loan, one can acquire the money one needs and repay it in small monthly installments. It’s a little easier and less destructive than having to find the whole sum all at once. Although interest and other additional fees apply to loans, being able to repay a little each month certainly simplifies things.

Lower fees than other options

Installment loans also have lower fees than some of the other options available to consumers. Payday loans come with high interest rates and exorbitant fees. This is also true of title loans. They can leave one who pays back double what he borrowed at the risk of losing his vehicle if one cannot make a payment. Interest rates on installment loans can depend on the lender, their credit rating and other factors, but are likely to be much lower than some of the alternatives according to realtimecampaign.com.

Versatile Borrowing Options

Companies like Tower Loan offer a range of loans to their customers. This means that one has a variety of options to choose from. one can choose the one that best suits their family’s needs and budget rather than having to settle for a less than optimal solution.

Take advantage of installment loans

Loans are becoming more mainstream and they will likely continue to do so in the future. Many lenders are making funds available to consumers with an excellent example detailed in the article, “PayPal Extends Buy-Now, Pay-Later Push With Tempest Loans”. If you need extra money for an unexpected expense or just can’t cover it, an installment loan may be the answer.

As noted, installment loans offer many benefits to today’s borrowers. They can even be used to help build credit and further expand one’s purchasing power in some cases. At the very least, they’ll give you the money you need right now with more affordable repayment terms than some other options.

Media Contact
Company Name: Realtimecampaign.com
Contact person: Media Relations
E-mail: Send an email
Call: 407-875-1833
Country: United States
Website: Realtimecampaign.com

The 7 Most Shocking Victoria’s Secret Reveals From Hulu’s ‘Angels & Demons’ Docuseries

IVictoria’s Secret Angels (from L) New Zealand model Stella Maxwell, Danish model Josephine Skriver, American model Jasmine Tookes, American model Lily Aldridge, Brazilian model Adriana Lima, Swedish model Elsa Hosk, Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio , American model Taylor Hill and American model Martha Hunt present creations during the 2016 Victoria’s Secret fashion show at the Grand Palais in Paris on November 30, 2016. (MARTIN BUREAU/AFP via Getty Images)

“For me, fantasies are more effective when there’s diversity. And…a lot of the models looked alike, not a lot of different body types back then…no racial diversity,” Lyndsey Scott said. , a former Victoria’s Secret model. “It became clear to me that Victoria’s Secret was not empowering women. They were using such a narrow idea of ​​beauty in their marketing, that they were doing quite the opposite. Women felt bad about themselves.”

In the early 21st century, Victoria’s Secret touted an unattainable body type that was only achievable through Photoshop, plastic surgery, and other extreme enhancements. The brand’s marketing tactics played on women’s insecurities and ultimately distorted healthy body image. About 60-80% of American women said they wanted to be slimmer while 89% of teenage girls said they felt pressured by the fashion industry to lose weight.

“Today people are screaming about Instagram’s effects on young girls,” said Michael Gross, author of the 1995 novel “Model: The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women.” “At the time, Victoria’s Secret was the analog version of the same thing.”

Victoria’s Secret models even lambasted the extreme diets and weight requirements they had to adhere to, especially ahead of the annual fashion show. Dorothea Barth Jörgensen, a former PINK model, said she didn’t eat much during the 10 years she worked as a model for the brand. Tyra Banks, in an old interview, said she was once told to lose 10 pounds. At 5’10 and 123 pounds, she was deemed “too curvy”.

In recent years, Victoria’s Secret has ditched its old-fashioned tactics and become a more inclusive brand in terms of size and gender. According to a 2021 Teen Vogue article, the brand is “moving away from telling customers ‘what’s sexy and how to look’ in favor of supporting consumers ‘through every phase of their lives’.”

“It’s a change led by an all-new board of seven people, including six women.”

Celebrate Emirati Women’s Day with Park Hyatt Dubai’s range of special offers


Ahead of Emirati Women’s Day on August 28e, Park Hyatt Dubai has organized a range of special offers to celebrate the remarkable women of the United Arab Emirates. From luxurious villa stay packages to bespoke spa treatments at Amara Spa and Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa, plus private dance lessons, the resort invites you to celebrate the occasion with a host of unique offerings to choose from. .

Holiday offer for all girls in the villa

Grab the girls and relax in style this Emirati Women’s Day with a luxurious one-night stay in one of Dubai Creek Golf Residences’ contemporary 4-bedroom vacation villas overlooking the serene Dubai Creek Golf Club. Valid for stays from August 1stst – 30e 2022.

Villa Staycation Package – AED 13,500++ per night

  • 1 night in a luxurious 4-bedroom holiday villa at Dubai Creek Golf Residences
  • Private 30-minute in-villa body spa treatment for up to 4 people
  • Private group yoga class in the villa for up to 4 people
  • Private in-villa manicure and pedicure with nail polish for up to 4 people
  • Private 3-course in-villa Thai cuisine dinner by a private chef for up to 4 people
  • A choice of Floating Breakfast Basket OR Floating Sunset Basket with specialty mocktails for 4 people
  • Free use of Amara Pool and Spa facilities, steam room and sauna
  • An option to experience a Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa salon located at the Park Hyatt Hotel which includes a world-class hair treatment and blow-dry at an exclusive rate of AED 1,600 for all 4 guests (offer may be used even after departure)

For more information, visit: www.dubaicreekresort.com/villas. To book, email [email protected] or call 04 602 1222

Amara Spa Emirati Women’s Day Rituals

Celebrate Emirati Women’s Day throughout August with specially curated treatments in the serene setting of Park Hyatt Dubai’s Amara Spa. Inspired by the beauty and successes of Emirati women, these special spa rituals invite you to embrace your inner prowess.

Aroma Spa Ritual – AED 800 per person

  • Full body treatment and 90 minute massage
  • Choose your body scrub from Desert Rose or Frangipani Bloom blends, made with natural ingredients to gently exfoliate the skin and prepare it for a relaxing aromatic massage

Tailor-made facial ritual – AED 850 per person

  • 90 minute facial treatment
  • Start your spa journey with a neck, back and shoulder massage followed by a personalized Hydro Peptide facial treatment tailored to your specific skin needs

Includes free one-day access to Amara pOh, saunas and steam rooms. Treatments can be purchased as a gift voucher, valid for 6 months.

For more information, visit www.dubaicreekresort.com/amara-spa/. To book, email [email protected] or call 04 602 1660

Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa

To celebrate Emirati Women’s Day, Park Hyatt Dubai’s Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa is offering a special 4-hour red carpet package to pamper women from tip to toe.

Red Carpet Package – AED 1,150 per person

  • Hair treatment and brushing Rossano Ferretti
  • Manicure and pedicure with nail polish of your choice
  • 30 minute hand and foot massage
  • Afternoon tea at Rossano Ferretti or Park Hyatt Lobby Lounge

The treatment can be purchased as a gift voucher, valid for 6 months.

For more information visit www.dubaicreekresort.com/lifestyle/rossano-ferretti/. To book, email [email protected] or call 04 602 1717

Let’s Dance Academy Dance lessons

This year, celebrate Emirati Women’s Day with a unique activity and book a Let’s Dance Academy dance lesson at the Dubai Creek Golf Club’s Clubhouse, led by professional dancer Sasha King.

Emirati Women’s Day Dance Package – From AED 1,925

Dance Package Price
5 lessons AED1,925
10 lessons AED3,700
20 lessons AED6,900
  • Learn the techniques and basics of Latin American and social dance right from the start
  • Group lessons can be organized for 6 to 10 participants
  • The price remains the same for the group sessions and would be divided between the participants
  • Valid for the months of August and September, advance notice and arrangement are required

To book your Let’s Dance lesson, WhatsApp: +971 58 658 1162.

After 4 Decades, Mansfield Murder Victim Identified By DNA Evidence As Tampa Woman


It’s been 41 years since Hernando County Sheriff’s Deputies descended on a 6-acre junkyard in the Weeki Wachee Acres neighborhood of Spring Hill, ready to begin digging around the house neighbors now call the ‘house of horrors’. “.

But on March 16, 1981, the day diggers and deputies began digging, it was simply the family home of Billy Mansfield Jr., the eldest son of a convicted child molester who took over his father in a way beyond their common name.

Within weeks of digging, deputies unearthed the remains of four women on the Mansfield property. Two were quickly identified but, year after year, the other two women have remained anonymous.

That changed Wednesday afternoon, when the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office officially announced that one of the two victims had been identified as Theresa Caroline Fillingim. Fillingim was just a week away from her 17th birthday when her sister, Margaret Johns, reported her missing to Tampa police on May 16, 1980.

Johns did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Now, thanks to a new partnership with the University of North Texas and Virginia-based DNA technology company Parabon Nano Labs, Hernando investigators said they can conclusively say Fillingim’s body was the third removed from the land around the Mansfield home on April 3, 1981. .

St. Petersburg Times photographer Olie Stonerook climbed a tree to get this crime scene photo in 1981 as investigators discovered the skeletal remains of four serial killers Billy Mansfield Jr. strangled and buried on the Spring Hill family property. Mansfield is currently serving a life sentence in a California prison. [ STONEROOK, OLIE | Times ]

Investigators also worked alongside renowned expert Erin Kimmerle and her colleagues at the University of South Florida’s Department of Forensic Anthropology.

Fillingim’s remains had been sent to numerous labs over the years, but experts failed to develop a DNA profile until 2020, the sheriff’s office said. This sample was then sent to the University of North Texas to search for a match in a national database, but this effort again proved unsuccessful.

This year, however, researchers told the sheriff’s office they wanted to try again – this time using Parabon’s new “Snapshot DNA Phenotyping” services to create their own profile of the woman who was killed instead of just search for correspondence.

“Using DNA evidence from this investigation, Snapshot produced trait predictions for the associated victim. Individual predictions were made for ancestry, eye color, hair color, skin color, freckles and the shape of the victim’s face,” the statement from the sheriff’s office said Wednesday.

This profile allowed investigators to generate their own “actionable leads” for the cold case, the statement said. A DNA sample from Fillingim’s sister confirmed her identity, according to the sheriff’s office, “finally bringing peace to the victim’s family.”

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Mansfield Jr. had already racked up a long list of crimes, including assault, kidnapping and sexual assault, when he met 30-year-old Rene Sailing in a California tavern on December 6, 1980. The two left together and the next morning. officers found Sailing’s body in a drainage ditch, riddled with bullet holes. Mansfield Jr. was arrested for first degree murder a few days later. After a mistrial and attempted escape from prison, he was found guilty of rape and strangulation Sailing.

Billy Mansfield Jr., center, is escorted from the Hernando County Courthouse by deputies in 1982. He was convicted that year of strangling four women and burying them on the Spring family property Hill.  He is currently serving a life sentence in a California prison.
Billy Mansfield Jr., center, is escorted from the Hernando County Courthouse by deputies in 1982. He was convicted that year of strangling four women and burying them on the Spring family property Hill. He is currently serving a life sentence in a California prison. [ BOB MORELAND | Times ]

Publicity from the California case led an anonymous tipster to call authorities in Hernando and ask them to search the home of Mansfield Jr. Sandra Graham, a 21-year-old woman from Tampa who disappeared on April 17, 1980.

The first skeleton buried in the grounds was unearthed the next day – March 17 – but was only identified by experts as a white woman in her twenties and still remains a “Jane Doe”. A week later, another skeleton was discovered – this time identified as 15-year-old Elaine Zeigler, a tourist from Ohio who disappeared from a nearby campground on New Year’s Eve in 1975. April 3 , authorities pulled from the ground what they know was the body of 16-year-old Fillingim. And four days later, tipsters’ predictions came true when Sandra Graham’s body was finally found.

Related: Art of Forensics exhibit features 17 cold cases between 1973 and 2020 in Florida, Pennsylvania and North Carolina

Court documents say the women were all sexually assaulted by Mansfield Jr., his younger brother Gary, and their father, William Mansfield Sr. It was Mansfield Jr., however, who would end up killing the women and often dismembering them, records show. judicial. .

Mansfield Jr. eventually pleaded guilty to murdering the four women found in his home, and also pleaded guilty to the attempted sexual assault of a fifth woman. He is serving a life sentence in California.

Invitational Week 1498 Style: Overusing a Word in a Fun Poem


Brose (II)While backpacking through Scotland, an obnoxious rich man ran out of his trail mix, so he went to a store. The caretaker boiled water and poured it over plain unsweetened oatmeal and the tourist turned his mop over. “What is this rot supposed to be?” ” Damn it ; just let it soak while you hike; it will mix and you can eat it when you stop. He bought some and later, as he swallowed every drop, he learned that a brose, whatever it was called, is still a bag of slop!
(Jon Gearhart, Des Moines)
Brose (III) Said the Edinburgh witch, “I suppose using schoolboy fingers and toes in my oatmeal adds a few savory notes of grace, and I’ll call it Brotherhood Brose.”
(Kevin Dopart)

Golilla (go-LEE-yuh), a strawberry-shaped necklace worn by Spanish officials during the Renaissance A non-believer, Juan Garcia, Fixed on the white golilla, Knows that the man is a magistrate, And hardens himself to know his fate. It is Torquemada, he has been told, who is there to damn him to perdition. Unfortunately, no one – young or old – expects the Spanish Inquisition.
(Chris Doyle)
Clayey (ar-gi-lacious), clayey “He’s dead, Jim,” Bones said, in a blunt and clear tone that the Enterprise crew members found unkind: “This statement, made so often – can we find a way to soften it? “Say, ‘Captain Kirk, our ensign is clayey.'”
(Duncan Stevens, Vienna, Virginia)
Dasypodid (da-SIP-odid), relating to armadillos A dashing young dasypodid set out one day To cross the road and pass the time. This armadillo hit a snag, so he didn’t go far; He met his alter ego on the road: an armored car.
(Beverley Sharp, Montgomery, Alabama)
Dasypodid (II) Once upon a time there was a king who worshiped armadillos; They figured in tapestries, portraits and pillows. He wished his knights for battle were thirsty, but his “brave” riders were, quite simply, the worst. On the day of the tournament, to the great displeasure of the king, Everyone left his hauberk at the inn. Fed up and enraged, the king growled angrily, “Wear your armor all day, like the dasypodid!”
(Sarah Walsh, Rockville, Maryland)

Chorine (korean), old fashioned chorister A Parisian chorea can remember being warned: “Don’t bend over, stand up straight!” When kicking, stay straight so your legs are projecting. In the cancan, you cannot cancan at all!
(Chris Doyle)
Cacoepy, mispronunciation (the word itself can be pronounced ka-CO-pee, as in the first poem below, or kaka-WEH-pee, as in the second)Although his name does not rhyme with “impala”, some will call him “ka-MAL-a” on purpose. Most consider this stupid, but cacoepy’s ploy sure gets a lot of MAGA-like holla.
(Frank Osen, Pasadena, CA)
Cacoepy (II)Are you snacking on “sorbet” or a “pancake”? Your blunders are horrible. Maliciously you escape! Oh, I could become peaceful. “Your cacoepic point is dumb!” Relax! It’s February! You will find me in the Commiting harry-carry bride costume. (Duncan Stevens)
Lipofuscin (lip-oh-FUSS-in), pigments found in inner cells, associated with agingYour hair is turning gray? Do not worry. It turns out that the older you get, as your cells turn to jelly, lipofuscin (brown-yellow) turns your insides more blond and brown. (Melissa Balmain)
Mercator projection: a map of the world that exaggerates the size of the lands near the polesMy fellow legislators, you see on this globe How the ice caps have shrunk; a correction is urgently needed. Instead of a globe, we should use a Mercator projection. (Coleman Glenn, Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania)
Ostreger, a goshawk keeperIt is he who has a bird in his hand Not the one who has his head in the sand. (Kevin Dopart)
Roasting, roasting over fire or high heatWhen I try to do my hair And my Airwrap breaks as the heat goes out, blowing only lukewarm air Flattening my soaking wet Mohawks As they laugh at me on the walk…I don’t can’t get roast I can’t get rid of frizz and I dry and I dry and I dry and I dry….(Frank Mann, Washington)

Kelly Ripa reveals why Mark Consuelos didn’t shave his head for the summer as planned


Mark Consuelos’ plan to beat the heat may be working a little too well! Kelly Ripa has teased her husband for shaving his head amid a summer heat wave, telling ‘Live’ co-host Ryan Seacrest that her longtime husband parting with his locks had a bigger effect. extreme than expected.

“Now he’s cold all the time,” she said, noting that the actor “usually has a lot of hair” that’s not only “thick” but also “silky.”

Although Kelly admitted that Mark’s decision to part with his lush mane may not have gone exactly as planned, Kelly and Ryan both noted that the new ‘do’ accentuated Mark’s chiseled face. !

“I guess he’s smiling in this pic,” Kelly teased, as Ryan marveled at the ‘Riverdale’ star’s natural contour.

“What’s he doing with those cheekbones?!” said the media personality. “What kind of angle is that?”

Kelly and Mark, both 51, celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary this year and are known for maintaining a spicy marriage after all these years, but they’re just as candid about the challenges! And, they have proven that one of the secrets to their successful relationship is to avoid taking themselves too seriously!

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos’ love affair over the past 25 years

See the gallery

The couple are also proud parents of three children and love sticking with fans when it comes to their family life. With their youngest son, Joaquin, now in college, the “Generation Gap” host recently told Access Hollywood how much she and Mark are enjoying their newly empty nest.

In fact, the lovebirds recently enjoyed their first vacation together in 25 years, and Kelly loved how awesome it was to travel without kids — don’t tell them that!

“It was heaven on earth,” Kelly said, explaining that she and Mark realized they had to pretend to be “less excited” and even “bored” when talking to young people about their trip to solo.

“During this time, we weren’t bored at all,” smiles Kelly. “I went to the spa. The spa! I was like, ‘Do people go to spas?’ We went! We had a massage! It was amazing.”

—Erin Biglow

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This material may not be republished, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Virtual Hospital, Virtual University and Wellness Studio on Metaverse

  • First virtual hospital on Metaverse to interact with patients and improve patient experience.
  • First yoga studio and fitness studio on Metaverse offering fitness programs, Yoga for metaverse users.

Thumbay Group’s pioneering role in the region has led to the creation of something uniquely futuristic with state-of-the-art facilities in education, health and fitness. This is the first project of its kind in the region and has put in place a roadmap for the next two years so that customers can access services on the metaverse. The solution is to create an application where users can create their avatars and interact with the metaverse platform. Users will have the ability to customize their avatars. The platform will support 25 languages.

A full-fledged virtual hospital will be built in a multi-phase project on a metaverse platform providing patients with an immersive healthcare experience. From the Patient Experience Center, full tour of the hospital and departments. Tele-consultation, Several doctors consulting a case in a virtual clinic, Second opinions from various doctors, Local language avatars and attire to welcome patients in the medical tourism service. First aid and preventative health programs using AR/VR and AI programs to educate patients and suggest treatment plans.

A full-fledged virtual medical university will be built in a multi-phase project on a metaverse platform providing students with an immersive experience in medical education. The entire university and various gulf medical college labs will continue on the metaverse, giving students the ability to learn in the virtual world, create their avatars to interact with faculty and other students on the metaverse. Practice your skills on virtual patients and simulated 3D labs with gamification techniques for quick learning.

Thumbay Groups Unique The first phase of the project will be commissioned by the end of this year. Where students, patients and wellness enthusiasts and the community at large will benefit from the technology platform developed by Thubay Group on Metaverse, taking engagement to the next level.

Initially, Gulf Medical University will educate new applicants with an interactive method on Metaverse to choose the right health professions course and to tour the university and labs on Metaverse. Students can enroll in courses and pay their fees in cryptocurrency through their crypto wallets.

The metaverse application will be developed by visualizing Gulf Medical University and the prospective student can create a basic avatar. They could customize their avatar based on hair color and skin tone, which will each have 2 options. The university receptionist greeted students in their mother tongue. The platform will have the ability to auto-identify the language of the students using the IP address. First phase Twenty-five different languages ​​will be supported by the platform. Students could see the facilities and the list of courses offered by the university. They could walk into the admissions office where they could interact with the admissions counselor for about ten minutes. They will also have the opportunity to visit two laboratories and explore it.

Initially, Thumbay’s Virtual Hospital on Metaverse will educate patients with preventative programs and provide healthcare counseling also provided in the inpatient hospital and room experience for patients requiring elective surgeries. The telehealth module will teleport doctors to the metaverse and provide patients with appropriate health guidance and advice. Students at Gulf Medical University will also use this technology for role-playing and virtual patient learning using AR/VR technologies.

The first phase of – THUMBAY Hospital Patient Experience Center, the app will be developed by viewing the Thumbay Medicity. The user will be able to create a basic avatar. They could customize their avatar based on hair color and skin tone, which will each have 2 options. The hospital receptionist greeted users in their mother tongue. The platform will have the ability to automatically identify the language of users using the IP address. Twenty-five different languages ​​will be supported by the platform. Users will be able to go to the Marhaba lounge, where they will be informed about the Hospital and the services offered by a manager. They will be able to view the services offered and its details. A ten-minute interaction session with a doctor from a specific department will be made available to the user, during which he can also schedule a visit to the hospital.

The Body and Soul Wellness Studio will help the community as a whole keep pace with their fitness programs in the metaverse and can select different landscapes in front of them to motivate them to do their regular exercises. The Virtual Fitness studio will be equipped with various exercise routines with the user and select. The full body analysis will help the user to select the appropriate exercise routines.

The app will also have a specific yoga training module for Metaverse users to learn yoga and conduct training with the correct postures shown to them on the metaverse.

Dr Thumbay Moideen said: “We are very happy to take these initiatives and to be in step with the developments of the future and to explore all the opportunities to develop our core business in the fields of education, health, research and well-being. Thumbay Medicity is a one-stop destination and regional center for futuristic medical education, cutting-edge healthcare and cutting-edge research”


About Thumbay Hospital Network

The Thumbay Hospital network, which today has the distinction of being the largest chain of private teaching hospitals in the region, treats patients from 175 countries. Thumbay Group’s healthcare division operates 8 teaching hospitals with 800 inpatient bed facilities, 10 family clinics/medical center, 5 diagnostic laboratories and 46 retail pharmacies and First Drive through Pharmacy. The university and the network of Thumbay University Hospitals and Clinics together train about 20% of the doctors and about 60% of the health professionals in the country, creating a significant impact on the health sector of the country and the region. The group employs more than 3,500 people, including 400 doctors. Thumbay Labs performs a large number of RT-PCR tests daily and two hospitals with more than 200 beds dedicated to the treatment of Corona inpatients. Thumbay Medical Tourism Department is very active in promoting all medical tourism related services speaking more than 20 languages ​​and having representative office in more than 50 countries.

About Thumbay Medicity

Thumbay Medicity is home to Gulf Medical University – the region’s leading private medical university, Thumbay University Hospital – the region’s largest private teaching hospital, Thumbay Dental Hospital – the nation’s first private dental hospital and the largest University Dental Hospital in the Middle East region’s private sector and Thumbay Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Hospital – the largest state-of-the-art rehabilitation hospital in the country. It also has Thumbay Pharmacy outlets – including the largest robotic pharmacy, in addition to the central Thumbay Labs laboratory – the largest CAP-accredited private diagnostic laboratories in the region. In addition, there are leisure and hospitality facilities such as Body & Soul Health Club and Spa, Thumbay Food Court with 5 food brands offering cuisine from Asia, India, China, South India and Arabic, The Terrace Restaurant, Blends & Brews Coffee Shoppe, as well as the upcoming Thumbay Housing Project. to accommodate 2,500 staff and students. With its state-of-the-art facilities and top quality amenities, Thumbay Medicity will attract a population of 15,000 visitors per day.

How to choose, wear and care for costume wigs

  • Costume wigs can be used for everything from everyday life to cosplay to drag.
  • Costume wigs can be made with real hair or synthetic hair.
  • We spoke to a Broadway wig maker about how to buy, wear and care for costume wigs at home.

Whether you’re getting ready for a Halloween party, styling your hair for a drag night, or looking to cosplay your favorite character, a costume wig is essential to step into your role. That being said, there’s so much more to wearing a wig than putting one on and calling it a day.

When it comes to choosing a wig, you’ll need to consider whether you want to invest in a human or synthetic hair wig, not to mention the shape and style (think: bangs or long, luscious curls). Then, once you’ve worn it, you’ll need to clean and store it to last. It’s a lot to learn, but we can help you.

We sat down with Anna Kathryn Darling, a Broadway wig maker, designer and hairstylist — she made wigs for “The Cursed Child,” “Cats” and “Ain’t Too Proud” — to learn the ins and outs of the selection of wigs and maintenance. With her guidance and expertise, you’ll be well on your way to, well, who you want to be.

How to Buy a Costume Wig

Before heading to a store or browsing online for pages and pages of wigs, take some time to think about the role you want to play. If your character is historical, Darling suggests going to the library to browse through old magazines or even visiting estate sales to find vintage photos and books. If you’re cosplaying a more current figure, print out a few photos of what you’re looking for and pay attention not only to the hair, but also the makeup and costume.

Although there are so many wigs available for purchase online, Darling suggests shopping in person and trying on wigs if the store allows. This ensures that you won’t be surprised by the texture, color or style when it’s too late. Want to make the shopping experience even more accurate? Darling recommends putting on your full makeup. “Makeup and hair go together,” she says, “and they can complement each other or hurt each other, so it’s important to visually understand how they’ll work together.”

When shopping, you may come across both lace wigs and hard front wigs. If your character has bangs, don’t spend the extra money on an expensive lace-front wig, as the hairline will be largely covered anyway. However, if you go for a style where the hairline is more exposed, a lace-up wig will suit your look better.

Human Hair Costume Wigs vs Synthetic Costume Wigs

Synthetic wigs tend to be a lot cheaper, but that can be a good thing if you’re looking to play multiple roles. In addition, since the hair is melted with steam, the hairstyle lasts much longer. That being said, if you’re looking to style a synthetic wig yourself, it may take a bit of experimentation. Darling recommends using heated rollers as this will mold but not melt the hair.

