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21 black-owned beauty brands you can find at Sephora


Frequent Zipporah buyers have probably noticed its almost daily renewal of newer and more diverse brands. Last year, Sephora adopted the 15% commitment policy to meet the urgent need for representation in beauty, business and the intersection of the two industries. As part of this initiative, the retailer commits to devote 15% of its storage space to Black-owned brands – and so far it has moved in the right direction.

As part of this initiative, Sephora has relaunched its Accelerate program to focus exclusively on businesses owned by women of color. Every brand participating in the program – including internet favorites like Hyper Skin, 54 Thrones and Eadem – is offered a spot in Sephora stores around the world and in line, creating a more essential space for brands owned by under-represented groups while bringing the retailer closer to its purpose.

Since Sephora’s official announcement in 2020, it has taken steps to increase its initial portfolio of seven black-owned business brands to 21. Although that number does not represent 15% of the total. 322 brands Sephora offers, it is certainly a significant increase. Each of these brands brings something refreshing to your vanity, whether it’s a high-strength retinol serum from Shani Darden Skin Care, a leave-in conditioner from Briogeo, or a rosy skin tone. at the Fenty Beauty.

There is still work to be done, but Sephora is taking a step in the right direction with its diversity efforts. These measures set a higher standard for other retailers to follow while still allowing consumers to be able to purchase black-owned brands from one of the biggest beauty stores on the planet.

Now, read on to learn more about each black-owned beauty brand on Sephora’s list so far.

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