Human hair wigs can cost at least triple the amount of synthetic wigs, but what you get will be much more natural looking. And since the wigs are made of human hair, you can style them like you would your own hair with hot tools without worrying about damaging them.

How to Style a Costume Wig

When it comes to styling, you’ll want to place your wig on a wig block with a wig clip. To hold your wig in place, secure it with pins. Pro Tip: Preserve the life of your wig block by covering it with plastic wrap to keep moisture out. As we mentioned above, the style depends on the type of hair you have. For real hair, style as you would: part your hair and start at the bottom, especially when straightening, and for curls, part at the top for a hot roller set.

While synthetic wigs can’t handle the same kind of heat, Darling says you can use flocked hot rollers — she likes those of Conair — to give volume and curl to your wig. For straightening, use any spray bottle and a brush (do not touch the spray directly on the hair or it will melt).

For tips on how to style your costume wig, Darling suggests checking out Bobbie Pinz on Instagram for tutorials and tips.

How to Care for a Costume Wig

Why yes, you must wash your wig to keep it in perfect condition. You can use any shampoo or conditioner on synthetic and human hair wigs, although Darling prefers Dr. Bronner’s. “Be sure to run the water straight down your back, as if you were washing your own hair – and without scrubbing!” she recommends. As for the conditioner, she loves Kristin Ess.

If you wear your wig often, keep it on a wig block to maintain its shape. If not, store it making sure it is completely dry, then turn it upside down and place it in an airtight, reusable plastic bag. This will prevent it from molding before its next use.

Payday loan proposal not expected to vote in Michigan


According to a report recently released by the state’s Office of Elections, organizers of a proposal to lower the maximum allowable interest rate on payday loans in Michigan failed to collect the necessary signatures to qualify for the November ballot.

The office staff report recommended that the State Board of Solicitors decline to place the Michiganders for Lending proposal on the ballot for a vote this fall.

Bureau of Elections staff conducted a review of a random sample of approximately 392,000 signatures filed by Michiganders for Fair Lending last month. Based on the review, staff estimated the petition contained only 274,668 valid signatures, 72,513 fewer than the number needed to qualify for the ballot.

The signatures were disqualified primarily due to clerical errors, such as missing information on the circulator’s certificate or failure to identify whether the circulator was paid, according to the Office of Elections report.

After: Secure MI Vote supported by Republicans, let MI Kids Learn pass the filing deadline

After: Early voting amendment could land on Michigan’s November ballot, petition organizers say

A spokesperson for the group expressed disappointment with the report’s findings, calling it a “challenging year” for petition campaigns in the state.

“Despite this disappointment, the Fair Lending Coalition remains motivated and committed to payday loan reform,” Josh Hovey said in a statement. “Going forward, we will urge our stakeholders to hold local candidates accountable by urging them to support payday loan reform as part of their campaign platforms. We will also work as a coalition to push reform forward at the Legislature to ensure that predatory lenders stop taking advantage of hard-working Michiganders.”

In addition to the proposed interest rate cap for payday loans of 36% of the annual percentage rate, the Michiganders for Fair Lending proposal would have voided transactions above that rate, required a consumer warning specifying the maximum rate allowed and empowered the attorney general’s office to prosecute those who charged above.

Surrounded by boxes of signed petitions submitted before the filing deadline, Michiganders for Fair Lending Treasurer Dallas Lenear touted the proposal as bringing relief to low-income Michigan residents.

In most Michigan counties, there are more payday loan stores than McDonald’s, and they’re disproportionately located in rural and low-income communities where residents struggle to afford the high interest rates. currently practiced, he said.

The group was the only one to meet the deadline to submit a proposal to change state law in time to go to the ballot in November.

Elections Office staff have yet to release their review of the signatures filed to put two constitutional amendments on the ballot this fall. Reproductive freedom for all would enshrine the right to abortion in Michigan’s constitution while Promote the Vote proposes measures to strengthen absentee voting, among other changes. Both groups filed signatures last week ahead of the filing deadline.

The Council of State Solicitors is scheduled to meet next on July 21, according to a list of 2022 meeting dates on its website.

Clara Hendrickson audits Michigan issues and politics as a body member with Report for America, an initiative of The GroundTruth Project. Make a tax-deductible contribution to support his work at bit.ly/freepRFA. Contact her at [email protected] or 313-296-5743. Follow her on Twitter @clarajanehen.

Free health screenings at hair salons and hair salons help meet communities that have been left behind


Why is he having his blood pressure checked?

“Because the opportunity was there,” he said. “I’m actually here to get my hair cut.”

Elias was a truck driver. Now he’s a warehouse manager. He decided not to get vaccinated against COVID-19. But he made other changes and lowered his blood pressure.

“I started losing a lot of weight. I was almost 400 pounds and now I’m around 349. So I’ve been working out a lot,” he said. This included changing his diet, less soda, less bread, “just eat better”.

Her son, also named Adrian, flashed a big smile and enthusiastic thumbs up when asked if he was also having his blood pressure checked.

John Daley/CPR News
Adrian Elias watches his son, also named Adrian, get his hair cut at the Beauty Supply Warehouse in Aurora. Both father and son had their blood pressure checked.

Colorado Black Health Collaborative hosts the Barber Shop and Salon screenings weekly.

Longtime Denver internist and primary care physician Dr. Terri Richardson smiled at the exchange.

She helped found the Colorado Black Health Collaborative. It is a community-based organization committed to improving the health and well-being of Black, African, and African-American communities in the state. It operates through collaborations and partnerships with community organizations, non-profit organizations, public organizations, private entities, and government agencies.

“It’s really fantastic that there are both people specifically reaching out to members of the black community in Colorado and specifically working to reach people where they are,” Dr. Tamaan Osborne-Roberts, family physician and the first person of color elected president of the Colorado Medical Society. “I think there’s a lot to be said for that.”

Every Saturday since 2012, volunteers give health screenings in salons or hair salons. The pandemic forced the program to take a two-year hiatus, but Richardson said he was back.

“We kind of relaunched the program in June.”

She said black communities have some of the highest rates of high blood pressure or hypertension. She described it as “a silent killer”, increasing the risk of a long list of problems including strokes and heart failure.

“It damages your ships. It affects your heart over time and you can end up in a lot of trouble,” Richardson said.

High blood pressure is a disease that can be treated with diet, exercise and medication. But first you have to detect it.

Longtime Denver internist and primary care physician Dr. Terri Richardson helped start the program through the Colorado Black Health Collaborative, a community-based organization committed to improving the health and well-being of Black, African, and Afro-American communities. state americans. Richardson retired last year after a 34-year medical career serving some of the state’s most diverse populations, most recently with Kaiser Permanente.

Blood pressure tests are an entry point, she said, they open the door to more health conversations.

Volunteers here also offered educational materials, information on COVID-19 vaccines and referral advice. But Richardson said it was a soft sell.

“We talk about lifestyle issues, but some people need medication on top of that, and we’re not trying to be their doctors, but we want to connect them,” said Richardson, who retired. last year after 34 years of medical studies. career serving some of the most diverse populations in the state, most recently with Kaiser Permanente.

Since its inception ten years ago, the program has screened more than 9,000 people for high blood pressure. Volunteers also handed out medical literature, brochures and health-focused giveaways like hand sanitizers, masks, test kits, pedometers and fidget spinners for stress.

In a business that gets a lot of foot traffic, having health screenings just makes sense, said salon owner Leeanda Robinson Bragg.

“Stylists and barbers, we’re everything, nurses, doctors, you know, psychologists, everything. So we hear everything,” she said. “And it’s just good to have them here to raise awareness. Awareness is everything.

She said the past two years have raised awareness of all kinds of health issues.

“With mental health, I think it’s only now that people feel more comfortable talking about it,” Robinson Bragg said.

Every Saturday since 2012, volunteers have been conducting health screenings at black hair salons and hair salons. The pandemic forced the program to take a two-year hiatus.

Hosting volunteers in salons and barbershops helps build trust in a community that has been neglected and abused.

As she spoke, Robinson Bragg combed and cut Sha’Kai Swing’s locks, who nodded and said it was all about confidence.

“Hair is a very important thing, and I myself don’t let anyone else touch my hair,” she said.

Swing, who works in human resources, said that historically black Americans have had a mistrust or distrust of medical providers. But the health volunteers who come to her stylist’s salon help alleviate that.

“So I think it’s really good that they’re in these spaces and helping people in these communities who are so often left behind.”

A recent poll found that nearly six in 10 African Americans express complete or partial distrust of the nation’s healthcare system. Another showed it was exacerbated by a lack of black healthcare providers and negative interactions with the system.

Richardson said, “That’s really a reason we’re here, because we’re trusted partners and we’ve gotten to know these people and we just feel like they’re part of the family. They feel like we are part of their family and that makes a program what it really is.

“So I think it’s really good that they’re in these spaces and helping people in these communities who are so often left behind,” said Sha’Kai Swing, 29, who made himself styled by Leeanda Robinson. Bragg, owner and manager of the salon.

And this kind of program is perhaps more critical than ever.

Recent data shows that life expectancy for all Coloradans has dropped sharply since the start of the pandemic, with black and Hispanic Coloradans not living as long as white residents.

Another customer, Camry Prince, 18, a receptionist, said she had caught COVID-19 three times and was now fully vaccinated. She is immunocompromised and said the pandemic has taught people a lot about self-care.

“So we had to learn how to grow and take care of ourselves in the comfort of our own home and within our community,” Prince said.

The program now works with 14 black hair salons and hair salons in Denver and Aurora, bringing health screenings directly to the community, meeting people where they are.

Dr Tamaan Osborne-Roberts, who is not involved in the program, said he thinks it is a promising example that deserves further community investment.

“I think we need more. And I think we need to see those kinds of efforts integrated. Reaching a given community should not be a revolutionary act. It should be something that government and private companies are looking to do naturally,” said Osborne-Roberts, who practices at Iora Health on South Federal in Denver. “I think it’s a great role model.”

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty Deals 2022: Editors’ Favorite Deals


Christine Giordano

If you haven’t taken a look at the “beauty deals” page on Nordstrom’s website, you’re seriously missing something. Discounted makeup and skincare products during Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale (running right now, through July 31!) tend to sell out quickly, so every minute counts.

If you don’t have time to browse all the products, don’t worry, I’m here for you. I’ve rounded up the best beauty deals going right now, from discounts on cult Dr. Dennis Gross facial steamer to a luxury La Mer travel pack filled with the brand’s beloved skincare products.

Take a look at some of the best beauty deals from Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale here:

Self-care is cool every day of the year, so it’s still the best time to stock up (or restock) on designer beauty products. And, while there are, of course, tons of budget brands in the beauty business, there’s something really special about investing in good quality products that you put on your body.

The good thing is, given Nordstrom’s beauty product sales through the end of the month, you won’t have to shell out too plenty of cash to give your beauty routine a (literal) makeover.

Shop Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022 sneaker deals here

Shop Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022 Fitness Deals Here

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$92 $59

Featuring the best-selling ‘Pillow Talk’ shade, one of Charlotte Tilbury’s most famous products, this lip kit can take you from work to happy hour, or from the office to the nightclub.

$68 $39

Pretty and defined, yet still natural-looking brows are perfectly possible with this brow kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills that contains everything you need to outline, shade, fill in and detail your brows.

$50 $35

You’ve probably seen one of your favorite influencers rave about the cult favorite Necessaire body wash, and that’s because it’s this good. The cleanser and lotion are packed with vitamins that cleanse, moisturize and promote healthy skin.

$115 $87

Give this box wrapped in a bow as a gift or keep it for yourself. Curated by Jo Malone London, these five scents can be worn together or layered.

$155 $95

All of your favorite celebrities are obsessed with La Mer, but it’s pretty pricey to keep your beauty fridge stocked with the brand’s top favorites. The good news is that Nordstrom has dropped the price of its travel products, including the Gentle Moisturizing Cream and Renewal Oil, so this is the one you *must* add to your cart.

$142 $95

When you’re stocking up on beauty finds, you can’t forget your hair. This Morroccanoil set includes *jumbo* sizes of moisture repair shampoo and conditioner, a paddle brush, and the Morroccanoil Treatment, which contains argan oil to condition hair, fight frizz, and boost shine.

$101 $58

Who needs false lashes when you can fluff up yours with Lancôme lash lengthening mascara? The set includes two mascaras, the brand’s WH lash primer and the brand’s best-selling eye makeup remover (because we all know how difficult it can be to remove eye makeup after a long night ).


Lucea Styling Iron 1 inch

$169.99 $113.90

Straighten your hair with less heat damage using Lucea Styling Iron from T3. It’s designed with a smart electronic chip that monitors and adjusts the iron’s heat for fast, one-pass results.


Trinity® Facial Toning Kit

$339 $199

WH editor’s beloved NuFace microcurrent tool is like a workout program for your face. It is designed to deliver micro-currents to the deep layers of your skin’s facial muscles and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Afterglow Lip Balm Trio

$84 $59

These antioxidant-rich lip balms can do more than just moisturize your lips. They can also be used as a moisturizing base under your lipstick or as a subtle highlight on your cheeks.

$75 $46

It’s time to stock up on Paula’s Choice (and WH editors-loved) cult scrubs. If you’re one of the few who’s never tried it, the leave-in exfoliator is made with 2% BHA and salicylic acid to slough off dead skin cells, brighten skin and reduce signs of dullness. aging. The kit comes with jumbo and travel bottles.


Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum Set

$178 $120

It’s not too early to buy Christmas, back-to-school or even birthday presents. You can totally keep this four-piece Flowerbomb set for yourself, but it comes in a decorated box perfect for gifting.

$92 $59

Whether you’re an eye makeup pro or a beginner trying to play with more color, this palette features dark and neutral shades to bring any look to life. The kit also includes a soft pencil eyeliner and mascara, perfect for travel.


Pro Facial Steamer and Hyaluronic Marine Pad Set

Dr. Dennis Gross Skin Care

$209 $140

No need to go to the spa to get a professional facial when you can learn how to do one at home, and it all starts with a pore-opening steam. This one from Dr. Gross prepares the face for masks or exfoliation, opening up your skin to better absorb the products you put on it. It also comes with a hyaluronic acid-based moisturizer to lock in moisture.


Jumbo ExfoliKate® Intensive Exfoliating Treatment

$205 $144

The dark green pigment in this exfoliating treatment makes it so pretty you’ll want a selfie in it (but you should only leave it on for a minute or two due to its intensity). Made with deep-cleansing exfoliants and fruit enzymes, this WH editor-favorite exfoliating treatment clarifies and renews skin without stripping it of natural oils.


Boldly Bare Mini Brush Kit

$123 $42.50

If it’s time to add some new makeup brushes to your bag, be sure to pick them up on sale. This cute set of brushes from Mac not only looks great, but it also comes in a cute travel-ready pouch.


Personal Microderm Exfoliation Device

$299 $199

The sales are the best time to buy those big-ticket items you’d usually never splurge on, like this microdermabrasion machine from PMD. Use it to enhance your facial experience at home.

The tool, which includes several attachments, works to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while treating large pores.

$214 $99

For over 50% off right now, you can score this BeautyBio Quench Rapid Recovery Cooling Roller and Face Cream. Used together, these tools are meant to deflate and sculpt your face, draw out impurities, and tighten the skin.


Jumbo Beard Lube Conditioning Shave

$94 $62

Don’t forget the men in your life. The Nordstrom sale has plenty of grooming deals, like this one on Jack Black’s Beard Conditioning Shave. It helps achieve a smoother shave by using fatty acids and phospholipids that bind moisture to the skin.


Multi-Correction Super Trio

$168 $112

You can’t miss this Kiehl’s offer in your shopping cart. Editor WH’s beloved set comes with an eye cream as well as a and giant jars of Super Multi-Corrective Anti-Aging Face & Neck Cream. The cream contains vitamin A, chaga mushroom and hyaluronic acid to help improve wrinkles, skin tone and texture.


Bloom Ambrosia di Fiori Perfume

$179 $105

When was the last time you added to your fragrance collection? No matter how long, it’s definitely worth doing now because Bloom Ambrosia di Fiori Eau de Parfum by Gucci can mentally take you to the garden of your dreams. It is bursting with luxuriously rich floral notes like jasmine and damask rose.


Luxe Essentials Eye Palette Set

$103 $65

Perfect for a smokey eye or any look in which you want to sport those pretty shimmering shades, this Bobbi Brown set comes with a set of eight eyeshadows and the brand’s highly pigmented black mascara.


The Slim Velvet Radical Duo

$78 $50

YSL’s lipsticks are iconic, which means your makeup bag isn’t complete without at least two of them. This kit comes with two semi-matte red shades infused with hydrating oils.

$53 $38

This WH Editors’ Favorite Cleanser from Fresh is a two-in-one that gently removes makeup and cleanses your face without drying it out. The set includes a travel bottle and a full-size bottle so you’ll never get rid of it.

$297 $197

The Clarins double serum is a classic, and for good reason. It is made with 21 powerful herbal extracts that help keep skin firm, tighten pores and revive radiance.

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How to Prevent Bleached Blonde Hair from Breaking and Going Yellow


Just as BeautyTok was beginning to write off blondes as too skinny – a slew of it-girls went on to cement Pam Anderson’s ultra-light, tanned, and inspired blonde status as a you ultimate summer hair color. Case in point? Kim Kardashian’s sudden bleach-blonde moment at this year’s Met Gala wasn’t brief at all, with the multi-hyphen admitting she’s looking to keep the shade bold during the warmer months. She even convinced her beau, Pete Davidson, to match his locks to hers for a steamy minute. #CoupleGoals

And even though blonde and summer go together like fall and chai tea lattes (someone else is very ready for knits and Hocus Pocus season?) – these particularly harsh elements associated with summer are a recipe for damage, especially for those with bleached, salon-treated hair.

Whether you’ve recently joined the Barbiecore wave or already have your show date in the books, Bustle has tapped into Jenna Perrya New York-based hairstylist and total blonde connoisseur who has worked with Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Dua Lipa, for her expertise in protecting and enhancing your hair tone.

Why summer is not good for blondes

What so many people love most about the warmer months – pool parties, low-key days at the beach, salty mermaid hair, endless sun – is actually what damages the color of your hair. The simple reason? Perry explains, “Bleached hair is the most porous type of hair.”

In other words, blonde hair tends to soak up and absorb everything — meaning chlorine, sea salt, and even intense UV rays are a blonde’s worst enemy.

That being said, Perry has some helpful tips for keeping bleached hair looking fresh, while enjoying the best times of summer.

Hacks for blondes

Planning on being by the pool this summer? Perry offers some tips for keeping your locks as healthy as possible: “Chlorine tends to dry out hair and make it unhealthy. Using the right products, with key ingredients suitable for blondes, is very important to maintain healthy hair. I always recommend the John Frieda Violet Crush Violet Shampoo and Conditioner for bleached blondes. You can also consider adding a weekly hair mask to your routine.

If, like me, you’re more likely to find yourself taking an afternoon dip in the ocean (rather than the pool), dry hair isn’t your only issue to watch out for: “Water salt can actually lighten your hair if you’re out in the sun long enough.A hack I’ve been using for a long time?Soak your hair in coconut oil, allowing your hair to absorb all the amazing benefits of oil, rather than damaging salt water. Perry echoes those sentiments, sharing, “I recommend using a leave-in conditioner to protect your hair from color fading. It acts as a barrier for your hair.

As for heat – through the sun or hot tools – too much exposure is never a good thing: “Any excessive use of heat can dry out your hair like a new blonde and actually change the color of your hair.The sun’s UV rays can turn bleached blonde hair into a yellow color, [so] in this case, it is best to use a purple-tinted shampoo and conditioner [with] just enough pigment to negate the brassiness the sun can do to your hair.

For a quick fix, a chic oversized hat will do.

Ingredient Guide to Healthy Blonde Hair

In terms of ingredients you should try to avoid, Perry admits that parabens and sulfates are “not suitable for all hair types” – and especially bleached blondes.

As for ingredients that may be beneficial for thinning locks, honey, chamomile tea, and lemon juice are known to gently lighten and enhance blonde hair, and an apple cider vinegar rinse has revitalizing properties.

At Bustle, we only include products that have been independently selected by our editors. We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Peter Andre still straightens hair to tackle bullying trauma


Peter Andre has admitted that he still straightens his hair due to bullying trauma. (PENNSYLVANIA)

Pierre Andre revealed that he always straightened his hair because his natural curls reminded him of the racist bullying he suffered as a child.

The 49-year-old singer and reality TV star is of Greek Cypriot descent and has previously opened up about the racist abuse he suffered growing up in Australia, which he confessed still haunts him to this day.

Andre – whose family moved from north London to Australia when he was six – said Life Changing Stories – Podcast Pride of Britain: “In the first years in Australia, I suffered a lot of racism. It was a difficult time.

Read more: Peter Andre ‘I endured years of mockery over Rebekah Vardy’s chipolata comment

“Not only were we the only Greeks on the Gold Coast, but I had an English accent, curly hair, a big nose – and we really stood out.

Peter Andre performing in 2018 with straight hair.

Peter Andre said he still couldn’t appear in public without straightening his natural curls. (Getty Images)

“Fast forward to late 40s, I always straighten my hair because curly hair reminds me that I’m that little kid and those kids call me like they used to in school.”

The mysterious girl The singer – who developed his heavily gelled hairstyle early in his pop career – added that he can’t bring himself to appear in public without straightening his natural girls.

Andre said: “I’m probably over it, but I wouldn’t show up to an event with curly hair. I just can’t bring myself to do it, even now, and I’ve had therapy . I still see what those kids called me when I look in the mirror.”

The Natural the singer has previously confessed he underwent cosmetic nose surgery as a result of being bullied as a child.

Cover of Peter Andre's Greatest Hits CD showing his signature gel hairstyle.  (Getty Images)

Cover of Peter Andre’s Greatest Hits CD showing his gelled hairstyle in the 90s. (Getty Images)

He previously said: “When I was a child in Australia, I was bullied because of the bump on my nose. A lot of the racism I experienced also involved my nose.

“I was so embarrassed that when things started to go well with my music, I asked that no pictures of me be taken aside.

Andre rose to fame as a pop star in the early 90s, with hits such as mysterious girl, which reached number two on the UK charts.

Peter Andre at the Pride of Britain Awards with wife Emily McDonagh and children Junior and Princess.  (Getty Images)

Peter Andre at the Pride of Britain Awards with wife Emily MacDonagh and children Junior and Princess. (Getty Images)

The reality star is the father of Princess, 15, and Junior, 76, with an ex-wife Katie Price, and Theo, five, and Amelia, eight, with his wife Dr Emilie MacDonagh.

Read more: Peter Andre “marked” for life by the racism he experienced as a child

Earlier this year he confirmed plans to relaunch his fly-on-the-wall documentary TV series Peter Andre: My Life – which ended in 2013 – featuring some of his children.

Watch: Peter Andre shares his thoughts on Rebekah Vardy’s chipolata comments

Amaris B. Clinic sees more patients for liposuction due to ineffectiveness of non-surgical fat reduction treatments


Doctor Ivan Puahmedical director of the Amaris B. Clinic, has performed modern liposuction and corrective surgeries for patients who have experienced less than satisfactory results with non-surgical treatments and those who suffer from PAH, a rare side effect of cryolipolysis.

SINGAPORE, July 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Advances in technology have led to the development of numerous fat reduction treatment options and modalities. Non-invasive treatments, in particular, have become the preferred choice because they are affordable and result in minimal downtime, among other things.

One of the most popular and readily available is fat freezing or cryolipolysis, which works on the basis that adipocytes, compared to other skin cells, are more sensitive to cooling. An applicator is used on targeted areas to initiate adipocyte apoptosis, which leads to digestion of dead cells by surrounding macrophages. Variety of applicator head can be used depending on the need. Before the treated fat cells are completely digested, an inflammatory process is triggered and, within a few weeks, the volume of adipocytes decreases as the inflammation decreases. Two to three months after the treatment, the volume of fat in the treated area gradually decreases.

Liposuction, the gold standard in body contouring, faces fierce competition due to the rise of non-invasive treatments over the past decade. In recent years, however, Dr. Ivan Puah has seen a dramatic increase in the number of patients who have tried non-invasive fat reduction treatments turning to liposuction, largely due to unsatisfactory results. Data collected by the Amaris B. Clinic, where Dr. Ivan Puah practices, showed that eight out of ten patients had undergone various types of non-surgical fat loss treatments, including fat freezing.

Another reason could be that more patients with paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH), a rare but lifelong side effect of fat freezing, are now more aware of their condition and are actively seeking help to remedy the problem.

model Linda Evangelist spoke about her negative experience with fat freezing in 2020. She developed PAH and according to her the treatment “permanently deformed and brutally disfigured her”, and she had turned to liposuction to treat the ‘PAH. Reportedly, Ms Evangelista even took legal action seeking compensation for the damages.

PAH is a condition in which fatty tissue in the treated area grows, thickens and expands. This usually develops about three to six months after treatment. “Patients have been told that PAH is rare. However, I see more and more patients coming forward for a second opinion,” says Dr. Ivan Puah.

Dr. Puah observed that patients with PAH are generally unaware that the cause of the deformity is the result of fat freezing. “When the area continues to grow, causing pain and swelling resembling the shape of the applicator’s head, only then do they realize it’s unusual and decide to seek help. Once PAH develops, the condition is unfortunately permanent and will require surgical correction,” he added.

There are merits and benefits associated with different non-surgical fat reduction modalities and technologies. The most common are cost, convenience, minimal downtime, and the perception that the results are equivalent to liposuction. However, differences should not be ignored, including response rate, level of discomfort/pain, side effects, and number of treatment sessions needed. The responsibility lies with the service providers to explain and discuss in detail so that the patient can make an informed decision.

In 2021, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an FDA Class 2 Recall (Medical Device Recall) on certain cryolipolysis devices.

“Non-invasive treatments are based on the principle of inducing either fat cell necrosis or apoptosis, without the risks associated with surgical fat removal. However, non-surgical solutions often require individuals to incorporate management weight loss in order to obtain a tangible and quantifiable result over a longer period of time. Otherwise, the results may not be comparable to liposuction, which is more spectacular because it involves the immediate elimination of fat and a remodeling,” says Dr. Ivan Puah.

According to the doctor Ivan Puah, Liposuction has evolved with technological advances. The risks and complications associated with traditional liposuction have been significantly reduced through the use of technologies in the hands of an experienced and qualified physician. “Results are immediate and predictable. Successful surgeons also have the tools to shape and sculpt the area. Downtime and pain have been minimized, and patients can recover faster with little disruption to daily activities. “, says Dr. Ivan Puah.

Surgical and non-surgical fat reduction treatments have their pros and cons. In this new era where social media heavily influences the decision to try new treatments, it’s not hard to see why non-invasive treatments are popular. However, we must warn patients that it is unwise to blindly embark on the latest fashionable treatment without understanding the implications, side effects and possible complications that could affect their lives.


Doctor Ivan Puah is the Medical Director of the Amaris B. Clinic, a medical aesthetics, sculpting and fitness clinic in Singapore. He obtained his VASER® Body Sculpting training in Colorado and Argentina. He has also received training and advice on syringe liposculpture, fat grafting and thread lift surgery by renowned French plastic surgeon, Dr. Pierre Francois Fournieras well as surgical training dedicated to gynecomastia surgery in San Francisco. In Singaporedr. Ivan Puah is accredited by the Department of Health to perform Liposuction and is Chair of the Lipo Peer Review Committee at Singapore.

dr. Ivan Puah holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Family Dermatology from NUS, a Post Graduate Diploma in Acupuncture from TCMB and a Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Medicine from LKCMedicine, NTU. He is also the designated trainer for Allergan and Merz for fellow physicians on botulinum toxin and dermal fillers. He is also the designated training for Venusys Medical’s N-Cog Thread and Picocare Laser in Singapore.


Founded in 2004, the Amaris B. clinic offers medical aesthetics and body sculpting services. Amaris B Clinic’s forte is body sculpting – the surgical removal of stubborn pockets of fat to sculpt and shape different areas of the body through a variety and combination of services offered. Amaris B. Clinic was recognized as the “Body Sculpting Medical Center of the Year (2021)” in Asia Pacific“, “2020 Body Sculpting Medical Center of the Year in the Asia Pacific“, “Integrated Health Care Medical Center of the Year 2020 in the Asia Pacific” and “Body Sculpting Provider of the Year 2019 in the Asia Pacific“, by GlobalHealth Asia Pacific. The clinic also bagged the best innovative treatments for Dr. by Ivan Puah exclusive liposuction technique, VASER Lipo with MDC-sculpt® Lipo Technique from Daily Vanity’s Spa & Hair Awards 2021 and Honeycombers’ Love Local Awards 2021 – Editor’s Choice Winner: Best Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore.

The clinic’s signature treatments include:

SOURCE Amaris B Clinic.

Top 10 Best Anime Boys With Dark Hair, Ranked


The Japanese anime world is famous for using colorful and unique designs for its characters, such as the wild “anime hair” found in Yu Gi Oh! to funny chibi characters to beautiful demon girls with little horns on their heads. This also includes hair color. Anime likes to depict characters with unusual hair colors like purple or green, but it’s not always like that.

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An impressive variety of characters have jet black hair, which gives them an unbeatably cool and natural look. Among anime boys and men, many of the best characters in the industry have dark hair, which often suggests a cool and confident personality.

ten Tenya Iida can outrun any villain (My Hero Academia)

Izuku Midoriya is the shonen star of Class 1-A, but his hardworking classmates all share his passion for becoming a true hero. This includes dark-haired Tenya Iida, a studious boy whose mind and legs all move at incredible speeds.

Tenya is a physical melee hero who uses powerful kicks to take out baddies, and with his speed, no baddie can hit him while sprinting. He is also one of the smartest students in Class 1-A and was chosen as class president, with Momo being elected vice president.

9 Uryu Ishida is Ichigo’s rival turned friend (Bleach)

Archer Quincy Uryu Ishida is one of many rivals who have become friends in the world of shonen, along with Vegeta and Killua Zoldyck. Uryu wanted to be Ichigo’s nemesis in Season 1, but he and Ichigo fought a Menos Grande together and finally became true friends. They have no reason to fight.

Uryu has been there for every major story arc of Bleach, volunteering to help Ichigo in both the Soul Society story arc and the Hueco Mundo story arc to save the day. In battle, Uryu is a skilled strategist and deadly archer with incredible aim.

8 Ash Ketchum will catch ’em all (Pokemon)

Ash Ketchum might be rather bratty compared to other black-haired anime boys, but even so, Ash is an anime legend from the late 1990s to the present day. Countless millennial fans all wanted to grab them and prove themselves to the world just like him.

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Now, Ash is a multi-generational anime hero that everyone loves, even if he’s kind of mean or sloppy at times. It took him a long time to win a championship, but it was totally deserved. Ash is the one who has helped children around the world explore the amazing world of Pokemon.

seven Levi Ackerman must defeat the Beast Titan (Attack On Titan)

Captain Levi Ackerman may be rather short for a man his age, but that doesn’t stop him from being Paradise Island’s #1 soldier and Titan Slayer. He can fight as a one-man platoon, destroying Pure Titans and badly injuring any Titan Shifter that gets in his way, often Annie and Zeke Yeager in particular.

Levi is popular in the anime fandom for his stern, confident personality and his fun little drama, such as butting heads with his friend Hange or being picky about cleanliness. He also has more serious drama with his gunslinger uncle, Kenny Ackerman.

Colonel Roy Mustang is the legendary flame alchemist who can set anything on fire with the snap of his gloved fingers. In particular, Roy uses alchemy to rearrange the oxygen atoms in the air, then he creates sparks by snapping his fingers with his special gloves.

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However, Roy Mustang is more than a human flamethrower. He is also an ambitious officer who aspires to one day become the nation of the ruler of Amestris, but he must first purge his heart of anger and hatred. Luckily Riza Hawkeye and Edward can keep her dark side under control.

5 L Lawliet solved the case (Death Note)

The world’s greatest detective is the mysterious, dark-haired L, who always looks like he’s out of bed at noon. No matter how disheveled he looks, however, L has a razor-sharp wit that always means business, and he can solve cases no other detective ever could.

L is the one who declared war on Kira, with both sides swearing that their own brand of justice will prevail in the end. And despite hating Kira, L was eerily similar to Kira, being a stubborn genius who uses people but never befriends them.

4 Jotaro Kujo has no time to play (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

The aloof tsundere Jotaro Kujo is just one of eight Joestar Family heroes in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, but he’s the most iconic of them all, being the name and face of this long-running franchise. Jotaro is also the first Joestar to wield a Stand, the Star Platinum melee warrior.

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Jotaro has black hair to match his uniform’s black jacket and pants, and oddly, his black hair blends perfectly into his hat, making for a unique visual. Later, Jotaro switched to a white hat, and later still had a purple, green, and gold outfit in it. ocean of stone.

3 Monkey D. Luffy set sail (One Piece)

Rubbery pirate captain Monkey D. Luffy is the fearless hero of A play, an adventure-loving boy who is determined to both find the elusive One Piece treasure and become the Pirate King. Now, 25 years after the start A play manga, Luffy is about to fulfill his two dreams.

Luffy may be silly and stupid, but he’s a skilled fighter and a fiercely loyal teammate and friend. He and his buddies are often considered the ultimate expression of “nakama”, or friends, and Luffy would rather perish on the high seas than let his friends down.

2 Itachi Uchiha was misunderstood (Naruto)

Itachi Uchiha was introduced as a traitorous monster in naruto, but the reality is quite different. Itachi is a very talented and caring big brother who wants the best not for his scheming family, but for the Hidden Leaf Village he calls home. So, apart from Sasuke, he killed his entire clan to protect the village.

Itachi allowed himself to be branded a traitor and a criminal, and he even joined the terrifying Akatsuki organization. Sasuke swore revenge on him, but in the brothers’ final battle, Sasuke learned the truth and began to fight on Itachi’s behalf.

1 Son Goku is the best Shonen hero (Dragon Ball)

Son Goku the Saiyan Hero is arguably the most famous and beloved shonen hero of all time, and he has clearly influenced most shonen heroes who have followed him, especially Luffy, Naruto Uzumaki and, to a lesser extent measure, Ichigo Kurosaki as well. Goku was powerful as a child, but as an adult Saiyan he’s nearly unstoppable.

Countless times, Goku has faced impossible odds and won, even though it took an entire season to defeat his strongest foes. He is also a family man, having married the charming martial artist Chi-Chi with whom he had a son, Gohan. In many ways, Gohan looks just like his father, except for that goofy costume from The Great Saiyaman.

The 6 Best Sulfate-Free Shampoos for Oily Hair


Washing your hair is always a bit of a chore, but when you have oily hair that needs daily shampooing, it’s even more of a hassle (trust me, I feel your pain). Finding a shampoo that’s right for your hair type comes with challenges, as many formulas contain oils and silicones which, while moisturizing for some hair types, can make oily hair even oilier. If you dye your hair and can’t rely on sulfates to deep clean you, the best sulfate free shampoos for oily hair are where you will want to turn your attention. These shampoos may state that they are free from sulfates directly on the label, but you can always check the ingredient list for yourself, keeping an eye out for names such as sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium and sodium coco sulphate. Additionally, ingredients like salicylic acid and apple cider vinegar can be helpful in reducing buildup and excess oil on the scalp.

Shampoo tips for oily hair

Maybe even more important than the shampoo you use How? ‘Or’ What you wash your hair if it tends to get fat quickly. It may seem obvious, but you should always concentrate your shampoo at the roots of your hair, being careful not to damage your nails by scrubbing aggressively. You’ll also want to make sure that you only apply the conditioner to the ends of your hair, as it can make your hair look greasy and weighed down if you use it on your scalp (and even too much on the lengths of your hair). your hair). Hair). After letting your conditioner sit for a few minutes, take the time to wash it out thoroughly, as any residual conditioner will make your hair much greasy.

And forget all those people who told you that you just had to train your hair to stop it being so greasy. While it may work for those whose oily scalp is the result of excessive stripping of the natural oils produced by their scalp, the American Academy of Dermatology confirms that for those of us with oily skin, washing your hair every day is like that.

Shop the best sulfate-free shampoos for oily hair

Press? Here are the best sulfate-free shampoos for oily hair:

1. Best sulfate-free shampoo for oily hair that needs volume: Living Proof Complete Shampoo

2. Best sulfate-free shampoo for oily curly hair: Carol’s Daughter Wash Day Delight

3. Best drugstore sulfate-free shampoo for oily hair: Aveeno Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

4. Best Prestige Sulfate-Free Shampoo for Oily Hair: Fekkai Apple Cider Detox Clarifying Shampoo

5. Best Sulfate-Free Tea Tree Oil Shampoo For Oily Hair: OGX Extra Strength Refreshing Scalp Shampoo + Teatree Mint

6. Best Sulfate-Free Exfoliating Shampoo for Oily Hair: Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo

1. Writer’s Pick: Best Shampoo for Oily Hair That Needs Volume

I have fine hair that gets greasy, like clockwork, after 24 hours. Since too much dry shampoo can irritate my scalp, that usually means I wash my hair every day. Only. Day. Living Proof Complete Shampoo helps my hair last a little longer before it dives into oil slick territory with its lightweight formula that also adds a bit of lift. In addition to being sulfate-free, it’s also free of silicones, which weigh my hair down and help it look greasy. Rather than include additional degreasing ingredients, the shampoo uses an Amino Cleansing Complex to remove oil from the scalp without drying it out, and Amaranth Peptides to plump your hair strands for a fuller finish once dry. It also contains sea algae to help protect your hair from environmental damage and keep your color looking fresh longer.

Key ingredients: Amaranth peptides Cut: 8 oz. Cruelty Free: Yes

Relevant notice: “This shampoo cleans my hair well, leaving it soft and adding volume. It doesn’t weigh my hair down or leave it greasy.”

2. Best shampoo for curly oily hair

Curly hair can also get greasy, especially if you have curly hair that is finer in texture. Carol’s Daughter Wash Day Delight has been formulated to cleanse curly hair of excess oil and buildup without drying it out. Thanks to its gentle, silicone- and sulfate-free formula, it can even be used on ultra-fine hair to deeply cleanse and untangle tangles. One of the star ingredients here is micellar water, which helps remove product buildup, while salicylic acid exfoliates the scalp without any harsh scrubbing. To soothe the scalp and hydrate the hair, aloe vera and glycerin have also been incorporated into the formula.

Key ingredients: Salicylic acid, aloe leaf juice Cut: 16.9 oz. Cruelty Free: Yes

Relevant notice: “Super clean hair from the first use. My hair is very oily and curly so this helps. It doesn’t leave it dry or itchy.”

3. Best Drugstore ACV Shampoo for Oily Hair

For a drugstore find that helps clarify and soothe the scalp, try this Aveeno Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo. Like most Aveeno products, colloidal oatmeal extract is the main ingredient in this shampoo, which is especially beneficial for dry, itchy, and irritated scalps. Meanwhile, apple cider vinegar helps remove product buildup and cleanse oily scalps without causing irritation. Moreover, he can make your hair shinier.

Key ingredients: Apple cider vinegar, colloidal oatmeal extract Cut: 12 oz. Cruelty Free: Nope

Relevant notice: “This stuff is amazing! I used to have to wash my oily hair every day, but since I started I can go a day between washes and it has made my hair so shiny. […]”

4. Best Prestige ACV Shampoo for Oily Hair

Another apple cider vinegar shampoo, this one combines the mild clarifying ingredient with salicylic acid to slough off dead skin cells that can harm the health of your scalp (and by extension, your hair). ). Fekkai’s Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Clarifying Shampoo also contains lightweight moisturizing ingredients and extracts that help protect colored hair and prevent damage from factors such as sun exposure and pollution. Plus, vitamin B5, ginger root extract, rice protein, and edelweiss flower extract all work to strengthen hair while providing protection from heat and the environment. If you find it is too deep cleansing for daily use, you can use this shampoo just once a week, alternating with a non-clarifying formula on other hair wash days.

Key ingredients: Apple cider vinegar, salicylic acid Cut: 8.5 oz. Cruelty Free: Yes

Relevant notice: “I love this shampoo! My hair smells great and it is literally fresh. You don’t have to use a lot, a little is enough. Your hair still smells fresh 24 hours later and your hair is not dry or dry. getting oily Yes, I totally recommend this awesome shampoo.

5. Best Tea Tree Oil Shampoo for Oily Hair

Tea tree oil has become a popular ingredient to help treat acne and oily skinso it’s no surprise that it’s also made its way into shampoo. OGX Teatree Extra Strength Refreshing Scalp + Mint Shampoo has over 7,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, many of which praise the formula for its ability to help reduce excess oil on the scalp. The shampoo also contains witch hazel, another topical ingredient commonly used in skincare to help reduce oiliness and inflammation.

Key ingredients: Tea tree oil, witch hazel Cut: 13 oz. Cruelty Free: Nope

Relevant notice: “I bought this shampoo because my hair was getting greasy the next day after washing it. I tried different shampoos and they all had the same effect on me. […] I used the shampoo on a Tuesday and on Thursday night it barely got greasy, so for me it’s already a win. […]”

6. Best sulfate-free exfoliating shampoo for oily hair

If you need a deep cleaning treatment, you can use this Briogeo Scalp Revival Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo once a week alone or followed by your usual shampoo. Designed to be used by all hair types, this treatment is even safe for colored hair thanks to its sulfate-free and silicone-free formula. Plant-derived exfoliants and binchotan charcoal remove product buildup and dead skin cells while drawing out impurities, and tea tree oil provides anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits, which can help reduce scalp irritation and fight excess oil. There are a few heavier moisturizing ingredients, like coconut oil and castor oil, in this shampoo, but because of the multiple exfoliants, they really balance things out (rather than over-hydrating and weighing down your hair).

Key ingredients: Charcoal powder, tea tree oil Cut: 8 oz. Cruelty Free: Yes

Relevant notice: “[…] I have a very oily scalp, but sometimes my hair tends to dry out at the ends. I usually use this treatment once a week. I massage my scalp and let it rest for a few moments, then I wash [it] out. I will follow with a clarifying shampoo. It smells so good, and I can really see a difference in my scalp and the number of days I can go without washing.”

About the Author:

Marissa DeSantis has worked as a copywriter and beauty editor for nearly 10 years. His pieces can be found in print and digital publications like Bustle, evening standard, teen vogueand In the style.

A Democrat-funded Super PAC launched TV ads attacking Bob Stefanowski


HARTFORD, Conn. (WFSB) – A super PAC funded by the Democratic Governor’s Association has launched television ads attacking Bob Stefanowski.

Two other PACs could spend millions on ads to attack Governor Lamont.

We still have more than three months until the November election, but the negative publicity has already started.

PAC money is spent on both campaigns. A super PAC funded by the Democratic Governor’s Association launched a television campaign reminding voters of Stefanowski’s former role as CEO of a payday loan company. A company whose high interest loans are illegal in Connecticut.

Stefanowski’s role with payday loans was in question during his first run for governor. Stronger CT’s ad says, “He made millions running a payday loan company that charged workers up to 450% interest.”

Stefanowski’s campaign says, “We know Ned Lamont is stuck on the same old, tired policies and his big-money super PAC friends will say and do whatever they want to keep him in power.”

Stefanowski also receives PAC money, 1.6 million from CT Truth. Another PAC promised a $1 million campaign against Lamont.

This month, the candidates filed their quarterly financial reports. Since January 1, Governor Lamont has received nearly $7 million for his campaign. He invested most of that money. Lamont has spent over 6 million so far.

Bob Stefanowski has a total of over $11 million. He took out a $10 million loan and put it in the pot.

He has spent over $4 million so far.

5 Best Bad Credit Debt Consolidation Loans with Guaranteed Decisions in 2022

Debt consolidation loans for people with bad credit have become more accessible than ever, thanks to online portals that connect borrowers with potential lenders. These portals offer a seamless application process that can be completed in minutes, with loan decisions often offered the same day. This article provides a list of debt consolidation loans for bad credit providers, highlighting the financing options they offer and how you can apply for a debt consolidation loan today.

Best Bad Credit Debt Consolidation Loans – Quick Overview

  1. Green Dollar Loans – Best Debt Consolidation Loan for Bad Credit
  2. Big Buck Loans – Best for Credit Card Debt Consolidation
  3. Viva Payday Loans – Best for Debt Consolidation Payday Loans
  4. Low Credit Finance – Best for Personal Loans for Debt Consolidation
  5. Credit Clock – Best for Same Day Debt Consolidation Loans

Best Bad Credit Debt Consolidation Loans 2022 – Full Overview

Green Dollar Loans – Best Debt Consolidation Loan for Bad Credit

Projector wire

Green Dollar Loans specializes in fast debt consolidation loans with bad credit, offering accessibility to all FICO scores. Loan amounts range from $100 to $5,000, with flexible repayment terms of up to 24 months.

Applying with Green Dollar Loans takes about two minutes, all made easy through a convenient online form. Although loan decisions may be subject to credit or financial capacity checks, funding can often be transferred the same day.


Fast application process

User-friendly loan calculator

Fast financing offered

The inconvenients:

APR up to 35.99%

>>> Click to request your debt consolidation loan offer today

2. Big Buck Loans – Best for Credit Card Debt Consolidation

Big Bucks loan (1)Projector wire

Big Buck Loans is another debt consolidation loan for bad credit providers, offering the ability to transfer funds in as little as 15 minutes. This provider has several customer testimonials on their website detailing their positive experiences.

All FICO scores are welcome to apply for these bad credit debt consolidation loans online, with financing of up to $5,000 available.


Several customer testimonials

All FICO scores are welcome

· Offers up to $5,000 in financing

The inconvenients:

APR determined by end-lender

3. Viva Payday Loans – Best for Debt Consolidation Payday Loans

Viva Personalized Payday Loans (3)Projector wire

The best debt consolidation loans for bad credit providers are Viva Payday Loans. This broker offers APRs that start at just 5.99%, with repayment terms of 2 to 24 months.

Viva Payday Loans also offers flexible financing amounts, ranging from $100 to $5,000. Notably, all FICO scores are welcome to apply with Viva Payday Loans, making it one of the most popular secured debt consolidation loan providers.


A loan decision in minutes

· Borrow up to $5,000

All FICO scores are welcome

The inconvenients:

· Not available in some states

4. Low Credit Financing – Best for Personal Loans for Debt Consolidation

low credit financing (1)Projector wire

Low Credit Finance offers fast online debt consolidation loans for bad credit through a convenient online portal. All types of credit are welcome to apply, with same-day decisions possible in certain circumstances.

APRs range from 5.99% to 35.99% and funding starts from just $100. Finally, no paperwork is required and no hidden fees are charged to this provider.


No documents required

No upfront/hidden fees

Extensive network of lenders

The inconvenients:

The loans are unsecured

5. Credit Clock – Best for Same Day Loan

Custom credit clock (2)Projector wire

Rounding out the list of secured debt consolidation loans, Credit Clock. This provider connects borrowers and lenders through a streamlined online portal, offering repayment periods of 3 to 24 months.

Pre-approval can take as little as two minutes, with financing from $100 to $5,000. Although guaranteed approval of debt consolidation loans for bad credit is not possible due to US regulations, this provider can facilitate quick loans using its extensive network of lenders.


Pre-approval in just two minutes

Repay between 3 and 24 months

No documents required

The inconvenients:

Not available in some states

What are bad credit debt consolidation loans and how do they work?

Getting debt consolidation loans with bad credit is easier than ever, thanks to the growth of fully digital application processes. These loans represent short-term financing, usually for amounts less than $5,000.

Although guaranteed approval of debt consolidation loans for bad credit is not possible, since regulations state that the end lender may require a credit check, these loans can still be obtained quickly. Debt consolidation loans with bad credit can often be received the same day the loan decision is approved.

How to Apply for a Bad Credit Debt Consolidation Loan in Quick Steps on Viva Payday Loans

  • Step 1: Choose your loan amount – Decide on the amount of financing you want ($100 to $5,000) and the repayment period (2 to 24 months).
  • Step 2: Complete the application form – Fill up the application form offered through the website of the fast bad credit debt consolidation loan provider.
  • Step 3: Wait for a decision – A lender will provide a decision in minutes or an alternative.
  • Step 4: Get your loan – The ultimate lender may require a credit check, in accordance with US regulations; if the check is successful, funding can arrive the same day.

Debt Consolidation Loans for Bad Credit Features and Factors to Consider

Below are some key features of the best bad credit debt consolidation loans online:

Digital apps

Debt consolidation loan providers offer fully digital application processes, which means borrowers can apply without having to send in physical documents.

Range of funding amounts

Many bad credit debt consolidation loan brokers offer financing amounts ranging from $100 to $5,000.

Accepts all FICO scores

Online bad credit debt consolidation loans can be applied for regardless of creditworthiness – although the end-lender may require a credit check, in accordance with US regulatory guidelines.

How to Choose the Best Debt Consolidation Loans for Bad Credit Providers?

These criteria were used to decide which debt consolidation loans for bad credit online providers to include:

  • APR ranges were clearly marked
  • No upfront fees or fees charged
  • Range of financing amounts offered
  • All FICO scores are welcome


This article explained how to get online debt consolidation loans for bad credit, highlighting several respected providers with simple application processes. Viva Payday Loans is a safe bet for those looking to apply for a payday loan today, as this platform can provide a decision in just two minutes, with funding up to $5,000 available.


Which Debt Consolidation Loans Accept Bad Credit?

The best online debt consolidation loans for bad credit can be obtained through Viva Debt Consolidation Loans, which offers a fully digital application process with fast decisions.

Where to get the best debt consolidation loans with very bad credit?

Fast bad credit debt consolidation loans are offered through Viva Debt Consolidation Loans, which provides a platform to match borrowers with potential lenders.

Are bad credit debt consolidation loans safe?

Yes, bad credit debt consolidation loans are safe as long as you partner with a respected loan facilitator.

Disclaimer – The above content is not editorial, and TIL hereby disclaims all warranties, express or implied, with respect thereto, and does not necessarily guarantee, vouch for or endorse any content . The loan websites reviewed are loan matching services, not direct lenders. Therefore, they are not directly involved in the acceptance of your loan application. Applying for a loan with the websites does not guarantee acceptance of a loan. This article does not provide financial advice. Please seek the assistance of a financial advisor if you need financial assistance. Loans available only to US residents.

Global Cosmetic Laser Market Overview to 2027


company logo

Global cosmetic laser market

Global cosmetic laser market

Global cosmetic laser market

Dublin, 15 July 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The report “Cosmetic Laser Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunities and Forecast 2022-2027” has been added to from ResearchAndMarkets.com offer.

The global cosmetic laser market reached a value of US$1.9 billion in 2021. Looking ahead, the publisher expects the market to reach US$4.1 billion by 2027, posting a CAGR of 13.68% in 2021-2027. Keeping in mind the uncertainties of COVID-19, we continuously monitor and assess the direct and indirect influence of the pandemic on different end-use sectors. This information is included in the report as a major market contributor.

A cosmetic laser is used in surgical procedures to remove body hair, tattoos, scars, sunspots, wrinkles, birthmarks, stretch marks, and spider veins. It relies on precisely focused light sources to treat skin conditions, such as skin resurfacing, hair removal, and improving the appearance of scars, wrinkles, fine lines, and acne.

It offers the benefits of decreased postoperative discomfort, reduced blood loss, minimized risk of wound infection and improved wound healing. Currently, there is an increase in the use of newly introduced carbon dioxide (CO2) technology, which aids in deep collagen stimulation and superficial tightening and pigment reduction.

Cosmetic Laser Market Trends:

Growing awareness of beauty among individuals, in conjunction with the growing influence of social media, rapid urbanization and per capita income inflation, represents one of the major factors driving the demand for cosmetic lasers globally. . In addition to this, a significant rise in the aging population across the globe, along with the growing emphasis on maintaining a youthful appearance, is helping the market grow.

Apart from this, the emerging trend of cosmetic tourism and minimally invasive surgeries (MIS) are positively influencing the market. Moreover, as excessive sun exposure leads to various skin conditions, the demand for cosmetic lasers is increasing among individuals. The growing prevalence of obesity is also propelling the adoption of body contouring devices to tighten sagging skin and remove unwanted fat from various parts of the body.

Additionally, the introduction of advanced light-based technologies such as infrared, radio frequency, intense pulsed light (IPL), and light-emitting diode (LED) is driving the market. The major manufacturers also offer over-the-counter portable cosmetic laser and light devices for home use, which creates a positive market prospect.

Competitive Landscape:

The competitive landscape of the industry has also been examined along with the profiles of major players i.e. Aerolase Corporation, Candela Corporation (Syneron Medical Ltd.), Cutera, Cynosure, El.En. SpA, Lumenis Ltd., Sciton Inc., Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co. Ltd., SharpLight Technologies Inc. and Solta Medical Inc. (Bausch Health Companies Inc.).

Answers to key questions in this report:

  • How has the global cosmetic laser market performed so far and how will it perform in the coming years?

  • What has been the impact of COVID-19 on the global cosmetic laser market?

  • What are the main regional markets?

  • What is the breakdown of the market by modality?

  • What is the market breakdown by product?

  • What is the market breakdown by application?

  • What is the market breakdown by end user?

  • What are the different stages of the industry value chain?

  • What are the key drivers and challenges in the industry?

  • What is the structure of the global cosmetic laser market and who are the key players?

  • How competitive is the industry?

Main topics covered:

1 Preface

2 Scope and methodology

3 Executive summary

4 Presentation
4.1 Overview
4.2 Key Industry Trends

5 Global Cosmetic Laser Market
5.1 Market Overview
5.2 Market Performance
5.3 Impact of COVID-19
5.4 Market Forecast

6 Market Breakdown by Modality
6.1 Pulsed Dye Laser (PDL)
6.1.1 Market trends
6.1.2 Market Forecast
6.2 YAG-Laser
6.2.1 Market trends
6.2.2 Market Forecast
6.3 Carbon dioxide laser
6.3.1 Market trends
6.3.2 Market Forecast
6.4 Erbium
6.4.1 Market trends
6.4.2 Market Forecast
6.5 Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
6.5.1 Market trends
6.5.2 Market Forecast
6.6 Radiofrequency
6.6.1 Market trends
6.6.2 Market Forecast
6.7 Infrared
6.7.1 Market trends
6.7.2 Market Forecast
6.8 Others
6.8.1 Market trends
6.8.2 Market Forecast

7 Market Breakdown by Product
7.1 Ablative
7.1.1 Market trends
7.1.2 Market Forecast
7.2 Non-ablative
7.2.1 Market trends
7.2.2 Market Forecast

8 Market Breakdown by Application
8.1 Hair removal
8.1.1 Market trends
8.1.2 Market Forecast
8.2 Skin resurfacing
8.2.1 Market trends
8.2.2 Market Forecast
8.3 Vascular lesions
8.3.1 Market trends
8.3.2 Market Forecast
8.4 Scar and acne removal
8.4.1 Market trends
8.4.2 Market Forecast
8.5 Body contouring
8.5.1 Market trends
8.5.2 Market Forecast
8.6 Others
8.6.1 Market trends
8.6.2 Market Forecast

9 Market Breakdown by End User
9.1 Hospitals
9.1.1 Market trends
9.1.2 Market Forecast
9.2 Skin care clinics
9.2.1 Market trends
9.2.2 Market Forecast
9.3 Cosmetic Surgery Centers
9.3.1 Market trends
9.3.2 Market Forecast

10 Market Breakdown by Region

11 SWOT Analysis
11.1 Overview
11.2 Strengths
11.3 Weaknesses
11.4 Opportunities
11.5 Threats

12 Value chain analysis

13 Analysis of the five forces of carriers
13.1 Overview
13.2 Bargaining Power of Buyers
13.3 Bargaining Power of Suppliers
13.4 Degree of competition
13.5 Threat of New Entrants
13.6 Threat of Substitutes

14 Price Analysis

15 Competitive Landscape
15.1 Market structure
15.2 Key Players
15.3 Profiles of Key Players
15.3.1 Aerolase Corporation Company Overview Product Portfolio
15.3.2 Candela Corporation (Syneron Medical Ltd.) Presentation of the company Product portfolio
15.3.3 Cute Company Overview Product portfolio Finance
15.3.4 Cynosure Company Overview Product portfolio
15.3.5 El.En. Spa Company Overview Product portfolio Finance SWOT Analysis
15.3.6 Lumenis Ltd. Company Overview Product portfolio SWOT Analysis
15.3.7 Sciton Inc. Company Overview Product portfolio
15.3.8 Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co. Ltd. Company Overview Product portfolio Finance
15.3.9 SharpLight Technologies Inc. Company Overview Product Portfolio
15.3.10 Solta Medical Inc. (Bausch Health Companies Inc.) Company Overview Product Portfolio

For more information about this report visit https://www.researchandmarkets.com/r/925sg1


CONTACT: CONTACT: ResearchAndMarkets.com Laura Wood, Senior Press Manager [email protected] For E.S.T Office Hours Call 1-917-300-0470 For U.S./CAN Toll Free Call 1-800-526-8630 For GMT Office Hours Call +353-1-416-8900

BU study finds plus size models


(Boston)—As society’s body image changes in America, plus size models have grown in popularity and have had a positive impact on an inclusive beauty model. As such, plastic surgeons will likely see increased demand for procedures that enhance the plus-size body type according to researchers at Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM).

“While the American standard of beauty seems to idolize extreme thinness as seen in Victoria’s Secret models and their decreasing body sizes, we sought to explore the impact of plus-size models by examining their body size measurements and their social media presence to better understand their emerging role in current beauty standards,” explained corresponding author Neelam Vashi, MD, associate professor of dermatology at BUSM and director of the Boston University Cosmetic and Laser Center at Boston Medical. Center.

A total of 169 models were included in this study (159 plus size models and 10 mainstream models). Average measurements of plus-size models: height 69 inches (in), bust 40″, waist 43″, hips 46″, and dress size 14. The waist-to-hip ratio remained low among mainstream models (0.69 ) and plus size models (0.74), illustrating that this is a consistent and objective standard of beauty for all body types. Using the Fashion Model Directory and various modeling agency websites, the researchers obtained data on: eye color, hair color, height, chest circumference, waist circumference, dress and shoe size. Social media presence data was collected for each model using Social Blade (http://socialblade.com). For comparison, the top 10 highest paid consumer models were determined using Forbes.

Collectively, 144 plus-size models had 51 million followers and 190,000 total posts. While the 10 highest-paid mainstream models had an average of 38 million subscribers compared to the 10 plus-size models with an average of around 3.8 million subscribers, there was no significant difference between the average of likes per post, comments per post and the total number of posts between the best. mainstream models and top plus size models.

According to the researchers, the fashion industry has also recognized the growing popularity of plus-size models by depicting curvaceous figures in their marketing campaigns and even modifying models’ silhouettes with padding. “With an increased presence of plus-size models in marketing and on social media, plastic surgeons may see increased interest in procedures, including breast and buttock augmentation, that encompass a curvaceous body type” , adds Vashi.

These results appear as a letter to the editor in the journal priest.

Disclaimer: AAAS and EurekAlert! are not responsible for the accuracy of press releases posted on EurekAlert! by contributing institutions or for the use of any information through the EurekAlert system.

Blonde hair with Peekaboo color is the ultimate Y2K dye job


When one color just isn’t enough, two-tone hairstyles come to the rescue. In this area, “peekaboo” hair is an eye-catching dye job that is gaining popularity. The double-hued look is categorized by a pop of contrasting color applied to the lower part of the hair. It’s a sneaky little surprise you might have missed except for a hair flip or a high ponytail. In another example of the Y2K era revival, celebrities like Dua Lipa and Miley Cyrus are just one couple who rocked the peekaboo hair color trend. In true rock star fashion, Cyrus effortlessly sported a shoulder-length octopus, blonde on top and jet black below.

Inspired, Bustle asked a handful of hairstylists for their tips on rocking peekaboo hair if you’re blonde. Celebrity hairstylist and editorial Britt White says the style, on blonde hair in particular, is an easy-care and more affordable way to add a fun pop of color. Perhaps the best benefit? “No one will see that he grew for probably six months,” she tells Bustle. If you’re sold on ease and want to take it back to the late 90s and early 2000s, scroll through four ways to follow the peekaboo hair trend.

At Bustle, we only include products that have been independently selected by our editors. We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Try a temporary color first

Celebrity hairstylist and beauty influencer Justine Marjan says if you really want to slow things down, consider trying out the look with a temporary color before committing to the real thing. “There are several temporary color sprays and hair chalks that will deliver the effect without sacrificing the integrity of your hair,” she explains. Another non-permanent alternative? According to the famous hairdresser Jess Elbaum, you can experiment with using tape-in ​​hair extensions. “[They] come in just about any color of the rainbow,” she says. “These last a month to six weeks and are completely damage free and easy to get in and out.” Her pro tip: “This look can be fun if you do a half-up, half-down look that shows off the pop of color underneath.”

Go bold for more contrast

Whether you opt for a temporary color or a permanent dye, Elbaum notes that peekaboo looks are easier to achieve on blonde hair because there’s no need to bleach darker shades to achieve that vibrant effect. Because of this, she says, you have more opportunities to play with rainbow hues. “With blondes, I like to see a fun color that stands out like a rosy rose or a teal green,” says Elbaum.

While blonde hair offers great versatility, White notes that because blonde hair tends to be a blend of many different colors due to highlights and lowlights, some softer shades may not show up as much (think pastels ). Brighter colors will provide more contrast and last longer, “varying as they blend into different shades of whatever color you choose,” says White.

Simply put: “Boldness is a bomb when it comes to blondes”, celebrity hairstylist Mia Santiago says – think Christina Aguilera circa 2002.

Consider placement

For this to really be a preview of the color, Nikki Lee, consultant celebrity colorist Garnier, says, “It’s best to have a solid veil of your natural hair over the peekaboo so it doesn’t shine too much or get mixed up.” Lee says placement is what makes a peekaboo blonde special. Also note? Atlanta-based hairstylist Keka Heron adds that length also matters when it comes to cuckoo color. “If your hair is long, it looks great in the back to show off when you do a cute pony or bun. For a bob, I prefer to the side, diagonally,” says Heron.

To that note, celebrity hairstylist Kylee Heath suggests making sure your colorist does clean sections that complement the shape of your haircut. “It will help show it off and make sure it doesn’t look like an accident or color glitch,” says Heath.

Explore styling options

One of the great things about the highlighting trend, according to the celebrity hairstylist Kat Thompson, is that you have a lot of fun styling options. You can keep it low-key by wearing your hair down or really show off the color by parting your hair where the color starts — “think half-up styles,” she says. “It also looks great in braids or twists so you can see the multiple colors popping out.” Heath favors a straight or smooth style with a peekaboo color, but “a little crease at the ends can also be nice.” And soft, wind-catching waves are another great way to subtly reveal your otherwise hidden color — you know, for a real “peekaboo” moment.

Seven of the Best Hair Removal Tools for Home Grooming, According to Beauty Experts


You may be looking to keep a beard under control or prefer smooth, hairless skin in the warmer months, but with summer approaching and inflation pinching our wallets, choosing the wrong tools can irritate your skin. and hurt your wallet.

Here, we round up expert picks for the best hair removal products for women and men.

1. JML Finishing Touch Flawless Dermaplane, €16.99 instead of €24.99, LittlewoodsIreland.ie

To remove peach fuzz or other unwanted facial hair, esthetician and entrepreneur Pamela Laird recommends this dermaplaning exfoliator, which she’s been using for a year.

“It’s really affordable, it has a good grip and a little light attached to it which I thought was great because normally you do it in a not so well lit area. That’s what I would recommend for that peach fuzz, upper lip or anything on the face,” she says.


JML Finishing Touch Flawless Dermaplane, €16.99 was €24.99, LittlewoodsIreland.ie

JML Finishing Touch Flawless Dermaplane, €16.99 was €24.99, LittlewoodsIreland.ie

At-home devices tend to be generally safe, but she warns you should replace the blades as soon as they lose their sharpness as this can be painful and dull rather than removing hair so you may end up with thatch rather than a smooth finish.

The JML device has six blades with safety guards on each end and comes with a set of spare heads.

“It’s fantastic because it means you have replacement heads when they go dull. I think people tend to hold these razors a little too long, and they don’t get the effect, and they also cause friction on the skin because the blade has to be quite sharp,” she says.

2. GilletteLabs Heated Razor Starter Kit, €169.99, Boots

Men’s grooming expert Rob Kenny considers this razor his top pick for a clean shave, noting that it’s especially good for sensitive skin.

“My skin reacts so badly when I shave a close shave – I get really sharp rashes and it’s sore and irritated, and I realize it looks awful. This razor is expensive, but it’s very good quality, everything is nice and heavy and it really works, especially if you are sensitive like me,” he says.


GilletteLabs Heated Razor Starter Kit, €169.99, Boots

GilletteLabs Heated Razor Starter Kit, €169.99, Boots

GilletteLabs Heated Razor Starter Kit, €169.99, Boots

The razor has two temperature settings, 43C or 50C – Rob’s preference – and it comes with a set of blade refills. It’s fully waterproof, so it can also be used in the shower or standing in its magnetic charging station. “It’s like the equivalent of shaving with a hot towel from home,” he says. “And it looks very sleek and cool as it sits in the Charger.”

3. Remington Barba beard trimmer, €17.55, Amazon

If you have a beard or want to maintain a longer stubble, Rob recommends this trimmer, which comes with nine different length options.

“It’s the beard trimmer that I find the best. It’s so simple and so cheap – I’ve had ones that cost up to 500 € and I always come back to this one. I have also converted my partner. He had a more expensive one, but he switched to this one too,” he says.


Remington Barba beard trimmer, €17.55, Amazon

Remington Barba beard trimmer, €17.55, Amazon

Remington Barba beard trimmer, €17.55, Amazon

“I have horrible ingrown hairs around my beard, and I know a lot of men have them, but I found that if I use this beard trimmer, I don’t have ingrown hairs and that gives a very close cut.”

4. Tweezerman Oblique Tweezers, €27.49, Boots

While facial razors can be handy for chin or upper lip hair, experts warn against using them around your eyebrows.

“It’s easy to slip up, and we don’t want any slip-ups or mistakes around the eye. Try using a specific eyebrow tool like tweezers for a more targeted area, just to be on the safe side,” says Pamela.


Tweezerman Oblique Tweezers, €27.49, Boots

Tweezerman Oblique Tweezers, €27.49, Boots

Tweezerman oblique tweezers, €27.49, boots

“A good tip when doing your brows is to fill them in the desired shape before plucking, so you really know what each hair is doing to your shape and waxing around the edges.”

The Tweezerman isn’t the cheapest option, but Pamela says it’s far superior to any standard tweezers. “You have them forever. I still have mine 10 years later.

Suzanne Masterson, owner of beauty salon Freya in Naas, also endorses tweezers as the safest for chin hair.

“For facial hair, I actually find waxing the best thing for people at home,” she says. “I have a hairy chin myself and have tried most solutions and products, and the Tweezerman is the best because it has a nice sharp edge and you can get the finest hairs, while I find that some of them are pretty brutal.”

5. Gillette Venus Comfortglide Spa Breeze razor, €8.50, Tesco

Two of our experts recommended this razor as their favorite for shaving, thanks to its gel bars that release moisturizing lather when wet for a smoother glide.

“For home use, razors are the easiest,” says Suzanne. “People often come in with cuts and scrapes and scars around their ankles from shaving, so I find people need to use a three-blade razor. The Venus is really good because it has that padding around [the blade] which subsequently conditions the skin.


Gillette Venus Comfortglide Spa Breeze razor, €8.50, Tesco

Gillette Venus Comfortglide Spa Breeze razor, €8.50, Tesco

Gillette Venus Comfortglide Spa Breeze razor, €8.50, Tesco

Amanda Griffin, owner of the Uptown Girl salon in Galway City, is also a fan. “I find that Gillette Venus Breeze does not irritate the skin like a regular razor would. It contains a conditioning gel that when wet will not irritate, scratch or cut,” she says of the blade, which also features a swivel design.

“As you move around the ankle or the knee or the more bony parts of the body, it moves with the curve of the body. I find I never had a razor nick when I shave with this.

6. Veet Pure hair removal cream, €8.49 instead of €16.99, Boots

Angela Mongan, a beautician based in Dublin, prefers a depilatory cream for at-home hair removal.

“It’s very easy to use, with minimal effort, minimal odor and no pain,” she says of the Veet cream, which comes in a pump bottle that can be stored in the shower. and takes five to 10 minutes to work its magic.


Veet Pure hair removal cream, €8.49 instead of €16.99, Boots

Veet Pure hair removal cream, €8.49 instead of €16.99, Boots

Veet Pure hair removal cream, €8.49 instead of €16.99, Boots

“The cream goes on smoothly and leaves your skin soft. It can remove hair on almost any area of ​​your body, and while hair may grow back faster than after shaving, it’s not as coarse.

seven. Kit Strip Wax, €13.99, HeireWax.com

Ellen Kavanagh and Trish O’Brien, the co-founders of Irish brand Waxperts, launched this range of at-home hair removal products during lockdown, and our experts have praised its professional-grade quality.

“During lockdown I bought myself a pack of wax strips and there’s so much stuff in them: your typical long wax strips for legs, then you have the tiny ones for toes and feet. Product residue they don’t stay on the skin, they don’t stick, they’re foolproof,” Amanda says of the kit, which includes 20 large and 20 small strips, plus pre- and post-use wipes.


HeireWax.com Strip Wax Kit

HeireWax.com Strip Wax Kit

HeireWax.com Strip Wax Kit

“The strip wax is just amazing. They are so convenient and so affordable, cheaper than getting a half leg at a salon, but you have more to keep you going if you go in the summer.

Pamela notes that the hot wax kit ($21.99) is better for the armpits, while the strips are ideal for the legs.

“I prefer to use hot wax under the arms or on any sensitive area, but for my full leg I would use strip wax because it’s a much more seamless method – you could be there all day with it. a hot wax kit,” she says.

“You only have to do it every four to six weeks, depending on your hair growth. And it’s very, very user friendly – they have strips that you heat up in your hands and peel off, so it’s very easy to use at home.

THE West Hollywood EDITION has had stiff competition, but it’s successfully the city’s newest hotspot


As you exit Sunset Boulevard and enter the newly opened West Hollywood EDITION, the change in mood is immediately felt. Not your usual hotel lobby, the entrance to EDITION is more of an area where you’ll see people playing pool on an oversized table or drinking at the long, sexy gin-themed bar that takes up one of the farther walls. more distant. With plush armchairs and sofas dotted throughout, sky-high ceilings, and an outdoor fire pit, the area is buzzing with the cool, creative crowd you’ve come to expect from an EDITION — and one placed right in the center of it all, at that.

Located at the corner of West Sunset Boulevard and North Doheny Drive, where West Hollywood meets Beverly Hills, EDITION’s latest installment is steps away from the city’s trendiest restaurants and a four-minute walk from the WeHo Soho House, always bustling. EDITION hotels are known for using the cities they are located in as a starting point for their atmosphere and design, but perhaps none are executed as perfectly as this location. It’s young enough to feel fresh and exciting with an air of “I wonder who else is staying here right now,” yet sophisticated and laid-back enough to work poolside without worrying.

Speaking of pool. LA knows the importance of its water supply better than most, with locals often forgoing heading west in its infamous traffic to the beach and instead opting to park on one of the many chairs luxurious loungers found atop hotels dotted around West Hollywood and Beverly. Hills.

The West Hollywood EDITION would have known there was fierce competition in this area, but if they were rattled, you wouldn’t be able to tell: its rooftop pool offers stunning city views and has mastered being at home. both cool and inviting at the same time, being unpretentious. You can spend hours with friends (and margaritas) and spot a famous actor or two – I spotted one of my favorite British actors by the pool two days in a row – while still being quiet enough to read a book or squint at your laptop over sunglasses while writing afternoon emails.

Almost as important as being able to nail a rooftop pool in Los Angeles? The poolside menu, which as a legal requirement in LA must include guac and corn chips. EDITION earns bonus points for its ceviche and Caesar salad (though, as with any hotel of its caliber, you’ll pay for the taste). A a few meters from the pool there is a rooftop bar with the same stunning views of the city where the stylish youngsters enjoy the sunset. The bar specializes in tequila — it knows its audience — and the melon margarita with a wasabi salt rim is a signature.

Rooms are, as expected, modern and chic. They’re bright, spacious, and minimalist with views of bustling Sunset Boulevard below, and all of its iconic billboards, and the Hollywood Hills above. Stylistic touches, such as faux fur throws on the bed and vintage Turkish rugs on the floor, along with a carefully curated selection of recent coffee table books and magazines arranged beside an armchair, give the space a feeling of conservation.

White walls and furniture are complemented by pale wood accents with an incredibly comfortable huge bed in the center. The bathrooms are also spacious with Le Labo moisturizer, body wash and shampoo, created specifically for the EDITION hotels on offer, marking the first time I’ve realized it’s worth every penny to invest in a good shampoo (my hair the next day had never looked better).

EDITION’s restaurant, Ardour, is located on the ground floor in the lobby. The spacious, earthy, leafy area is where breakfast and dinner are served with an open outdoor space on warm evenings (still in Los Angeles). Run by celebrity chef John Fraser, who trained with Thomas Keller at The French Laundry and was formerly of the Michelin-starred restaurant Nix, Ardor is heavily oriented towards vegan and vegetarian dishes with plant-based versions of classics. Italians.

Don’t skip, and I mean this very seriously, the milk bread. Neither the crab tagliatelle nor the onion rings and be sure to pre-order (at the start of your meal) the dessert – probably the most unique and standout dish of our dinner, and something recommended by our waiter, whose choices were perfect throughout – although nothing could be faulted.

The gym is large and stocked with all the best equipment including Peloton bikes and TRX equipment on offer. On the same level is a boutique spa that emphasizes mindfulness and wellness, with herbal and CBD-inspired treatments (could you get more LA?) on offer.

If I wasn’t so quirky, you’d have found me at EDITION’s underground nightclub, Sunset, with a ceiling covered in 30 oversized gold disco balls. Looking back, perhaps the famous actor was there after his afternoon by the pool – a missed opportunity, but at least something to explore on his next visit.

Color Wow’s Best-Selling Anti-Humidity Hair Treatment Is Just $20 For Prime Day


My Hair is fairly easy to manage, but the one thing that’s been the bane of my existence is frizz, making humidity my nemesis. I’ve tried everything from deep conditioning masks to leave-in moisturizers, but alas, my Hair does not cooperate. With sporadic weather and the constant shift between thunderstorms and 90 degree sunshine in a day, my hair didn’t stand a chance against summer humidity. A friend suggested trying Color Wow’s Dream Coat Supernatural Spray ($20, originally $28), and after reading so many great reviews, I felt a slight glimmer of hope.

Supernatural Color Wow Dream Coat Spray is supposed to act like a mini keratin treatment in a bottle, creating smooth, frizz-free hair with a silky, glass-like shine finish. It contains a moisture-wicking complex that does it all. It’s supposed to lock in humidity and prevent frizz, double as a heat protectant, and even act as a water repellent for your hair. The icing on the cake ? The benefits are meant to last for up to 3-4 shampoos.

I first tried the Color Wow Dream Coat supernatural spray when I was getting ready for an outdoor graduation party, and it had just rained. Luckily for me, my hair stayed sleek and smooth all night. In fact, my hair looked pretty much like the one I had just styled. However, I wanted to put this to the ultimate test, dealing with the humidity and heat of Miami, and it succeeded with flying colors.

Color Wow’s Supernatural Dream Coat Spray is 30% off for Amazon Prime Day, and there’s no better time to restock on a favorite anti-frizz. Keep reading to see how TikTok’s favorite anti-humidity treatment holds up.

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This Dyson hair dryer alternative is $20 off for Prime Day


It’s finally Prime Day, and there’s no better time of year to get your hands on the latest gadgets you’ve been eyeing, at a discount. There are already some great Prime Day deals to choose from, but if you’re on the hunt for a new hair dryer, we’ve got the deal for you right here.

This Shark is a fantastic alternative to the leading brand, leaving you with silky soft hair. The Shark HyperAIR Hair Dryer would normally cost you $179, but you can pick it up today for $159, that you could spend on cute hair accessories or styling products.

Why should you buy Shark HyperAIR hair dryer

The Today’s best hair dryers banish bad hair days from history, leaving you with silky smooth hair and eliminating frizz and flyaways. Although you may have been waiting for a Dyson hair dryer deal, the Shark HyperAIR is a great alternative, reducing the risk of heat damage and leaving your hair looking great.

You’ve already invested in the best electric toothbrush to protect your smile, so why not invest in a new hair dryer to do the same for your hair? Shark HyperAIR’s IQ technology combines high-velocity heated air and ionized air, measuring heat output up to 1,000 times per second to ensure consistent temperature and reduce heat damage. This hair dryer also features two smart optical sensors that automatically recognize your style and intelligently optimize hearing and airflow based on your style and hair type. Unlike some ultra-powerful hair dryers, which can often feel like you’ve gone through the dryer, there are three heat and airflow settings to choose from, so you can increase or decrease the temperature and the flow rate manually, by selecting low, medium, or high settings.

Air-drying your hair often results in frizz and flyaways, but with the Shark HyperAIR, a negative ion generator smoothes hair, leaving it looking healthy and shiny. To finish off your style, there’s a Cool Shot button to close the cuticle and smooth your hair for a silky finish. The hair dryer also comes with the Shark IQ Styling Concentrator, which attaches to the end of the hair dryer and directs heat and airflow more precisely, for targeted drying and straightening – ideal for this bouncing breath.

This hair dryer is ideal for all hair types, whether straight, wavy, curly, fine or thick. There are automatic presets for every hair type, so your style is always perfect. It’s also quite lightweight, weighing less than 2 pounds, so it’s great for slipping into a suitcase, weekend bag, or gym bag.

Whether you’re rocking waves, curls or a sleek, sleek style, enjoy beautiful hair days every day with this Prime Day deal, which will leave your hair feeling nourished, healthy and shiny. Now all you need are the best sleep gadgets because a good night’s sleep is good news for your skin, hair and nails.

This deal is one of the best Walmart Prime Day deals right now, but it won’t stick around forever, so be sure to grab it if it’s the one for you!

Editors’ Recommendations

Letter: Women forced to have children will need more support — restore child tax credit payments | Letters to the Editor


To the Editor: I am writing to urge all Americans and members of Congress to support the continuation of the expanded, fully refundable child tax credit and to resume monthly credit payments.

Sometimes called “child allowance”, it is an effective tool to reduce child poverty.

Abortion-banning states say they will provide more support for women who are forced to have more children, but they did not support restoring the fully refundable child tax credit for all families to low income. Research and common sense tell us that people need money to work — to fix their car, pay for phone service, or buy a month’s worth of diapers for daycare.

In 2021, the expanded child tax credit has been a financial lifeline for children and families. Data shows that the expanded CLC reduced child poverty by almost half (41%). Recipients continued to work, lived healthier lives, invested more in their children’s education, and were less likely to take payday loans. Families spent their CTC payments on their children’s rent, food and clothing.

Then last December, 51 US senators let payments expire and 3.7 million children fell back into poverty within a month.

I commend our entire Massachusetts delegation (especially Rep. Richard Neal and Sens. Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren) for their strong support for the expanded CLC and hope that more members will choose to support lifting children out of poverty.

It seems clear that embracing the expansion of the CLC and the continuation of monthly credit payments would help millions of children. It’s not only the right thing to do, but it should lead to a physically and mentally healthier society, from which we all benefit. As more and more women are forced to bear children they cannot afford to care for, the need for child tax credits and financial support will surely increase.

Linda Baxter, Great Barrington

The author is a retired nurse midwife and member of RESULTS-MA and Together Women Rise.

How to Host a Home Spa Day for Kids and Teens


Home spa days make a luxurious, often expensive, fun and accessible venture. Hosting a spa day for you and your children can create lasting memories while demonstrating that life is best enjoyed when mind and body are in balance.

Whether you’re planning on soaking your toes in a tub with your best kids’ bath bomb or letting your favorite deep conditioner replenish your dry hair, there are plenty of ways to pamper yourself and your family.


Create an invite

Set the tone by creating an invitation with your own stationery or by downloading a template. Teens with their own email accounts may enjoy opening digital invitations and emailing them. Direct your guests to the spa attire you recommend, such as a bathrobe, comfortable pajamas, and slippers. You can also suggest kids with long hair bring a hair tie or pull it back with a headband.

Establish a welcoming atmosphere

Create a welcome sign to put on your bathroom door to help establish a “spa” suite. You can find relaxing kid-friendly playlists on Spotify or iTunes to help you set the stage. Add a candle to your counter. (Go flameless if the kids are very young.) If you have a natural room freshener or lavender sleep spray, spray it on to set the mood. Wrap a few washcloths with a ribbon to place near the sink.

Offer spa-themed snacks and drinks

Crunch hunger and quench thirst with the sorts of snacks and beverages you’ll find at an expensive spa. We suggest creating your own vegetable or fruit infused water by adding cucumbers, lemons or berries to a pitcher. Serve iced tea or hot decaffeinated tea, depending on what time of day your spa appointment is.

A tray of mini sandwiches adds a fun touch to your experience. You can put together cucumber, dill and cream cheese or something even simpler like peanut butter and jelly. Cut the crusts or use a cookie cutter to create unique shapes. You can even garnish the plate with fresh berries or extra vegetable slices.


Establish spas

To help transform your space into a spa, set up pedicure, manicure, hair and facial treatment stations. If you don’t have pedicure tubs, that’s okay! Whip up your best bath bomb for kids by tossing it into a bathtub filled with lukewarm water. (Make it even prettier by sprinkling flower petals.)

Create a section for nail painting. No matter how old your kids are, it’s always a good idea to put an extra towel or two on the floor to catch the drips. For countertops, you can use paper towels. Introduce multiple polish colors and a manicure kit. Help paint each other’s nails, then use a small fan or hair dryer to speed up the drying process.


When it comes to hair, moisture is everything. It brings life back to dehydrated strands and helps detangle long hair. You can either buy a hair mask at your local grocery store or beauty store, or create your own. Either way, you and your child can help smooth it over each other’s hair as you move on to other stations. If you want to rinse off the hair mask quickly, you can always hop in the shower, but leaving most of it on for an hour or even overnight is fine.

Fill your facial station with facial soap, gentle exfoliator, face masks and face towels. Add some sliced ​​cucumbers for eye treatments to help relieve puffiness. You can go the extra mile by adding a makeup brush to smooth out the masks, then running your washcloth under warm water to help remove it.

Having a spa day at home with your child helps strengthen family bonds while decompressing the body. Your hair, skin and nails will also look better. We call it a win-win!

This story originally appeared on Don’t Waste Your Money. Check out Don’t Waste Your Money for product reviews and other great ideas for saving and earning money.

AR: What’s next and how can marketers embrace the technology?


As augmented reality (AR) advances and the technology continues to evolve, Tommy co-founder and Chief Growth Officer Marcus Foley is thinking about how it can be used in new industries.

Augmented reality has entered the mainstream. For some age groups it is already phenomenally familiar. It is still an exciting and rapid growth area for the marketing industry, which is developing at a rapid pace. The global AR market is expected to expand with a compound annual growth rate of over 40% over the next six to eight years. This enables brands to create experiences that just a few years ago we couldn’t imagine delivering on a phone to a crowd of millions (or billions – 3.5 billion users worldwide, in l ‘state). Even less than that, many people would be confident enough to pick it up, play, share, and create with it. Now we deliver hundreds every few months.

The latest news and marketing information straight to your inbox.

Get the most out of The Drum by choosing from a range of excellent email briefings, whether it’s daily news, weekly recaps or in-depth media or creative dives.


Tommy predicts where the evolution of AR will take the advertising industry / Lucrezia Carnelos via Unsplash

At Tommy, we spend a lot of time designing, building and testing AR experiences. Part of that is down to being an official TikTok partner and working with a huge number of well-known entertainment brands. AR can be a great tool for famous people and their fans, and we’ll get to that, but it’s also becoming increasingly important for the retail industry: 71% of shoppers recently said they would buy more often at a retailer if it offered AR.

Why is AR so attractive to buyers? For affected brands, it’s the ease and speed of product trial that can be mind-boggling these days. Want to try a new hair color? Click, done. You like it? Click, it’s in your basket. Want to see that new sofa, in the fabric of your choice, in your living room? Click, done. It could save two or three trips to the showroom. What’s changed is that it’s become easier to deliver to devices without the need for apps, it’s much easier to use, and it’s much more compelling, which has opened up the market. That’s not to mention the myriad of fashion brands that have tried, tested, or continuously used AR in their shopping journey. Trying, personalizing, seeing things in your context – all of this reduces purchase risk and gives customers the confidence to buy.

What else is pushing augmented reality into familiar spaces and sometimes into unexpected hands? Social media, of course. What’s interesting about AR in these spaces is that it has become part of the reversal of the traditional influence model. In social media, AR helps everyday people (not brands or celebrities) tell more immersive, richer stories with unlimited creative possibilities – without a budget or a studio – from their own special effects lab. Where once technological barriers and cost kept this a domain for the few, it is now in the hands of many. With so many people and ideas with such powerful tools, storytelling and the possibility of sharing reach a whole new level.

Younger generations are often the instigators, but all generations are exposed to AR through their peers, friends and family. It could be photos and videos using lenses, a moment shared while playing a game at a family event, or a website where a hands-on trial moment is incorporated into the customer journey. If you ask them, “Do you use augmented reality?” they’ll probably say no, but they’re one of a growing number of people who are beginning to see the mixing of digital and physical images as “normal.” Of course, it’s not just Josephine Bloggs putting bunny ears on Granny — it’s also the creators and brands intentionally building an audience that also drives expectations and desires for AR.

So what about them? On the one hand, the entertainment industry loves augmented reality, and although from our slightly biased perspective, it’s doing an incredible job of bringing their IP to people in immersive moments that were previously impossible. Combining never-before-seen experiences and bringing a fan closer to their favorite characters — in many cases appearing as their favorite enemy or hero — can greatly encourage people to try, create, and share. The noise of each major release ripples through the streams and, again, AR becomes less new and more expected. Those who don’t have it become the intruders.

Augmented reality is no longer a novelty – and the expectation and desire for it is growing. What does this mean for marketers? This means it’s time to start thinking seriously about AR and identifying if it works for your product and your target market. This is not to advocate the use of technology where it is not appropriate, but to encourage you to explore, and at least understand, how your customers use these tools to interact with people, products and premises. It’s great fun, and its ability to inspire and connect people with moments of pure entertainment shouldn’t be overlooked. However, it’s more than that – it’s a shift in how we think about the brand and the product that’s here to stay.

Hamilton woman creates book to help black girls love and style their natural hair


For 20 years, Anita Grant says she had a complicated relationship with her hair.

“I religiously pressed my hair and by the time I got to high school…I never really cared about it or showed anyone outside of my family my natural hair,” she said at CBC Hamilton.

But at the start of the pandemic, the 28-year-old Hamiltonian says the way she viewed her hair – or her crown as she calls it – changed.

“I was really able to touch and feel and experience and build a relationship with my crown,” Grant said.

Then she found out that she was going to have her first child.

“I made a commitment to raise my daughter to love every part of herself, especially her crown,” she said.

“I said, why not make a book to make it a really fun and positive experience for her?”

Two years later, Grant is now publishing Hello Hair.

Over 100 hair styles in the book

The book is about four best friends, all inspired by Grant’s family members, including his daughter Tiana, who go to a salon and check out their hair.

There are over 100 different hair styles in the book, ranging from afros, braids, twists and locks, to bangs and kerchiefs.

It was released on July 3, the same day as National Crown Day in the United States.

The day commemorates the signing of a law in California in 2019 to end racial discrimination based on a person’s hair and “create a respectful and open world for natural hair.”

Anita Grant said the book contains around 100 hairstyles. (Bobby Hristova/CBC)

Grant said she invested two years and more than $30,000 in developing the book.

There are currently 2,000 copies. In Hamilton they are sold exclusively at Ark Collective near James Street North and Rebecca Street.

Grant said the look of the book is inspired by magazines Grant saw growing up, including essence hair, trendy hair, Sophisticated black hair and Ebony.

“These are the first posts we’ve seen from people like us, so I had to give credit,” she said.

“I wish I had a book like this when I was younger”

Lohifa Pogoson-Acker, a hairstylist in Hamilton, said the book will help many people enjoy their natural hair instead of straightening it and taking a Eurocentric approach.

“It’s 100% meaningful, relevant, relevant…I wish I had a book like this when I was younger,” Pogoson-Acker told CBC Hamilton.

A smiling person.
Lohifa Pogoson-Acker is a specialty hairstylist in Hamilton whose clientele includes some of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. (Bobby Hristova/CBC)

She said it could be helpful for mixed-race families or families who have different hair textures.

“It’s important to teach our young girls to kiss … and explore the diversity of their texture,” she said.

Grant said she wants the next generation of black girls to love their natural hair more than they love hers.

“It’s part of who we are and you might not realize it now, but it can impact your self-esteem and how you view and love yourself.”

For more stories about the experiences of Black Canadians — from anti-Black racism to stories of success within the Black community — check out Being Black in Canada, a CBC project that Black Canadians can be proud of. You can read more stories here.

(Radio Canada)

“Life’s moments can be fleeting, so spend time and money on those that have been good to you”


TG4 weather presenter Caitríona Ní Chualáin is from Indreabhán in County Galway. She has worked as a weathercaster for four years with TG4, and teaches full time at Gaelscoil Uí Fhiaich in Maynooth. She also worked on a few different TV programs with the station, including Cúla4 ar Scoil and Is eolaí mé.

What is the most important lesson about money that your career in broadcasting has taught you?

It’s worth investing in the right beauty products because they make such a difference on screen and in real life. As a weathercaster, I work in a small, air-conditioned studio with very bright lighting – which alone can have adverse effects on my skin if I’m not careful.

What has the coronavirus crisis taught you about money?

That life’s moments can be very fleeting and that it’s important to spend time and money on those that have been good to you.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received about money?

You cannot take it with you.

What is your favorite phrase about money as Gaeilge?

‘Is fearr cara sa cúirt ná punt sa sparán’ – meaning a friend in court is worth more than a pound in the purse. I like this because it highlights what is most important in life.

How much would you pay at most for a bottle of wine?

€20. I don’t drink very often, so when I drink it, I don’t mind spending the money on a bottle if I really like it. That being said, my favorite wine is a €12 bottle of Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio which can be purchased at the local supermarket.

If you could design your own euro banknote, who would you put on it?

First, I would bring back the old cló Gaelach (Irish Police) and put the faces of influential Irish people on the notes. Phil Lynott from Thin Lizzy would be my first choice. I think his story resonates with Irish people from all walks of life.

What is the most expensive country you have ever visited?

I haven’t traveled much but found America to be the most expensive country I have ever visited.

Your biggest financial mistake?

When I started working, I got into the habit of following fashion trends and buying very trendy clothes that would have gone out of fashion no less than six months later. I think the key now is to buy basics as well as some timeless pieces.

Are you a spender or a saver?

An economy because I don’t like spending a lot of money on myself – although I do enjoy a little splurge from time to time.

The last thing you bought online?

A bottle of Olaplex No. 6 Bond Smoother (a restorative styling cream for the hair).

If you won EuroMillions, what would you do with the money?

I would share it with my family and those who have always been good to me. After that, I would build a house by the sea in Connemara.

Do you haggle sometimes?

I wouldn’t even know how to haggle but in this economy, maybe I should start learning!

Your favorite song about money?

Pócaí folamh is cloigeann tinn by John Beag Ó Flatharta, which translates directly to “empty pockets and headache”. I learned it in fourth grade in elementary school and looking back, I don’t know if this type of song would be allowed to be taught in elementary schools these days. But I loved it and so did the rest of my class at that time.

The best thing financially about growing up in Connemara?

Where I come from in Indreabhán is about 24 km from Galway city. So I couldn’t walk in and out of stores spending money lightly.

Three things you couldn’t do without if you tightened your belt?

Date nights with my boyfriend Darach. Trips to the hair salon. Professional quality hair care.

Ambrose Island is a new location coming to Hitman 3 later this month


IO Interactive provided Hitman 3 players with a July roadmap of upcoming content.

As previously reported, the update will feature a new location, Ambrose Island, alongside two elusive targets and the Himmapan Hotel – a free location available now.

This hotel and spa is located in Bangkok and is an upper class paradise. Hitman 3 owners and Free Starter Pack players can enjoy this rotating slot for ten days.

Live now is the latest Elusive Target: The Revolutionary. A fan favorite, the target is Vicente Murillo, who is currently patrolling Santa Fortuna. He will stay for ten days.

July 14 will see the arrival of the last elusive target arcade. It comes with the iridescent Katana; if you complete batches you will unlock it.

The next day will see the release of another elusive target, The Food Critic. Wen Ts’ai has a security team protecting him as he criticizes dishes at Himmapan hotels. If this is your first time playing Elusive Target in Bangkok, the Casual Suit with Gloves will unlock if you complete the contract.

Featured community contracts will also be present, and it looks like at least one will be pirate-themed, which will go well with the release of Ambrose Island.

Speaking of Ambrose Island, the new map is coming on July 26 with update 3.120. Along with the new location, this update features fixes to some community reported issues and some quality of life improvements.

It’s the best way to choose the right hair color for your complexion, according to beauty experts


Fancy a new hair color this summer? We are here with you! Something about warm weather often makes us want to step out of our comfort zone and try something different, but of course we also want to make sure we look good while doing it. If you want to find a hair color that flatters you, it’s probably not the best idea to shoot in the dark; There are a few factors to consider when determining which colors will work best for your skin tone.

To find out some of the best hair color tips, we spoke to Katie Graves, senior hairstylist and colorist at Mirror Mirror. She gave us all her top tips for changing up your look in the most flattering way possible. Read on for all his tips!

The 100+ Best Beauty Launches of 2022


Consider your skin tone and eye color

When determining the most flattering shade for you, the first step is the one you may already know: determining your skin tones. To do this, look at your arm and note the color of your veins. If they are more blue or purple, you have cold skin! These skin tones generally look best with warmer hair colors. On the other hand, if your veins are on the green side, your skin is warmer, you might want to go for a cooler hair shade. Do you have a mix of both? Lucky you! You have a neutral skin tone, which goes well with just about anything under the sun.

However, it turns out that choosing the perfect hair color isn’t just about your skin tone. Graves says your eye color should also play a major role in the process. She reminds us that, unlike skin tone, “your eye color will not change with sun exposure” and should always be considered. Graves suggests opting for cooler hair shades if you have blue or gray eyes, noting that “a cool blonde can brighten your look and a rich brown will contrast to enhance your eyes.” On the other hand, those with brown or hazel eyes will find warm tones more flattering.

Keep the seasons in mind

Along with your current skin tone and eye color, according to Graves, there’s another factor you should consider when choosing your new hair color: the effect of the seasons on your skin tone.

“To choose the best hair color for your skin tone, you also need to be aware of the seasons,” she explains. “A lot of times people want to be very dark in the winter and light in the summer, but if you tend to go pale in the winter, the reality is that going dark might not be the most flattering look for you.” That’s a fair point! Instead of making a drastic change that may be less than flattering to your complexion, Graves suggests “adding some low lights and heat for a more moody look that’s season-appropriate without washing out.” We love this idea! Also, when summer arrives, you can lighten your hair by adding highlights but “keeping some of your natural color as low light” to avoid losing all of your dimension. Overall, Graves says you should “avoid single-process flat colors.”

Finally, remember that less is often more when it comes to hair color changes; you don’t have to do a complete overhaul of your natural tones. “Making subtle changes like going from cool to warm blonde or adding highlights to your natural color can change your whole look without doing too much damage to your locks,” Graves concludes.

Nicole Scherzinger Models Chic Cutout Bikini by Infinity Pool’s Edge – Footwear News


Nicole Scherzinger took to Instagram today to share a video where she demonstrated her dance moves while modeling a swimsuit. The Pussycat Doll singer shone in the summer sun, noting in the caption, “This sun makes me want to act! ☀️” — conveying her tranquility to her supporters.

Scherzinger was seen flipping her long black hair back and forth while posing in her two-piece blue bikini, which featured a cutout at the center of her bust and fabric rolled up like a halter top. The strap moved to go over her shoulders which added comfort and support to the bikini top. the design was particularly effective when she dove into the water after leaving the edge of the infinity pool. Halter tops feature an open back with straps that fasten around the neck, exposing the shoulders.

The chic swimsuit design has some interesting origins. Bikinis first appeared in the 1940s, but models weren’t found on beaches until the 1960s due to the controversial nature of two-piece suits. Bikinis finally gained wide acceptance in the 80s, becoming a staple in swimwear. Today, the term “bikini” includes everything from high-waisted two-pieces to string bikinis that show off loose skin.

Although she didn’t note her location, it wouldn’t be surprising if the video was shot in Mykonos, Greece, as she recently celebrated her birthday at the scenic vacation spot.

PHOTOS: Check out the smartest bikinis with sneakers, stilettos and boots

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Five golden rules for getting a personal loan

Borrowing for a high-risk investment such as cryptocurrency should align with your risk tolerance and ability to repay debt if the market crashes.


Borrowing for a high-risk investment such as cryptocurrency should align with your risk tolerance and ability to repay debt if the market crashes.

Katrina Shanks is the Managing Director of Financial Advice New Zealand.

OPINION: Most of us have had personal loans – whether it’s car loans, mortgages, or home improvement loans, to name a few, in our lifetime.

These loans have most likely been a mix of nice and much-needed purchases.

There are three kinds of debt: good, good and bad. Let’s take a look at each of them.

* Stuff your dad would tell you: How do mortgages work and what do I need to do to get one?
* The ‘quick’ loan craze in advertising sends a coded signal to the desperate
* ANZ raises rates on fixed-term mortgages and deposits

Investment debt is good because it aims to help you build your wealth for a secure future.

However, investment debt should be considered carefully. For example, borrowing for a high-risk investment such as cryptocurrency should align with your risk tolerance and your ability to repay debt if the market crashes, as we’ve seen over the past few months. .

Katrina Shanks says the most dangerous debt is what is commonly called <a class=payday loans.” style=”width:100%;display:inline-block”/>


Katrina Shanks says the most dangerous debt is what is commonly called payday loans.

Mortgages are acceptable debts because they serve a purpose and are usually for something that is likely to give you a return over time.

Personal loans are generally bad debts, although there are exceptions.

These exceptions include when you are borrowing to do something like consolidate your loans or credit card debt into one loan, which is often at a lower interest rate. Or even to buy a vehicle to help you get to your place of work, which provides you with a source of income.

Until Covid-19 arrived, personal loans were relatively easy to obtain. Simply prove your ability to repay the loan by showing your payslip, and you’re away.

But that has now changed, as rising interest rates and lower risk tolerance from major lenders have combined with a general lack of basic financial knowledge and good financial behaviors on the part of many people to make them more problematic.

One of the most common debts is the mortgage. About 1.1 million people have it, with a total value of $34 billion.

The most dangerous debt is what is commonly called payday loans.

This is a very expensive short-term loan that you must repay within a specified time. If you don’t, the high interest rate will escalate significantly to the point where you could end up paying four or five times the original amount.

I’ve seen one with an interest rate of 0.8% per day, and when you add administration fees, that can make borrowing very expensive. At this rate, it is the highest cost of borrowing you can have.

For example, the full repayment for two weeks for $500 can quickly turn into $541, or $1091 for a $1000 loan. Often, on top of that, there will also be a setup fee of up to $300. And there are more costs if you fail to repay your loan. If you do, it can add $30 per week to the total.

Because you are borrowing money that you cannot afford to spend, you are immediately at a disadvantage.

If you can pay it off in a few weeks, that’s fine, but sometimes getting on the treadmill is easier than getting off, and once you’re there, it’s tempting to stay there and go. have more.

A few golden rules:

  • Ideally, only borrow if you know you can repay it on time.
  • Have a financial plan, so you know the big items in the future, whether it’s replacing a washing machine or a new car.
  • Try saving for what you need and want instead of borrowing.
  • Have an emergency fund in case the unexpected happens, so you don’t have to borrow money and go into debt.
  • Be aware that your loan application may show up on your credit report, which means other lenders will see that you need funds.
  • Only take out a payday loan if you have no other options – use it as a last resort. There are alternatives, and you should consider them before applying. These include Work and Income (if you are on stipend), The Good Shepherd and Salvation Army (as long as you are on a limited income) and BNZ (special rates for students, apprentices and recent graduates ).
Have an emergency fund in case the unexpected happens, so you don't have to borrow money and go into debt.


Have an emergency fund in case the unexpected happens, so you don’t have to borrow money and go into debt.

I’ve had personal loans throughout my life – I had a mortgage and a credit facility for a larger purchase when I was younger and on a budget, but I needed to buy some things like a bed, a lawn mower and a TV.

My rule was to borrow only for necessities and to save for the better off.

As my financial advisor would say, a personal loan should be a last resort, and saving for something is better than borrowing.

There is no risk if you have to wait a few weeks or a few months to raise the money you need.

AOK Family Fun Center in Zephyrhills aims to be a safe place for families


ZEPHYRHILLS, Florida – A fun and safe new place for families is now open in downtown Zephyrhills, AOK Family Fun Center.

They have been open for about nine months and continue to grow.

Inside, you’ll find ax throwers, arcade games, and TVs to watch sporting events.

Owner Shaun Sikat said he wanted to create AOK to bring some life to downtown, but also provide a safe place for children to relax.

“You know, again, being from this city, I’ve been here off and on for about 20 years now. Everywhere I’ve lived in other states, downtown has always been like the place where to go. You know, you walk around with the families, there’s always, you know, events going on. So I wanted to bring some life to downtown,” Sikat said.

“You know, with that, we’re ready to build a patio outside. So we have outdoor space, we have food trucks every week. We’re ready to rebuild the kitchen very soon. I’m pretty excited about it. idea of ​​But it’s really just having something for families to do.”

Sikat said he wanted to give back to the community as much as he could.

He and a few other business owners are planning a “back to school party” that will be free to the community on August 7.

“So Gentleman’s Quarters, which is a barbershop across the street, does free haircuts for kids. Lavish Locks is a beauty salon right next door, they’re also involved with kids. young girls. We have food trucks, which will be more of a carnival,” Sikat said.

A local law firm is donating bike helmets, there will be a school supply drive, and more.

“Again, that’s where I say the community is congregating here. They are congregating on the street. In fact, we are closing Main Street. So this whole block will be closed as well as a side street. We work closely with the city, they are supportive enough to let us do this,” Sikat said.

Furry Friday: Mucky Puppies | Stuff.co.nz

The first of today's grime-happy faces is Alfie, stepping out in Wanaka.

The first of today’s grime-happy faces is Alfie, stepping out in Wanaka.

Have you ever seen a dog up to its chin in mud or dripping with water? Isn’t it a study in joy? Because for most dogs, where there’s mud, there’s happiness.

A dog is supposed to explore, sniff and smell on it. Getting dirty is an expression of one’s deepest, most uninhibited and free nature. And you can tell it’s true by the huge smile on his dirty face.

So rejoice in today’s lineup of mucky puppies, and know that it’s not your job to clean up (this time). Thank you to everyone who wished me luck in my covid lockdown; it’s dragging on a bit, but the worst seems to be over.

Ember (left) became a slime magnet while chasing a bullet;  Mocha is a hot mess.

Ember (left) became a slime magnet while chasing a bullet; Mocha is a hot mess.

Thank you all for sending photos. Please email me your own animal photos or message me through the Four Legs Good Facebook page. Help Furry Friday avoid embarrassing mistakes by remembering to include your pet’s name and gender if it’s not obvious!

Blue and Daisy attend a mud spa and receive the Platinum treatment.

Blue and Daisy attend a mud spa and receive the Platinum treatment.

Little Koby's first trip to the park was a revelation.

Little Koby’s first trip to the park was a revelation.

Fenix ​​and Alfie (left) submit to towels after the march;  Floyd and Izzie enjoy a walk in the rain.

Fenix ​​and Alfie (left) submit to towels after the march; Floyd and Izzie enjoy a walk in the rain.

The angle of Mollie's tail tells us how much she loves a bit of mud.

The angle of Mollie’s tail tells us how much she loves a bit of mud.

Poppy has collected some samples from nature and would like to bring them home.

Poppy has collected some samples from nature and would like to bring them home.

Molly went face first.  What other way is there to go?

Molly went face first. What other way is there to go?

Kimber (left) and Georgie and Maggie pass the base.  Their pleasure is palpable.

Kimber (left) and Georgie and Maggie pass the base. Their pleasure is palpable.

Perhaps the purest happiness you will see today is on the face of Stanley, who found the puddle.

Perhaps the purest happiness you will see today is on the face of Stanley, who found the puddle.

It's so boring to be clean and white, thinks Grant.  Sometimes you have to stir.

It’s so boring to be clean and white, thinks Grant. Sometimes you have to stir.

Zoe (left) puts on her sand boots;  Ruby wears a mud suit.

Zoe (left) puts on her sand boots; Ruby wears a mud suit.

Bowser (left) catches some drizzle;  Tonic savors the joy of mud.

Bowser (left) catches some drizzle; Tonic savors the joy of mud.

That boring track between wet and dry: Cooper (left), Chewie and Indi.

That boring track between wet and dry: Cooper (left), Chewie and Indi.

According to Archie (left) and Florence, the best kind of environmental awareness is when you get some of the environment on you.

According to Archie (left) and Florence, the best kind of environmental awareness is when you get some of the environment on you.

You know you soak up this: Mozart (left), Clover and Borri.

You know you soak up this: Mozart (left), Clover and Borri.

Adorably painted: Newt (left), Truffle and Chopper.

Adorably painted: Newt (left), Truffle and Chopper.

Fulfilling Their Dirty Dog Fates: Murphy (left), Bear and Lyra.

Fulfilling Their Dirty Dog Fates: Murphy (left), Bear and Lyra.

Riley and I got caught in a downpour at the park.  After we got home, he had an unprecedented case of zooming, bouncing on couches and doing coffee table tricks.  He settled down for a bit with his favorite treat, a lamb's ear, while I lit the fire to dry us both off.

Riley and I got caught in a downpour at the park. After we got home, he had an unprecedented case of zooming, bouncing on couches and doing coffee table tricks. He settled down for a bit with his favorite treat, a lamb’s ear, while I lit the fire to dry us both off.

Laura (left) and Luna explored.  No kidding, Sherlock.

Laura (left) and Luna explored. No kidding, Sherlock.

Betty (left) dries out after a run at the beach;  Mac brings home memories;  Jessie reports on how things are going in the garden.

Betty (left) dries out after a run at the beach; Mac brings home memories; Jessie reports on how things are going in the garden.

Rogan Josh (left) concentrates to dry off after a walk in the rain;  Bosco brings part of the beach indoors.

Rogan Josh (left) concentrates to dry off after a walk in the rain; Bosco brings part of the beach indoors.

Stand aside, Dumpling is about to – oh, too late.

Stand aside, Dumpling is about to – oh, too late.

Fern decides this is the perfect place to stop for a breather.  Just as well, she is a Curly Coated Retriever and therefore always dressed for the wet.

Fern decides this is the perfect place to stop for a breather. Just as well, she is a Curly Coated Retriever and therefore always dressed for the wet.

Dogs lead with their noses, and sometimes that takes them into messy places.  Molly (left), Darwin and Poppy.

Dogs lead with their noses, and sometimes that takes them into messy places. Molly (left), Darwin and Poppy.

Sasha loves the beach so much that she would like to wear it.

Sasha loves the beach so much that she would like to wear it.

Jiggy (left) and Riley have wandered as far and deep as their little legs and little noses will take them.

Jiggy (left) and Riley have wandered as far and deep as their little legs and little noses will take them.

Clover (left) and Newt show us what dogs are for: having fun without thinking about furniture.

Clover (left) and Newt show us what dogs are for: having fun without thinking about furniture.

Ralph (left) and Rosco are confident it will be a great <a class=hair day later.” style=”width:100%;display:inline-block”/>

Ralph (left) and Rosco are confident it will be a great hair day later.

Say hello to Walter, making his Furry Friday debut.  We will see it more.

Say hello to Walter, making his Furry Friday debut. We will see it more.

Here's an established Furry Friday star, Miss Madigan.  She has the wind in her hair, and other stuff.

Here’s an established Furry Friday star, Miss Madigan. She has the wind in her hair, and other stuff.

Finally, two adorable faces that will never bore you: Fern (left) and Ralph.  All they ask is more, more, more!

Finally, two adorable faces that will never bore you: Fern (left) and Ralph. All they ask is more, more, more!

I Tried Klorane’s New Volumizing Dry Shampoo, and It’s Better Than the Original


In 1971, Klorane presented its Dry Shampoo with Nettle in France, intended for new mothers to refresh their hair in hospital. Since then, the brand has expanded into many other things. In 1980, Klorane traveled to the United States and launched new formulas, including his fan-favorite Oat milk dry shampoo ($20), which many top hairstylists around the world consider an essential tool in their kit. No wonder a Klorane dry shampoo is sold every 11 seconds around the world. This year, the brand launched its new iteration, Volumizing Dry Shampoo with Organic Linen, and I’m in love. Here’s why.

My hair type:

I have long, dirty blonde, fine, colored hair. It doesn’t always look good because I have a lot of hair, but I promise you it is.


Let me start by saying that I want all my dry shampoos to be volumizing. When my second-day hair feels limp and lifeless, I rely on multiple sprays to bring it back to life, and that always requires adding volume to my roots. Klorane’s cult version of oat milk gives me a little boost, but there’s something special about this new formula. Not only does it soak up day two (and day three and day four) oil without a full wash, but it also brings my roots to attention in that “I woke up like this” a kind of effortless beauty thanks to its blend of organic flax fibers and seven highly absorbent texturizing powders. In an ex-vivo biometric study on hair strands, the formula was clinically proven to provide volume for eight hours, and the organic flax increased hair volume by 38.2%.

My hair looks and feels clean and soft, and if I reuse it on day three hair, it doesn’t create nasty residue on my scalp or weigh my hair down like some dry shampoos do. It’s also been dermatologist tested to be gentle on sensitive scalps, even if you use it every day. It is also safe for colored hair.

Key ingredients:

100% organic flax (it is grown on the lands of Klorane in south-west France) using green chemistry technology and 100% natural plant-based cleansing powders, including rice starch, l zea mays starch, microcrystalline cellulose, cellulose, bambusa arundinacea juice, cyclodextrin and magnesium stearate

What is he exempt from? :

Parabens, preservatives, sulfates, silicone and silica

How to use it:

Shake the can, part your hair so your root is exposed, and spray from at least six inches away so it disperses evenly. Then wait two minutes before brushing it. I like to run a round brush with densely packed bristles back and forth over the areas I sprayed to really get it in my hair. You can also use your fingertips to massage or blow-dry for a few seconds, but the round brush gives me even more volume. I will also spray it on my lengths if they also need a little boost.

Like the beloved oat milk formula, it sprays white (not Great white like many others), but because I’m blonde, I like that it makes my blonde look a little brighter. However, unlike the Oat Milk formula, which comes in the form darker shade for brunettesthis one is only available in one universal spray.

What it smells like:

It has a fresh, floral salon-like scent, but it’s not overwhelming and it doesn’t stay in my hair long after I brush it out.

The essential :

Whether you want to quickly get rid of a greasy look, boost volume at your roots, prolong your salon blowout, or all of the above, this new formula from Klorane’s dry shampoo brains is a must-have.

Price/Where to buy:

$20, kloraneusa.com

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Jennifer Lopez’s New Caramel Highlights Are Perfect for Summer


When it comes to the ebb and flow process, this rings especially true for Jennifer Lopezthe hair. What I mean in layman’s terms is that the color of J-Lo’s locks is something that keeps changing on a regular and repeated basis. Yet she still manages to look so different and shock us every time – in the best possible way, of course.

Jennifer Lopez performed at the Dodgers Foundation's Blue Diamond Gala and MUA Mary Phillips shared an Instagram photo of the singer's bouncy <a class=hair look.” src=”https://www.msn.com/en-gb/lifestyle/style/jennifer-lopezs-new-caramel-highlights-are-perfect-for-summer/{"default":{"load":"default","w":"80","h":"40","src":"//img-s-msn-com.akamaized.net/tenant/amp/entityid/AAZglWo.img?h=401&w=799&m=6&q=60&o=f&l=f&x=434&y=294"},"size3column":{"load":"default","w":"62","h":"31","src":"//img-s-msn-com.akamaized.net/tenant/amp/entityid/AAZglWo.img?h=313&w=624&m=6&q=60&o=f&l=f&x=434&y=294"},"size2column":{"load":"default","w":"62","h":"31","src":"//img-s-msn-com.akamaized.net/tenant/amp/entityid/AAZglWo.img?h=313&w=624&m=6&q=60&o=f&l=f&x=434&y=294"}}”/>

©Getty Images
Jennifer Lopez performed at the Dodgers Foundation’s Blue Diamond Gala and MUA Mary Phillips shared an Instagram photo of the singer’s bouncy hair look.

That the actress meets the singer-turned-entrepreneur tries hair modelinghighlighting tricks or even dipping his toes into the dark brown territoryshe always (and I don’t say this lightly) looks incredulous. And this look is no exception, coming to us in the form of a ‘money-piece’ caramel highlights look that is summer hair goals on goals.

Jen’s favorite celebrity makeup artist, Mary Phillipswhose clientele also includes Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Addison Rae, shared a photo of the star’s summer hair look on her Instagram feed.

Gallery: Selena Gomez shares her ‘affordable’ skincare routine for a natural glow (Women’s Health UK)

Now, if you’re a super fan of J-Lo (as we are), you might notice this is a throwback photo from her night at the Dodgers Foundation’s Blue Diamond Gala in Los Angeles. .

For this particular style, Chris Appleton was the genius behind the hair art and created a bouncy blowout that shows off her bits of caramel highlights in all their glory. The puffy, outward-facing curls hit the light perfectly to reveal the sun-kissed look, and the color is so natural on her brunette hair, it’s almost as if it’s been naturally sun-lightened.

This combination of color and style is definitely the stuff of dreams. IDK where to start first – a dye or hair appointment. Maybe both at once wouldn’t hurt?

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How a philosophy of small improvements got me to Oxford, the NFL and neurosurgery


Dr. Myron L. Rolle is a former NFL Safety Specialist, Rhodes Scholar, and Neurosurgery Resident and Global Neurosurgery Fellow at Harvard-Massachusetts General Hospital. His philanthropic work, academic excellence, and athletic endeavors have been featured in top global and national media such as CNN, ABC News, ESPN, and CNBC.

Below, Myron shares 5 key insights from his new book, The 2% Way: How a Small Improvements Philosophy Led Me to Oxford, the NFL and Neurosurgery. Listen to the audio version – read by Myron himself – in the Next Big Idea app.

1. Incremental improvements lead to bigger and longer lasting results.

When I was a rookie at Florida State University, defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews demanded tangible, even minimal, progress with every practice. He was yelling at us, the players, “Someone in Alabama or Clemson works as hard as you do.” I need you to be 2% better than them somehow!” It was a football concept that originated with legendary college coach Paul “Bear” Bryant.

Once I realized the power of the 2% Way in football, I extended it to every aspect of my life. For example, most people don’t realize that being able to perform in front of thousands of fans watching every move is a unique form of pressure. They don’t know that playing football prepares for neurosurgery. I have personally learned that both require a kind of diligence that borders on fanaticism – for me this involved making small 2% changes each day to achieve the dreams I wrote down in my 5th grade spiral notebook . The 2% Way can also become the foundation of your success in life: small increments, properly calibrated, can make big dreams achievable and immense progress possible.

2. Life is a journey and you will evolve from one stage to the next.

Society doesn’t prepare athletes to think about life after football, but I’ve learned that it’s possible – and essential for an athlete’s mental health – to have a plan for success off the pitch. Likewise, in other career fields, people may not stick with the same thing forever – they branch out strategically. There will be opportunities to build on what you have learned so far in the next chapter of your life. The skills, traits, and discipline you honed even in high school can go a long way toward being exceptional as you chart your new path.

“There can be new life after the life you’ve always known is gone.”

I was drafted late (207th pick in the sixth round with the Tennessee Titans), and although people counted me out, it was a blessing in disguise because it always allowed me to stay fundamentally focused and bigger. Life always puts us in a position to make the best of our situation. Next thing you know, I’m in medical school, becoming a neurosurgeon, preparing for a different kind of draft.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking there’s nothing beyond what you’ve already done – your chosen major, your career so far, etc. – and you do not create another plan. But there can be a new life after the end of the life you have always known. And that doesn’t mean that changing direction will eliminate the thing you loved the most – for me, it was football – or that it won’t become part of your life in a different way.

3. Your name is what you make it.

When we blacks examine our past, we find that slavery and supremacy complicate our family histories. Lord John Rolle of England never set foot in the Caribbean, but that didn’t stop him from enslaving four hundred of my ancestors. They worked without compensation on his plantation in Exuma, sending generations of fortunes back to Europe.

When emancipation freed up its workforce in 1838, Lord Rolle lost interest in the Bahamas. Most of the freed slaves took the surname Rolle and cultivated his abandoned fields as their own. Today, around 60% of the inhabitants of the island still bear the surname Rolle. I have aunts in Rolletown, and if you drive up and down the Exuma roads, you’ll see a Rolle barber shop, a Rolle beauty shop, and Rolle convenience stores. The pain of slavery is calcified in my last name, but in the Bahamas the word “Rolle” has been recovered. Now it is uttered in joy.

“Part of the black experience is turning past slights into pride.”

Part of the black experience is turning past slights into pride. When I return to the islands and hear Rolle’s name shouted through the windows, or see it painted blue and yellow on the road signs, I feel like a son welcomed to the place where everything has started. Your name is what you make it, and we made it ours.

4. Be so good they can’t turn you down.

As someone whose parents immigrated from the Bahamas, who was raised without wealth or luxuries, I was taught from an early age that the only thing that mattered was hard work and self-improvement. “Be so good they can’t deny you,” my father would tell me over and over. Because we had no other family around us, my parents taught us that we Rolles had to be our own cheerleaders.

But when I was ten, some kid called my family horrible names, and I beat them. This led to a court case in which I learned a difficult lesson: don’t let others dictate your future.

5. Strive to make every month Black History Month.

Systemic racism continues to exist in America, and I’ve witnessed firsthand how overcoming it continues to be a monumental task – one impossible to confine to just 28 days of the year. The structurally violent system is still a daily reality for black Americans, whether or not it is highlighted in the news for non-blacks that day. Systemic challenges are enshrined in the rules and prevent true equality.

“We have to decide that we’re going to move the needle ever so slightly, every day.”

I see this dynamic playing out in the hospital where I work. I have the pleasure of working with some truly amazing colleagues – doctors, nurses and administrators who welcome me into the team and treat me like a cherished colleague and dear friend. But there have been instances where I walked into a room and a patient took me back to where I was afraid to be. I was mistaken for a food delivery guy, cleaning staff, or otherwise assumed to be someone who couldn’t be on the neurosurgery team. It’s frustrating to continue to be stereotyped in this regard. Simply because I’m black living in the midst of a white majority – even when I’m dressed in smocks – my presence is often mistaken for that of someone who will serve your lunch, not your life.

So how to move forward? How do we mitigate systemic challenges that oppress, even when we have allies willing to help? Instead of viewing the system as one large, overwhelming megalithic entity, we need to break it down into smaller pieces. We have to decide that we are going to move the needle very slightly, each day. By reading more, advancing policies, communicating and investing in young people, we can break the mould.

We might look at all the work still ahead of us and feel helpless, angry, or hopeless. We could focus our energy on demanding that entire industries, businesses and communities overhaul the way they do business. Or we could apply the only methodology that succeeds in achieving real growth over time and challenge ourselves and those around us to notice just one small injustice a day, or take a step towards self-awareness. and improving every week.

To listen to the audio version read by author Myron Rolle, download the Next Big Idea app today:

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10 best characters with blonde hair


my hero academia is a hit superhero animated series with a colorful cast of characters, literally and metaphorically. The heroes and villains of my hero academia have outstanding visual designs with their flashy hero costumes, fascinating mutations, and even hairstyles and hair color. They are really expressive anime characters.

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Professional heroes sometimes use unique hairstyles or accessories to stand out, and some characters’ hair styles actually hint at their Quirks or personalities, such as the heartbeat pattern in Kyoko Jiro’s hair. Then there are a lot of my hero academia characters who have shiny blonde hair to match their lively personalities. Blonde anime characters never fail to stand out in a scene.

ten Denki Kaminari Harnessed Lightning

Even though Denki Kaminari ranks last in his class when it comes to test scores, this electric student hero makes up for it in other ways. Even though he cannot study well, Denki often excels in practical exams and mock battles, including his fine performance in joint training history against Class 1-B’s own team.

Denki relies heavily on his offensive Quirk, which allows him to unleash devastating electric shocks against his enemies. He’s notorious for overloading his brain this way, but he’s since learned to use his powers more accurately and increase his stamina on the battlefield.

9 Pony Tsunotori is a ranged horse hero

Class 1-B is home to two foreign heroes, including charming American student Pony Tsunotori, who speaks English and Japanese. She’s a cheerful and enthusiastic apprentice hero who fought hard in the Joint Training Battle, and she was also smart enough to cut her losses and force a tie against Mezo Shoji.

Pony has a horse theme with her hero costume and her ability to run fast on all fours. She can also fire the large horns at her head like projectile weapons, or even levitate them in the air like hoverboards. She can stand on these horns to float in the air if needed.

8 Ryukyu is a great mentor

Dragon hero Ryukyu ranks among the top 10 professional heroes in all of Japan, and she’s admirably humble about it. Ryukyu prefers to let his superheroes speak for themselves, including his ability to train three students at once. Most professional heroes couldn’t handle three trainees at once, but Ryukyu can.

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Ryukyu personally trained Ochaco, Tsuyu, and Nejire and helped them form a team. Meanwhile, during missions, Ryukyu can use his Quirk to transform into a scaled dragon-like creature to crush his evil enemies beneath his clawed paws. The Overhaul Hideout Raid was a good example of Ryukyu in action.

seven Himiko Toga is an unforgettable thug villain

One of the most compelling villains in my hero academia is the bloodthirsty shapeshifter Himiko Toga. While she’s definitely a criminal who needs to be brought to justice, Himiko is also oddly sympathetic, as she couldn’t help but be born with a blood-based Quirk that everyone found repulsive. She is just herself.

Evil blonde Himiko also looks like an evil Ochaco Uraraka, a cheerful girl who longs to be like her role models and find true love. She once idolized Stain the Hero Slayer before falling in love with Izuku and Ochaco instead.

6 Present Mic is the DJ Hero

Present Mic is one of the funniest and stylish professional heroes who works at UA school as a teacher. He is the school’s English teacher, but he has a lot more fun fighting his students in mock battles or working as a DJ or entertainer for events. It all depends on his voice.

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Present Mic isn’t all fun and games, though. This goofy blond hero gets serious when he and his longtime friend, Eraserhead, have to deal with Kurogiri, the evil Nomu who was built from the remains of Shirakumo.

5 Hawks is justice on the wings

New Pro Hero #2 is young blondie Hawks, a highly mobile and fast hero whose feathers are more than just a means of flight. Hawks’ feathers can also serve as swords in battle with their sharp edges, and hawks can use them to sense vibrations in the air and hear the voices of people from afar.

In the story, Hawks served as a double agent who posed as a renegade hero who had joined the Meta Liberation Army. It’s risky to be undercover like this, but Hawks is up to it, and he even sent a warning message to his ally, Endeavor, with a book.

4 Best Jeanist Reinforced Jeans

Another prominent blonde professional hero is the tall, serious Best Jeanist, who wears a head-to-toe denim hero costume. This all-denim suit may look odd, but its threads are perfect for Best Jeanist’s Quirk, which allows it to manipulate the fibers of clothing, especially denim.

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The best Jeanist is the one who trained Katsuki Bakugo on the job, although it doesn’t seem like Bakugo learned much from him. Soon, Best Jeanist stood up to All For One himself, but he was soon injured and taken out of the fight.

3 Mirio Togata never lost hope

The most powerful and accomplished UA student, Mirio Togata, has the heart of a true hero. He swore to save a million lives, hence his hero name, Lemillion. He didn’t lose hope even when he lost his Permeation Quirk in battle against the villainous Overhaul. He would rather lose his Quirk than lose Eri.

Mirio hasn’t done much since then, though he and Izuku serve as Eri’s unofficial big brothers, and they make sure to keep Eri safe and happy here in UA. In fact, Eri sat on Mirio’s shoulders to watch Class 1-A’s rock performance at the school festival.

2 Katsuki Bakugo spoils himself for a fight

Izuku’s childhood friend, Katsuki Bakugo, has a bad temper and a ruthless competitive spirit, which makes him hard to live with. His spiky, ash-blonde hair almost looks like an explosion on his head, a hairstyle he inherited from his kind mother, Mitsuki.

Bakugo’s hair didn’t stay out for long when Best Jeanist combed it. His hair quickly grew back and Bakugo didn’t want it to be any other way. In battle, meanwhile, Bakugo leaves his spiky blond hair exposed, wearing an eye mask instead of a full face helmet like Ingenium or Mudman.

1 Everything is tall and blond

The invincible symbol of peace itself, All Might, has a surprisingly deceptive appearance. His muscular form is more like an organic costume he can put on and take off, and his true form is incredibly thin and frail. But he would much rather hide this skinny form from the public to maintain his image.

All Might’s heroic heart and dazzling blonde hair, however, are totally authentic. He’s always been a blonde, even when he was a student, and he always aspired to save absolutely everyone with a hopeful smile on his face. And he succeeded.

Dementia: pseudo pili torti may coincide with brain decline


Advances in medicine have seen the number of older people increase year on year, explaining the increasing prevalence of dementia. The sooner the disease is diagnosed, the more doctors are able to prolong the quality of life of those affected. Some studies suggest that brain decline may be accompanied by changes in hair and nails.

In a 2015 report entitled Skin Lesions: A Valuable Sign in the Diagnosis of Dementia Syndromes, experts raised the issue of skin lesions in patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

They noted that cognitive decline was “often accompanied” by skin damage resulting from neglected hygiene.

These skin manifestations tend to include pressure sores, where the skin is injured due to prolonged pressure on the skin.

Excoriation disorder (chronic skin epilation), mycosis (caused by fungal infection), and post-traumatic wounds due to gait disturbance also coincided with cerebral decline.

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Elsewhere in the report, the authors note: “In Alzheimer’s disease, lesions occur in the hair and nails. […].

“[…] It seems that the cutaneous manifestations associated with dementia syndromes can serve as a valuable sign in the context of diagnosis.

“In patients who arise from dementia associated with vascular lesions, cutaneous manifestations are often seen in the form of reticular livedo which is an important diagnostic criterion.”

These physiological changes may result from other changes in the chemical makeup of the body, it has been suggested.


The authors added: “Studies show a correlation between reduced mercury levels and the duration and severity of dementia.

“Changes in the concentration of micronutrients in the nail plate are obsessed with from the earliest stages of the disease.”

Interestingly, changes in the hair structure of patients with the disease are just as common.

“Studies on human hair show that in 85% of patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, the hair structure is abnormal,” the authors added.

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The research in question, published in JAMA Dermatology, found that 70% of hair samples from Alzheimer’s patients were made up of pseudo pili torti.

Pili torti is medically defined as a hair shaft disorder characterized by hair that does not grow long and breaks easily.

The hair often takes on a coarse or glittery appearance.

Additionally, the researchers found evidence of trichorrhexia nodosa in 38% of the remaining hair samples.

In this condition, the thickened or weak spots along the hair shaft cause the hair to break easily.

The researchers concluded their report by noting that the need for accurate and rapid diagnosis of dementia has never been more evident.

“The coexistence of cutaneous lesions perceptible at an early stage appears significant in the diagnosis of [dementia syndromes]“, they added.

“Furthermore, one should be aware that many dermatological aspects coexist with the underlying disease, namely itching, iatrogenic lesions and skin lesions resulting from neglected hygiene.”

How the Minions upgraded Shang-Chi’s Ying Nan for The Rise of Gru


In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many quality fighters have used hand-to-hand combat. Steve Rogers, The Winter Soldier and Black Widow stand out, but in terms of martial arts, Shang-Chi’s solo film revealed who was better. However, it wasn’t him or his sister, Xu Xialing – it was their aunt, Ying Nan, who really waged war against the Wenwu Army and the Soul Eaters of the Dweller-in-Darkness.

And what made Ying Nan’s role more special, apart from the family atmosphere and her encouragement for Shang-Chi and her brother, was that ’80s and ’90s action star Michelle Yeoh gave life. Yeoh was one of the pioneering Asian actors in Hollywood, innovating in films like Supercop and, more recently, All everywhere, all at once. Pretty amusing, Minions: The Rise of Gru took a page from the Marvel Cinematic Universe by borrowing Yeoh and the energy she exuded as Ying Nan, making her a mistress of the Minions.

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Yeoh’s big appearance came halfway The Rise of Gru, when Kevin, Stuart and Bob get lost in San Francisco. Wild Knuckles’ goons beat them up in a Chinatown alley when they tried to rescue a kidnapped Gru. Luckily, they were saved by Yeoh’s Master Chow, who ran an acupuncture and beauty salon. She unleashed gravity-defying moves, but more importantly, she controlled the wind, blasting goons.

This led to the Minions offering Sad Eyes for her to teach them. But make no mistake, it was quite a chore as she taught them how to break boards and raise their kung fu skills. Master Chow also knew about the mystical realm, teaching them to release their inner beasts and use the elements of nature. She even showed them wind blowing – a move Ying Nan helped Shang-Chi learn that helped him defeat his evil father.

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Now, the Minions haven’t perfected everything, choosing to be too playful during dojo sessions. They constantly harassed each other and playfully yawned over homework, which led to Ying Nan scolding them with a stick. However, Chow showed the same patience as Ying Nan, educating the Minions to find the light, recalling the speech Shang-Chi received about his fate.

This resulted in the Minions graduating and using these techniques in the finale when the Vicious 6 turned into monsters, trying to kill Gru. The villains used their amulet to turn Kevin, Stuart, and Bob into a rabbit, a goat, and a rooster, respectively. However, these cute villains remembered the lessons of Chow, channeling super speed, strength, and wind blast to defeat bad guys and save the world. Their heroism even allowed Gru to use the amulet and turn the Vicious 6 into rats, proving that Chow was the best teacher they could have asked for.

Find out how Minions receive Shang-Chi training in Minions: The Rise of Gru, in theaters now.

Design trends shaping post-pandemic vacation homes


Vacation homes have taken on new meaning during the pandemic. For some, “weekend” homes have become primary residences; others, previously thinking they had said goodbye to the big city for good, realized they might not be enough ready for the slow pace of small town life all year round. For this last set, the country house planned as the main residence was finally designated as a holiday resort.

These changing dynamics have also resulted in a shift in vacation home design priorities. We spoke with five design professionals about what they see in their most recent vacation home projects.

The alcove office of a Parisian apartment designed by AD100 talent Pierre Yovanovitch.

Photo: Francois Halard

Future trigger

Now that we’ve had a few years to reflect on our pandemic choices, we’re preparing for the future armed with those lessons.

“During the pandemic, many people have moved to their vacation homes to stay safe and healthy,” says designer Kelly Finley of Joy Street Design. “And while the original design intent may have excluded things that you didn’t need because it was just a weekend house, it made the houses underprepared Now I hear from clients who want to include the possibility that they will be living in these homes for long periods of time.

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This means a different choice of materials – more marble and stone, for example, instead of the porcelain and quartz the team typically used in second homes – as well as sturdier and more sophisticated kitchens.

“The kitchen looms large in most vacation homes,” says designer Sarah Zames of General Assembly. “People like to entertain and also like to spend time cooking together. We often include multiple kitchen spaces: the main kitchen, a kitchenette, and an outdoor kitchen.

Designer Tom Stringer, of Tom Stringer Design Partners, adds that holiday homes must now also support ad hoc remote working. “We are noticing that every vacation home now has a dedicated desk, although these are what we call ‘pocket desks’ – a small space where you can walk in, have a work surface and make a video call while on vacation.”

Emmanuel Carrère writes his way through a breakdown


I asked Carrère why he wasn’t telling the truth at the airport scene. He thought for a moment, said, “Because.” . .”, then paused again. “I thought that would have ruined it a bit.” What he loved about the Gemini woman story was that, that last scene aside, he described something real rang fictitious: an extended sexual relationship that remained essentially anonymous, with communication of one guy and not the other.

He wanted “consistency”, he said. That is to say: to avoid disturbing a narrative of real events that had a romantic, or cinematic texture, he had added fiction. It’s the kind of thing that happens all the time in autofiction works.

Carrère continues: “Because of all this thing with Hélène, it had a very strange status, everything of this one. So it’s a bit confusing. Not just for the reader but for me too.

The jury for the prestigious Goncourt Prize has a clear preference for fiction, and Devynck’s article accuses Carrère of trying to increase his chances of winning the prize by including elements of fiction. Carrère denies this, and he described to me how he had resisted his publisher’s suggestion to call a novel “Yoga”: very different.’ In September 2020, “Yoga” was on the first long list of the Prix Goncourt. After Devynck’s article appeared later that month, the book did not make the final shortlist.

Bourgeois-Tacquet, speaking at home one morning when Carrère was out, observed that he had never experienced grief or deep grief. Now that his mood extremes have been ameliorated by medication, he finds himself with a serenity about everyday things, which she described as an almost prelapse-like state. “I have something very important to tell you,” she said. “And I keep telling my friends and his friends. Emmanuel is the happiest person I know. I am not joking! I have never met anyone who is like that. He is always happy. I do not want to say happy-I mean contents. He’s fine everywhere he goes. I am never happy. Everything is a problem for me. For him, everything is fine. He does not care. It’s raining, it’s ok It’s sunny, it’s ok He’s sick, he’s happy to be sick. I’m sick and I want to kill everyone.

He was aware of a natural empathy deficit, she added, “so he makes up for it – in everyday life he’s very attentive, more so than other men I’ve been with.” It was nice living with him. But, after a moment’s hesitation, she goes on to describe the gift Carrère gave her on the occasion of her thirty-fifth birthday, and the disputes that followed. That was before they moved in together.

Her birthday present, he explained in a letter, was an idea for a movie she could write and direct. The letter had sketched out a cinematic treatment. “I never asked him to give me an idea,” she said. “I don’t need an idea. And it’s not a gift. He really thought that was generous. She added that her proposed script – about having sex at a distance – was an elaboration of a script she had already mentioned to him, months earlier.

A few hours after visiting Bourgeois-Tacquet, I met Carrère at Napoleon, a cafe within sight of his old apartment above the grocery store. His former home with Devynck – with whom he is still on bad terms – is around the corner.

We sat at a table on a busy sidewalk. Carrère, who hadn’t had a drink for a few years, ordered an orange juice and recounted how, shortly after the events recounted in “Yoga”, he had “the simplest, most obvious and most promising”. for a book I already I thought it was impossible not to make a great book with such an idea. He’s laughing. The idea was to talk to the people around him.

He struck up conversations with those who lived and worked within a thousand feet of where we were sitting: “I don’t know anything about them. And I’m not that interested. And I think it’s wrong not to be interested. I even think it’s wrong. He recalls a waiter, then working at Napoleon, with whom he sometimes discussed books briefly: “I see him every day. I love him, I think he loves me. But I don’t know anything about him. Carrère’s feeling at the time, he says, was that “you don’t have to choose between making a good work of art or improving the quality of your relationships with others. The idea was to work on both. Its working title was “Proximity”. When Carrère wrote a note about the project, for him and for Samuelson, he recalled the dinner scene in “Groundhog Day” in which Bill Murray amazes Andie MacDowell by giving her intimate biographies of those around them. (“It’s Bill. . . . He loves the city, he paints toy soldiers and he’s gay.”) That was the dream of “Proximity,” he writes: to elicit that astonishment. He added: “But, yes, of course I will talk about myself.”

He interviewed a hundred people: the waiter; barbers serving customers born in West Africa; the owners of a fancy bakery with customers like Carrère; the homeless. He wrote hundreds of thousands of words.

He put everything aside to finish “Yoga”. Later, in 2020, he “opened the file and read the whole thing over,” he said. “It was wrong. Really bad. Really uninteresting. I closed the file. He might open it again in a few years.

Carrère took me on a little tour of the neighborhood. Shops were closing for the day and bars were starting to fill up. In Passage Brady, an arcade that somewhat resembles the one where he now lives, Indian restaurants awaited customers. As we passed one of them, a young waiter met Carrère’s eyes, and the two men greeted each other. But there was a discrepancy: although they had spoken, occasionally, in another restaurant, the waiter clearly didn’t remember him and only greeted him as a customer. There was a moment of unease, from which the men extricated themselves smiling.

As we progressed, Carrère said that, for the article I was writing, it would have been nice if I heard people shouting, at every street corner: “Hey, Emmanuel! He continued, “There are people who know everyone. I wish I was that person, and I’m not.

Earlier this year, Russian theater and film director Kirill Serebrennikov – who spent around two years under house arrest on charges of embezzlement widely seen as trumped up, for political reasons – began filming of an English-language adaptation of Carrère’s study of Eduard Limonov, who died in 2020. Carrère had agreed to a small acting role in the film, which would star Ben Whishaw. And, because Carrère’s personal calendar seems to synchronize with catastrophic world events, his brief trip to Moscow was scheduled to begin on February 24. François Samuelson would join him.

In a video interview published on February 23, Hélène Carrère d’Encausse was asked about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. She met Vladimir Putin several times, and the French political establishment has long paid attention to her opinions, which have largely supported or accepted Putin’s policy decisions, including the annexation of Crimea. No, she told her interviewer: Putin was “not an idiot”. Early the next morning, Putin invaded Ukraine. Emmanuel Carrère was at home waiting for a taxi to the airport when Samuelson called to say, “I don’t think we can go. Carrère said he was probably right.

But then he felt bad; he would drop the film. The next day he flew to Moscow alone. He shot his scene. By now, Ukrainian forces were fighting to retain control of Kharkiv, where Limonov had spent much of his youth. When Carrère’s return flight was canceled, the film company found him a flight to Dubai. He headed to the airport in a taxi, then asked the driver to turn around. When Bourgeois-Tacquet asked him why he had decided to stay, he replied: “I am a journalist. His answer was not facetious: “OK, I didn’t know.” He later told her that after years of sobriety, he had had a few drinks.

When I called Carrère in Moscow, he had been there for ten days. Limonov’s film, he said, was transferred to Bulgaria. He had learned to use Telegram, the encrypted communication application. He had spent the week mostly with middle-class people of his generation. Either they are getting ready to leave, or they are imagining a new life in conditions that are sure to fascinate Carrère: they will be cut off from the rest of the world. When we spoke, he was writing an article on Moscow for The Obs; when that was done, he would return home, via Istanbul.

The article, published a few days later, began with a sketch of a woman he called Irina. “The only thing that reassures me is that our country is very big,” she told Carrère. “There are places to hide. Magadan, Baikal, Altai. . . . I go boating, you know, my friends and I have a small boat, which is moored fifty kilometers from Moscow. My dream was a long trip to Africa, by rivers and by sea. We had prepared everything, I was going to take a sabbatical year, leave next summer. Maybe I’ll go with my daughter to the Arctic Ocean instead. Perhaps we will live on the edge of the Arctic Ocean. Maybe we will learn to live differently. It might be good. » ♦

Living in style: Priyanka Chopra is ready to get the ultimate ‘summer hair’


Priyanka Chopra keeps it summery and gorgeous with her stylish lookbook as she gets done with her new summer hairstyle, check out

” class=”lazy img-responsive” data-src=”https://www.iwmbuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/living-in-style-priyanka-chopra-is-all-set- to-get-the-ultimate-summer-hair-2-920×518.jpg” width=”920″ height=”518″ alt=”Live in style: Priyanka Chopra is ready to get the ultimate “summer hair” / >

Priyanka Chopra, our very own PeeCee can never fail to go out of style! Whether it’s summer, winter or any other season, the actress has the perfect look, the perfect style and the perfect fashion to show off and now again the diva has surprised us with her sultry looks as she is up for a new summer hairstyle.

The actress shared undone photos on her Instagram stories, where the diva looked fierce and beautiful without makeup, while she had exciting highlights on her hair. The actress sparked it off with a smile on her face, exclaimed that she is ready to get the ultimate new hairstyle for the summer.

Here take a look-

Professionally, PeeCee has made India proud. With an incredible successful career in Bollywood so far, the actress is also successful in Hollywood, with some popular movies in hand. The actress is also up for some mega B-town projects, one of them is Jee le Zara.

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Pine Nuts: Failed Personal Finance Course


Michigan is set to become the 14e the state of mandating a personal finance course in high school, congratulations. I only wish we had a personal finance class when I was in high school.

Left to my own devices, well, I poured every dollar I made as a lifeguard into my ’55 Chevy, even to the point of driving to Mexico to have the seats rolled and tucked in Naugahyde. It cost a fortune, but oh, it looked boss.

Photo taken in 1993.

However, a small problem arose as we drove home through the hot Southern California desert. I started to feel something that made my eyes water. I discovered, as my scent nodes swelled to the size of peaches, that they had stuffed my beautiful new upholstery with horse manure, something you could never detect except on a very hot day. .

I sold this car on the coldest day of the year to a classmate of mine who also needed a personal finance course. The one thing I took away from Ms. Mann’s home economics class was, “Never spend more than a quarter of your income on housing. That little piece has served me well over the years, but the days of you only spending a quarter of your income on rent are gone when rents are $2,500 a month here in Tahoe, and double that in New York if you can find an apartment.

A while ago I picked up a few girls who were hitchhiking to the State Line for a night out. During their conversation, one of them asked the other, “Did you bring any money?”

” No you ? »


These girls could have taken a course in personal finance, and maybe a course in sociology. My humble suggestion is, drop Shakespeare for Twain and drop algebra for personal finance. I never used algebra except to calculate how fast I needed to run to complete a marathon in under three hours. And I never used Shakespeare, except to confess to myself on occasion, as Caliban once did: “What a thrice-double ass I was.”

The advice I got from my dad, who was very good at managing money, was simply, “No, we can’t buy Buick taillights for your Chevy, son; Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

Kids graduating from high school today need to learn about cryptocurrencies, compound interest, and payday loans, not to mention the line on the game of the week.

When I was a lifeguard in Tahoe, life was good. I had my ’55 Chevy and a girlfriend who worked at Harrah’s and shared his generous take-out meals. This summer will never come back, neither for me nor unfortunately for anyone. Life is so much more complicated today. So, let’s include personal finance as a body to our high school curricula in this great country of ours, and provide our graduates with a more resourceful, successful, and stress-free future…

Audio: https://anchor.fm/mcavoy-layne

Learn more about McAvoy Layne at http://www.ghostoftwain.com

Marlborough formal: behind the scenes of “a very special evening”


The biggest night on the high school calendar began at 8am on Saturday for Marlborough Girls’ College 13th grader Te Ao Mārama Nepia.

The 17-year-old headmistress was one of 22 students from Marlborough Combined College’s formal committee to organize the school’s formal this year.

“We had to organize literally everything from the road closure, the decorating, who we want to do the food, the entertainment, and we have sub-committees working on their designated area.”

Scheduled since February and held at the Marlborough Convention Centre, this year’s ceremony was Great Gatsby themed with gold, black and white decoration.

* Marlborough students spend a day off in the rain to raise money for charity
* Youth Trust becomes pre-formal beauty salon
* Coronavirus: Tier 2 alert extension cancels formal school in Marlborough

“We are thrilled to see the reactions of the students when they see all the beautiful decorations tonight.

“We have different things in different areas. So in our dining room we have big long tables with centerpieces with big feathers and gold vases.

“For our photo booth, we have a nice old sofa with big concrete blocks, and we also have a balloon garland for an informal photo booth.”

After her makeup appointments at 9:30 a.m., Te Ao Mārama returned to the Marlborough Convention Center “to see if everything was going well”, before rushing to the hairdresser and returning to the scene.

“It’s definitely a big deal, especially when we have all the boys, acting like gentlemen… It’s very exciting!

“It represents the best social night for the school, and it’s a time when we can all come together and celebrate, it’s a very special night.

“After the ceremony, almost everyone is connected again and ready to achieve our goals for the end of our school years, which is really exciting.”

Te Ao Mārama was meeting with seven of her friends at her house to take photos and share platters before the big night.

It was also very busy for Anna Makeup & Beauty owner Anna Thompson, who was sold out from 8:00 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.

“Some reservations were made a year in advance.

“It’s so important for girls to wear makeup, do their nails and have their hair done”

“The most important thing for me is that they send me the makeup they want and the dress they want to match,” Thompson said.

Anna Makeup & Beauty owner Anna Thompson had a busy Saturday putting makeup on 13 students ahead of combined college in Marlborough.

Morgane Solignac/Stuff

Anna Makeup & Beauty owner Anna Thompson had a busy Saturday putting makeup on 13 students ahead of combined college in Marlborough.

Morghan Summerscales, 17, and Greta Marshall, 18, Year 13 students at Marlborough Girls’ College, got together to have their make-up done.

“I had my hair colored light blonde on Wednesday afternoon, then Thursday morning I had my eyelashes redone, Thursday afternoon my eyebrows and nails, and then last night I tanned.

“In addition to all of that, I’m also on the official committee, as a member of the catering team, so I was at the Convention Center all day yesterday and this morning,” Summerscales said.

The 17-year-old student hadn’t slept much the night before.

“I was quite excited.

“I can’t wait to dress up and see how the boys are all dressed, because you never see that as often as you should.”

Morghan Summerscales, 17, and Greta Marshall, 18, Year 13 students at Marlborough Girls' College, were preparing for their varsity ceremony together.

Morgane Solignac/Stuff

Morghan Summerscales, 17, and Greta Marshall, 18, Year 13 students at Marlborough Girls’ College, were preparing for their varsity ceremony together.

Marlborough Girls’ College principal Mary-Jeanne Lynch said it was really important to have traditions, rites of passage in our lives, and especially in schools.

“I remember before our ceremony, everyone in my school spent a term, lunchtime, learning ballroom dancing.

“And we learned a series of dances, the waltz, the Schottische, the military two-step…and it was quite fun.

“An elderly woman came in and played the piano for all these dances. So it was like a pretty old traditional ball, and then the rest of the night we had a band.”

Lynch said the formal was also a huge community event.

“I would like to thank parents and the wider community for their support of Marlborough Combined University Education.

“And I wish the students a really fun night out with their friends, celebrating.”

Ranking of Geralt’s beards and hairstyles and which barbershop to get them at


Season 3 of Netflix’s adaptation of the Polish fantasy series the witcher is rumored to be already filming. Looking forward to the next season, fans have plenty of time to revisit games that share source material. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is by far the most popular of the game series, and one of those reasons is the ability to customize Geralt with different hair and beard styles from various barbershops across the map.

The majority of these styles are available at all hair salons except for one, which is available through a quest on the Blood and Wine expansion. These styles are categorized based on how well they fit Geralt’s aesthetic and current real-world trends.


12 Friendly mutton chops

There’s no denying that this is an incredibly odd choice for Geralt. Blaviken’s Butcher has been portrayed many ways in his various adaptations, but “friendly” isn’t a frequent choice. The foppish style is a bit silly for The Witcher, though it draws player comparisons to fellow pop culture grumpy Wolverine.

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The widespread availability and lack of maintenance required for this style in-game makes it appealing. This is one of the beard styles available for Geralt that does not feature regrowth, meaning that Geralt’s facial hair will remain as it is until the player visits one of the barbers on the map. card and select a different personalization option.

11 Shaved on the sides, short on top and in a ponytail

While this style may offer a high cool factor and practical real-world functionality, it just doesn’t seem to suit Geralt. The combination of so many different styles and lengths makes this hairstyle much more challenging and overloaded than best suits the Witcher style.

It’s ironic that every barber in the game is able to recreate this particular style. It almost seems like it would be too specific a style for someone who isn’t exactly known for their creativity and fashion sense. However, if the player is going for that kind of “dad trying to be really cool” look, this is the perfect option for customization.

ten The Elven Rebel

When it comes to the rebellion, Geralt always finds a way to get involved, even when he claims he wants nothing to do with it all. The Elven Rebel hairstyle is an option to customize Geralt in The Witcher 3 gameplay that showcases his scars and impressive bone structure.

However, the shaved nature of this hairstyle seems to require a surprisingly large amount of styling and maintenance in an actual application of the style, resulting in a less realistic option for the character. However, none of the hairstyles require actual upkeep, so it will stay short no matter how much time a player spends between visits to the barbers.

9 Mustache and a Soul Patch

the witcher offers several adaptations of well-known fairy tales through quests in The Witcher 3. So if a player felt particularly inspired by Robin Hood, they can do so by channeling a facial hairstyle similar to Cary Elwes’ in Robin Hood: Men in Tights and Oliver Queen’s classic cartoon look.

While not quite the same, this mustache and soul patch are rendered with a slightly pointed appearance. In a real world app this wouldn’t be practical for someone like Geralt, but it’s one of the beard options that doesn’t need to be trimmed or modified after downloading the beard hair DLC. face of PROJEKT RED.

8 queen’s pageboy

Players who have the blood and wine The expansion can unlock an exclusive haircut inspired by CD PROJEKT RED’s 2014 April Fool’s joke by completing the “Of Sheers And A Witcher I Sing” quest. This bowl cut is only available from Jean-Louis Ludovic in Toussiant, and it exudes some major energy from Will Byers for Geralt.

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It’s certainly not the most flattering cut for the rough and tough fighter, but the humor and irony of Geralt’s style make it more appealing than it should be. Plus, it’s available in such a limited set of circumstances, so this cut also offers a sense of accomplishment.

seven Long and loose

With the number of monsters and wars Geralt faces, some things have to be let go. Luckily for Geralt, two things will always be a priority with this equipped style and the ladies. Any of the barbers in the game can fashion Geralt’s look into this loosely Fabio-inspired style to really lean into the romanticization of the white wolf.

Of course, the reality of this look is that it’s not exactly practical for the type of sword involved in the action-heavy gameplay of The Witcher 3. On the other hand, it’s the perfect style if the player is focused on Geralt’s love life options.

6 A close shave

For players looking to make Geralt look a little younger, the clean shaven facial hair option is a very popular option. It’s available at every hair salon in the game. It offers a great look at the many impressive facial scars Geralt has acquired over the years while avoiding the pop culture vibes of some of the longer facial hair options.

Another benefit of this style is that it is one of two facial hair styles that offers regrowth. This visual aspect of the passage of time during gameplay is a small but fun way to make the world of The Witcher 3 feel a bit more realistic.

5 Loose, not too long

Let’s be honest, Geralt can be moody at times. That’s why this widely available hairstyle ranks so well — it channels all the emotions of a 2004 Hot Topic’s clientele in the best possible way. The length may be a bit longer than the most convenient option for Geralt. It seems to constantly fall on his eyes, making him difficult to fight, but that doesn’t diminish the extra style points he gives off.

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This hairstyle is enjoying a resurgence thanks to a similar appearance on Robert Pattinson in The Batman. Picking out this hairstyle leans directly into Geralt’s distance and bad temper and proves it wasn’t just a phase, Mom.

4 Full beard, short trimmed

the witcher 3 geralt

Geralt’s facial hair is one of the biggest visual differences between the character of the Witcher game and the streaming series. But if a player wants an authentic Witcher 3 gaming experience, the full beard shorts offer the best of both worlds. It is very similar to the traditional Geralt design from previous games, but also offers aspects of updated game systems.

Like the clean shaven option, the full beard shorts offer the option to grow back, requiring it to be trimmed occasionally at one of the map’s barbers for five coins. Beard regrowth makes the passage of time in gameplay a bit more realistic.

3 Shaved except for a ponytail

While not the most traditional options, this mostly shaved, ponytail style manages to balance that cool look with the practicality of Geralt’s often messy work. This style shows off the many scars on Geralt’s face. In terms of translating to real-world application, this style combines Geralt’s classic length with an easier-to-maintain style down the sides.

This option also offers the most versatility when combined with Geralt’s facial hair customization options. It doesn’t matter if a player chooses to have a full beard, clean shaven or anywhere in between, this hairstyle blends with all facial hair options.

2 Bushy goatee and a short mustache

Of all the facial hair options for Geralt, this one ranks number one in terms of looks, functionality, and cost effectiveness. As one of the pearls that don’t regrow, players won’t need to spend five coins to have it cut and reshaped unless they decide to.

Even though it affects the realistic aspects of dynamic beard growth, The Witcher is a monster-hunting fantasy game at its heart – realism isn’t something that’s needed to dramatically improve gameplay. Instead, this look is similar enough to Geralt’s traditional beard style that it’s the best way to achieve that classic Witcher look and not waste any coins.

1 loosely gathered, tied behind the head

How old is Geralt in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

This default style is available from every barber in the game, and there’s a reason it’s so iconic. It’s not difficult and lets Geralt’s undeniable rugged attractiveness speak for itself. It is practical, easy to maintain and does not get in the way during battles. The length makes sense and is relatable for someone who has better things to spend their hard-earned coins on than barbers.

More importantly, it’s the iconic look that most people associate with Geralt and the Witcher. Given that the style has been used in the other media adaptations of these The Witcher, it makes sense that the Henry Cavil-style cut would be the first choice for Geralt’s style.

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10 great action-adventure games to play on PlayStation 5

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Families continue to wait for home repairs a year after botched illegal fireworks display


Families who lived on East 27th and San Pedro streets in South Los Angeles were told they would be out of their homes for about 15 minutes.

And yet, a year later, many are still waiting for their chance to sleep under their own roof – after the botched detonation of an illegal fireworks stash by the Los Angeles Police Department’s bomb squad destroyed their houses.

“When I entered the house, everything was on the floor, the windows were blown out,” Minerva Velasquez said. “If we had been home, I don’t think we would have survived.”

Minerva and her husband Hilario Velasquez had spent the past 21 years in their home. With the property having been paid for years before the explosion, the couple dreamed of leaving the house to their children and spending time in Mexico in retirement. Now that plan has been put on hold as they continue to wait for repairs to be completed.

“It’s very stressful living like this,” Hilario said.

They now live less than two miles away in a hotel, set up by the city of Los Angeles, with four other owners, several tenants and their families.

Paola Benitez, her daughters, her son-in-law and a 6-year-old grandson with autism went from a two-story duplex to a thousand-square-foot apartment.

“I feel trapped, depressed,” she said. “I get very sad. I don’t feel at home here.”

Benitez and her family not only lost their homes, but also their livelihoods after the blast destroyed a beauty salon and a shoe store, which they both owned.

Councilor Curren Price, who represents the area, said the city has repaired 17 of the 24 homes damaged in the blast.

They replaced blower windows and made exterior repairs, among other improvements to buildings, including a neighbor of the Velasquez family home.

“This property is undergoing major repairs and renovations,” he said. “We are delighted. We hope to complete the work within a month.”

However, Price’s office said there are 249 outstanding claims, 158 of which are represented by counsel. Some wonder why several families are slow to repair.

Fireworks Explosion in South LA: One Year Later


But some families said the city was only offering to replace their windows and make minor repairs so they could move in again.

“How can we move in with the house so damaged,” Benitez said. “The walls are full of holes, everything was destroyed in the explosion.”

“The house is in poor condition, all the windows have been smashed, everything is broken, even the nails have come out of the wall,” Hilario added.

Inside these homes, it appears they suffered damage beyond simple repair. The biggest fear is that the century-old houses have been blown off their foundations.

“The explosion was so strong that it damaged the first and second floors of our house,” Benitez said.

The families claim that a structural engineer was never sent to check the foundations of the house. They said someone came to take pictures and check for lead, but that’s where it ended.

Now they rely on their lawyers who tell them the wait for a solution could take up to three years.

“If the city wanted to, they could have told us they would take care of everything, but they didn’t,” Hilario said.

When asked if a structural engineer had ever inspected the properties, LA Building and Safety responded by saying the agency had done the assessments.

“We need to make sure our families are treated properly, fairly – in every area,” Price said. “As an advocate, I want to make sure the citizens of my district are represented as well.”

Questex’s International Beauty Show and International Aesthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference attracted thousands of beauty and spa professionals to the Las Vegas Convention Center and increased co-events by 30%. -localized


Questex LLC

NEW YORK, June 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Questex’s International Beauty Show (IBS) Las Vegas and International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference (IECSC) Las Vegas drew thousands of beauty and spa professionals to the Las Vegas Convention Center for three days of education, exhibits and networking, June 25-27, to increase co-located events by 30% over 2021.

“Our co-located salons in Las Vegas provide an exhilarating platform for beauty and spa professionals to connect with the brands they love and showcase new products to consider,” said Elizabeth Fantetti, Director of Events. and partnerships, Questex Wellness Group. “There really is no replacement for face-to-face interactions and we have delivered a packed program consisting of top-notch training, product demonstrations, a lively and interactive showroom as well as two sold-out nights! We look forward to bringing the industry together again next year.

Exhibitors showcased their latest products, the latest techniques, and invaluable on-stand demonstrations by the industry’s top artists, across a combined mega floor of over 130,000 square feet. Attendees had the opportunity to purchase products for their salons and spas at professional-only prices and network with industry leaders.

IBS Las Vegas was buzzing with excitement and exhibitors including Amika, Turbo Power, CHI by Farouk, Brazilian Professionals, Gelish & Morgan, EBL Lashes, Lashbox LA, DNA Hairtools, BES Distributions, Donna Bella Hair and Hattori Hanzo Shears enjoyed the crowded booths. and sales. The complete list of exhibitors is available here.

At IECSC Las Vegas Éminence, Geneo by Lumenis, FarmHouse Fresh, LightStim, HydraFacial, DermaJem, Elleebana, Clinical Resolution Lab, Celluma Light Therapy, Classic Spa Collection, Derme, CryoConcepts, Vivant Skincare, Procell Therapies, Repêchage, Skin Moderne, Sorella Apothecary and Global Beauty Private Label Skincare enthralled attendees with their innovative products and demonstrations. The complete list of exhibitors is available here.

“We’ve been coming to IBS for ten years and we love exhibiting here because we meet all the salon owners and we’ll keep coming because it’s a big event, with great energy on the show,” said Damiano Petrucelli, Power turbo (Parlux).

“We come to IECSC because it’s the best way to meet new people, build awareness of our brand, and educate people about our brand and our products at the same time,” said Amber Hershey, ProCell Therapies .

IBS and IECSC Las Vegas have offered educational lecture programs taught by top educators in the industry. IBS courses included a range of topics to help professionals build their skills, refine their techniques and become profitable again. Additionally, hands-on workshops covered cutting-edge techniques and direct instruction from elite performers for attendees looking for a more tactical experience.

An IECSC participant said, “I love attending this event because I always get to network with new people, take a ton of classes, and get specials. There is so much education – it’s ridiculous!

Additionally, the Questex Wellness Group hosted an advisory board meeting, which included healthy and wide-ranging discussions about trends in the wellness industry. The team leverages these discussions for strategic development and to meet long-term audience needs.

Events to come
Additional networking and training opportunities for spa, beauty and wellness professionals will take place throughout 2022 and 2023:

  • IECSC Florida, October 9-10, 2022 at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in Palm Beach, Florida. Visit iecscflorida.com for more information

  • IECSC/IBS New York, from March 5 to 7, 2023 at the Javits Convention Center in New York. Visit iecscnewyork.com and ibsnewyork.com for more information.

About IIS
Produced by Questex and presented by American Salon, IBS is for professionals only and reaches a wide range of participants, including salon owners and managers, hairstylists, colorists, makeup artists, nail technicians, manufacturers and distributors of beauty and hair products. Connecting serious beauty professionals with the best in the industry, the show brings together hundreds of top beauty brands under one roof for educational classes from industry legends, workshops, exclusive show discounts and hair salon contests. For more information, visit ibsnewyork.com

Produced by Questex, the International Aesthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conferences (IECSC) are for professionals only and reach a wide range of attendees, from manufacturers and distributors of spa and wellness products to owners, managers and spa managers, estheticians, massage therapists, cosmetologists, medical estheticians and dermatologists. With dynamic trade shows, in-depth conference programs and presented by American spa, IECSC events are the perfect meeting place for the world’s most skilled and skilled spa professionals looking to meet the best skincare, cosmetics and wellness companies. For more information, visit iecsc.com.

Questex helps people live longer, better lives. Questex brings people together in markets that help people live better: travel, hospitality and well-being; industries that help people to live longer: life sciences and health; and the technologies that enable and power these new experiences. We live in the experience economy – connecting our ecosystem through live events, surrounded by data insights and digital communities. We offer experience and concrete results. That happens here.

Media Contact
Jennifer Rosen
Group Marketing Director
IBS Las Vegas and IECSC Las Vegas
Email: [email protected]

San Antonio Spurs release 2022 summer league roster


The San Antonio Spurs have officially released their 2022 Summer League roster. Amid the loom and darkness of the pouring rain on Tuesday afternoon, June 28, the Spurs brought out the only bright spot as they as we look forward to a busy free agency season. Headlining second-year guard Josh Primo, the 17-man roster will give fans their first look at this year’s three first-round picks Jeremy Sochan, Malaki Branham and Blake Wesley in silver and black.

Sochan will likely miss the first two games after entering league health and safety protocols due to a positive COVID-19 test Wednesday morning June 29. Either way, Primo brings the most recognition and will likely lead the team from the start. The list will also preview 2021 second-round pick Joe Wieskamp.

The organization that prides itself on developing its own hopes to do just that with the additions this summer of two-way contract players DJ Stewart Jr. and Robert Woodard II, as well as a host of undrafted rookies including Dominick Barlow, Josh Carlton, Darius Days, Kyler Edwards, Jordan Hall, Anthony Polite, Denzel Mahoney and Sasha Stefanovic. Barlow also signed a two-way contract after the draft.

Spurs assistant coach Mitch Johnson will lead the unit from the touchline and serve as summer league head coach for the second summer in a row.

This year’s draft marked the first time in franchise history that San Antonio drafted three players in the first round of the NBA Draft and the Spurs faithful didn’t have to wait long to see what numbers the incoming recruits would wear with silver and black.

Sochan, the No. 9 overall pick, picked No. 10 for its inaugural season. Five-time NBA All-Star DeMar DeRozan was the last Spur to rock the number, but the top 10 lottery picks will most likely look like shades – both in hair color and style of defensive play – to that of another top Spur, Dennis Rodman.

Dennis Rodman #10 of the San Antonio Spurs looks on during Game 3, Round 1 of the 1995 NBA Playoffs against the Denver Nuggets on May 2, 1995 in Denver, Colorado. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that by downloading and/or using this photograph, user accepts the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory copyright notice: Copyright 1995 NBAE (Photo by Andy Hayt/NBAE via Getty Images)Andy Hayt/NBAE/Getty Images

The No. 20 overall pick, Branham, and the No. 25 pick, Wesley, will wear numbers 22 and 14, respectively. San Antonio will kick off its summer league on July 8 in Las Vegas.

Heidi Klum makes a wild fashion statement as she steps out hand-in-hand with Tom Kaulitz


Heidi Klum makes a wild fashion statement in leopard print as she steps out hand-in-hand with hubby Tom Kaulitz

She’s known for storming the world’s hottest catwalks with the likes of Victoria’s Secret.

And Heidi Klum made a wild fashion statement in clashing leopard prints as she stepped out hand-in-hand with hubby Tom Kaulitz, 32, in New York on Tuesday.

The model, 49, turned heads in this fierce ensemble by pairing a loose blouse with flared trousers.

A walk on the wild side: Heidi Klum made a wild fashion statement in clashing leopard prints as she stepped out hand-in-hand with husband Tom Kaulitz, 32, in New York on Tuesday

A walk on the wild side: Heidi Klum made a wild fashion statement in clashing leopard prints as she stepped out hand-in-hand with husband Tom Kaulitz, 32, in New York on Tuesday

Heidi completed her outfit with a pair of beige barely there sandals and carried a black wicker tote bag.

She shielded her eyes with large aviator sunglasses and wore her long blonde locks in a poker straight hair style.

Tom put on a bold display in a black knit sweatshirt with navy chinos, as he wore his hair loose and sported a full beard.

Bold: The model, 49, turned heads in this fierce ensemble as she teamed a loose blouse with flared trousers

Bold: The model, 49, turned heads in this fierce ensemble as she teamed a loose blouse with flared trousers

Fashionista: Heidi completed her outfit with a pair of barely there beige sandals and carried a black wicker tote bag

Chic: she protected her eyes with large aviator sunglasses

Fashionista: Heidi completed her outfit with a pair of barely there beige sandals and carried a black wicker tote bag

The outing comes as Heidi wiped away tears before hitting her Golden Buzzer for singer Lily Meola on Tuesday’s episode of America’s Got Talent.

Judge sent 27-year-old Lily straight to the Season 17 live tours after her emotional performance of her original song Daydream.

Lily before her audition explained that the meaning of Daydream has evolved for her over the past few years.

Hand in hand: Tom put on a bold display in a black knit sweatshirt with navy chinos, as he wore his hair loose and sported a full beard

Hand in hand: Tom put on a bold display in a black knit sweatshirt with navy chinos, as he wore his hair loose and sported a full beard

Lily explained, “I wrote it at a time in my life when things were looking really good. And I was essentially living my daydream.

“I had a major label deal. I had a publishing deal. I had butterflies that I was hatching. It was just…it was magic.

‘It was so beautiful. And I wanted other people to be able to feel that. And so that’s where he was born.

“And then my life changed and my mother was diagnosed with cancer. And I became his full-time caretaker.

“I lost my recording contract during that, but I think maybe that was a blessing, because it gave me a bit more time to really be there for her,” she said. added as his voice cracked.

Simon Cowell asked if Lily’s mum was alright, before adding: ‘No, she passed away’ and described his late mum as his ‘greatest cheerleader’.

Lily said she was trying to make her mother proud and trying to live out her reverie as the judges gave Lily a standing ovation and Heidi wiped tears from her eyes.

‘I do not know what to say. I’m, like, speechless, you know? Like, sometimes you have someone on stage and you hear their voice and everything about you, you just light up,’ Heidi told Lily.

Emotional: The outing comes as Heidi wiped away tears before hitting her Golden Buzzer for singer Lily Meola on Tuesday's episode of America's Got Talent

Emotional: The outing comes as Heidi wiped away tears before hitting her Golden Buzzer for singer Lily Meola on Tuesday’s episode of America’s Got Talent

Pricing transparency can end the crushing burden of medical debt – InsideSources


The Kaiser Family Foundation recently released a new analysis finding that 100 million Americans have medical debt, or 41% of the nation’s adult population. This crushing debt burden exceeds previous estimates because it includes medical liabilities held through informal loans and credit cards that do not appear in other analyses.

This statement shocks the conscience whatever your political position. This is perhaps the best evidence of America’s predatory health care system and the need for immediate reform to help ordinary families avoid financial ruin. This indebtedness is particularly heavy in times of historic inflation when real wages and the standard of living decline.

Some policymakers point to the widespread financial devastation of health care overload to call for the socialization of health care in a Medicare for All system. Yet there is a much simpler solution to protecting patients against medical debt while expanding access, choice and competition: healthcare price transparency.

Real upfront prices allow health care consumers, including patients, employers and unions, to avoid price increases for more than 90% of non-emergency health expenditures. Accurate pricing allows patients to choose quality and less expensive hospitals and health insurers, to have recourse in the event of over-billing, and to have the peace of mind that their care will not lead to personal bankruptcy.

Under the opaque health care status quo, hospitals and health insurers are blinding patients to prices, then blinding them with huge bills they would often never have accepted in the mail for weeks and months. after care. As a result of this dynamic, the costs of care and coverage have exploded, increasing at more than twice the rate of inflation. Hospitals now charge an average of seven times the cost of care.

Average annual premiums for employer-sponsored family health insurance are $22,221 per year, not including deductibles. This health care overload suppresses employee salaries.

Imagine the outrage if another business, from your neighborhood dry cleaner to your auto mechanic, engaged in such egregious billing practices. Vanderbilt University health economist Larry Van Horn notes, “Even in the darker corners of the market, like payday loans, we don’t require consumers to pay indiscernible prices at ‘advance.

There’s a reason the only industry causing routine financial havoc is also the only one with hidden prices.

When the prices are known, the overcharges, overpricings, billing frauds and debts they cause will come to an end. Hospitals and health insurers that engage in such practices will be bypassed in favor of those that provide quality care at fair prices. Consumers can compare their employer’s plans to alternatives and dismiss outrageous negotiated rates. Competition will reverse exorbitant costs and make prices affordable, as it does in almost every other economic sector.

This pro-consumer, transparent pricing healthcare revolution has already begun. On January 1, 2021, a federal hospital price transparency rule went into effect, requiring hospitals to post their discounted cash prices and all negotiated rates by insurance plan. On July 1, a health insurance price transparency rule comes into effect, requiring insurers to publish their historical claims data and secretly negotiated rates so consumers can access actual, up-front prices wherever they go. receive care.

Unfortunately, the hospital’s rule has been marred by widespread non-compliance. According to a recent study by PatientRightsAdvocate.org, only 14.3% of hospitals nationwide follow it. Hospitals deliberately break the law to maintain profit by keeping consumers in the dark. Fortunately, the Department of Health and Human Services finally began issuing fines to non-compliant hospitals a year and a half after the rule took effect. Rigorous enforcement of this rule and the insurance order can make this consumer-friendly vision and price transparency a reality.

When all the prices for health care and coverage are known, patients and employers will not tolerate paying 10 times as much for the same care as the person in the bed next to them. An active and competitive healthcare marketplace will emerge, based on choice and financial certainty. Patients can proactively avoid most cases of medical debt and take control of their health and wealth, ending this national embarrassment.

Debeaut launches an innovative online beauty service


Debeaut uses an innovative algorithm that helps people find hair and nail styles created in state-of-the-art salons. With the rise of social media, people around the world are constantly exposed to fashion, beauty and hair trends that intrigue them.

Many of them browse Pinterest or Instagram and admire some of the trends they see, but they don’t always know where to buy them. The app is designed to show people unique looks even before they become a trend. this way they can achieve those looks and be fashionable before anyone else. Debeaut partners with London salons to provide services to this untapped market.

Thanks to their algorithm and database, users see nails and hairstyles created by salons and can immediately book appointments through the app. Thanks to this, customers can have a much more interactive and engaging online experience. It’s also a great opportunity for salons to showcase their work, attract more clients, and save time and money for promotion by posting samples of quality work.

Features of Debeaut

Debeaut features can be accessed via the web or via a mobile app. Users can scroll through the feed and view available nails, hairstyles, and beauty trends. Once they find a style they like, they can simply click on it to find which specific salon and professional created the look and book an appointment there.

The “I want” button leads them to the salon best suited to their needs. This feature makes it easy to find what they are looking for, and the system can customize their options based on their location to identify the most relevant salons for them based on proximity.

After getting the salon service, Debeaut will ask to take a selfie of the results, which will become the next “wanted” look, saving salons from spending time on other promotions and

Other features of Debeaut include:

  1. Voting poll (so users can ask their friends and followers which style suits them best)
  2. Selfies and photo sharing (for users to take photos of their new looks and share them with their friends online)
  3. Loyalty program (designed to reward repeat users for engaging with content)
  4. Free online booking and guest management system at no extra cost for lounges

Debeaut partners with UK salons

Salons no longer need to rely on social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest to attract customers. Debeaut bridges the gap between the salon, its service and its potential clientele. By partnering with salons, Debeaut extends the network that the algorithm can use so that it can automatically show customers relevant salons that more effectively meet the needs of their users.

This presents a unique marketing opportunity for salons that helps attract more customers. It’s also a great way to showcase the unique designs each salon has to offer. This social media feed connects users with nearby salons. Salons can benefit from a partnership with Debeaut as they can register for free with no hidden costs. Debeaut only takes a modest commission on each client appointment with a three-month trial period with no hidden fees. Clients can book an appointment through our unique link directly with the salon at no additional cost.

Debeaut is designed for consumer satisfaction

The Debeaut team is made up of leading experts in online consumer behavior and they have developed this software using industry data. A team of software developers, data scientists and mathematicians created this algorithm. With extensive research and in-depth experience of consumer culture and the rise of the beauty industry, the Debeaut team designed this platform for consumer convenience and innovation.

Debeaut is convenient for clients who want to get trendy new looks at salons staffed by expert stylists. Users are assured of great results and a great user experience with Debeaut’s quick and easy booking system. The software itself is based on data that has been collected over years of research in this industry and it is a must have for anyone who loves fashion and beauty.

Company biography:

Debeaut is an online beauty platform designed to connect users to salons near them that can recreate their ideal looks. UK salons are partnering with Debeaut to help users find their services based on the images on their feed. Debeaut is disrupting the online beauty industry with its innovative approach to consuming beauty services.

Media Contact
Company Name: Debeaut
Contact person: Andrei Kulapov
E-mail: Send an email
Country: United States
Website: https://debeaut.org/crm-for-business

Kai-Oliver Kauder Joins Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa Nai Yang Beach as Executive Chef


(June 28, 2022, 10:45 +07)
The Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach has appointed Kai-Oliver Kauder as Executive Chef.

A German national, Kai was first inspired to become a chef by his mother, who not only introduced him to basic cooking skills and techniques, but also taught him that cooking comes from the heart.

Kai Oliver Kauder

Having obtained professional culinary degrees in Germany and Spain, Kai has worked with Relais & Châteaux, Sheraton, JW Marriott, Anantara, Swissôtel and more.

Kai began his career at Schlosshotel Bühlerhöhe in Baden-Baden, Germany, before spreading his wings to the Middle East where he first joined Marriott International as a Sous Chef at the JW Marriott Hotel Kuwait City. His talent was quickly recognized and he was promoted to chef shortly afterwards.

Kai moved to Thailand in 2008 as Executive Chef of Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa, later joining Anantara Hua Hin Resort & Spa as Executive Chef of the cluster.

After a stint in Bali as Executive Chef of Anantara Uluwatu Resort & Spa, Kai returned to Thailand to work with hotels and resorts in Khao Lak and Phuket.

Most recently, he served as Cluster Executive Head and Director of F&B Experience for Accor, managing three Novotel and Swissôtel properties in southern Thailand.

At the Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa, Nai Yang Beach, Kai directs all culinary operations for the hotel.

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Lorde just changed her look with a new blonde hairstyle


Lorde debuted a new hairstyle when she took the stage to perform at the Glastonbury Festival over the weekend.

The “Solar Power” director has been a brunette for most of her time in the public eye. However, she showed off a new blonde look and soft curls while performing on the Pyramid stage at the festival. She paired the warm-toned blonde with a lilac leotard which she wore over red tights. Lorde accessorized several necklaces and tied a red silk string on one of her wrists as a bracelet.

Check out a photo of her striking blonde locks below:

Kate Green, Getty Images

Kate Green, Getty Images

PopSugar noted that this isn’t the first time Lorde has gone blonde. She also went further in her “Mood Ring” music video, which debuted last year. In the visual, she paired her icy hair with a pastel green outfit.

Watch the video below:

Although Lorde’s new look made headlines, it wasn’t the only reason the singer garnered media attention during the festival.

She also joined a list of celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Charli XCX and Cher to speak out against the US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. The “Royals” star made an impassioned statement onstage.

“Want to hear a secret, girls? Your bodies are meant to be objectified before you were born. This horror is your birthright,” she said, according to PopSugar. “But here is another secret. You possess an ancient strength, an ancient wisdom, a wisdom that has propelled all the women who have gone before you. This wisdom is also your birthright. I ask you today to make Accessing this wisdom is your life’s work. Because it all depends on it.”

“F–k the Supreme Court,” she added.

Kate Green, Getty Images

Kate Green, Getty Images

Lorde performed several excerpts from his new album Solar energy. She also shared the stage with Clairo and Arlo Parks.

The Independent noted that several other artists spoke out against the Supreme Court’s decision during their performance at Glastonbury. Notably, Olivia Rodrigo and Lily Allen dedicated a bop rendition of the latter “F–k You” to America’s highest court. Others who have spoken include Billie Eilish and Phoebe Bridgers.

On the other side of the pond, Full house alum Jodie Sweetin also made headlines after a video of her being pushed by several members of the Los Angeles Police Department during a pro-choice protest circulated online.

Celebrities Who Went Platinum Blondes

Nexo responds to accusations of stealing donations and embezzling charity funds


Cryptocurrency lending platform Nexo hit back at what it called ‘fake news’ and rumors that its founders were part of a charity embezzlement scandal, saying the allegations were false and defamatory. It issued a public cease and desist notice to the author of the allegations.

In a blog post about the claims, Nexo said:

“Several anonymous Twitter accounts are using lies and distortions in yet another smear campaign against Nexo and profiting from short positions in a struggling market.”

The pseudonymous Twitter account otteroooo, which calls itself “Otter”, posted a series of tweet on June 25, claiming that the co-founders of Nexo stole funds from the Bulgarian charity HelpKarma to buy real estate and finance “lavish personal trips”.

The thread garnered a large following on Twitter, with Otter sharing a screenshot that it had received over 9 million impressions, prompting Nexo to respond to what they call “ridiculous allegations” and issue the cease and desist notice.

Otter’s central allegation is that HelpKarma founder and Nexo co-founder “Konsta Kanchev” used donation funds to help build a palace instead of using the money for children’s medical treatments. .

In a response from Nexo, he points out that a “Konsta Kanchev” does not exist and Otter deliberately created the name “to mimic a typo as an excuse for fact checkers” by confusing two separate people, the founder of HelpKarma, Constantine Krastev and Nexo co. -founder Kosta Kantchev, as the same person.

Speaking to Cointelegraph regarding the confusion of the two, Otter shared a delisted article from Bulgarian newspaper Fakti saying the two are cousins ​​and that Constantin in Bulgarian is spelled “Konstantin” but has since provided no further comment.

Another major allegation from Otter is that as donations from HelpKarma increased, payday loan company Credissimo began reporting sizable capital increases, citing a November 2020 report from Fakti, implying that donations were used to fund Credissimo.

On how this scandal relates to Nexo, Otter points out that Nexo’s whitepaper says it is “powered by Credissimo.” Credissimo was founded by Kantchev, and Nexo co-founders Georgi Shulev and Antoni Trenchev were the business development and business innovation managers respectively.

In response to the claims, Nexo said that it and HelpKarma “do not and have never had any common operations, common beneficial owners or common management”, adding:

“Why should a company with hundreds of millions in revenue and billions in assets under management, approved by Fidelity, Mastercard and dozens of regulators, resort to petty theft, let alone children with medical needs?” is the logical but overlooked question.

Cointelegraph has contacted Nexo to comment on the allegations and has yet to receive a response.

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The main motive stated by Nexo for why Otter published the allegations is so that Otter could gain a large audience and sell the account.

Nexo shared footage of an individual who tried to buy Otter’s account, to which Otter replies that he wants a minimum of $50,000 in coins (USDC).

But in a Twitter thread posted by Otter on June 26, they claim they suspected the posts were a “set up” to buy the account so Nexo could silence them. Instead, they “devised a troll plan” to sell the Otter account to collect Nexo’s “silence money” and create another account to “continue exposing them”.

Nexo says this isn’t the first time they’ve been involved in what they call a ‘coordinated attack’, citing accusations in 2020 that it was behind Zeus Capital, an asset management firm that wanted to run -circuit Chainlink (LINK).

Lizzo’s Finger-Wave Mullet Hairstyle at the BET Awards


Image source: Getty/Amy Sussman/Staff

The fingered mullet that Lizzo wore on the BET Awards red carpet secured the singer a spot on the list of top beauty moments of the night. The hairstyle was an 80s dream with finger waves in the front and a mullet in the back. One of the best parts of the look? The exaggerated baby hairs swirled perfectly and framed her face.

Mullets have made a comeback, with other celebs like Miley Cyrus, Halsey and Billie Eilish spotted with style. Although the mullet may be divisive, modern iterations of the trend feel effortlessly cool, so don’t be intimidated if you want to try the look for yourself. “This haircut is for someone who is confident, goes off the beaten path, and has a bolder style,” celebrity hairstylist and Nine Zero One salon co-founder Riawna Capri previously told POPSUGAR. “At the end of the day, when you wear a unique hairstyle or piece of clothing, if you have the confidence to rock it and be different, everyone will love it too.”

Lizzo has become known for her fashionable, edgy hairstyles thanks to her longtime relationship with hairstylist Shelby Swain, who is behind many of Lizzo’s most popular looks. Swain was behind that fingered mule again. She used the Dove Amplified Textures and Dove Hair Therapy collections for the occasion. Take a closer look at Lizzo’s hairstyle below.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JUNE 26: Lizzo attends the 2022 BET Awards at Microsoft Theater on June 26, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET)

Image source: Getty/Paras Griffin/Stringer