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Amazon Q3 2021 Top 25 Beauty and Personal Care Products


Amazon’s Top 25 for Beauty and Personal Care saw very little change in the top 10 in Q3 as consumers remained loyal to beauty pantry items from brands known as Neutrogena. , Maybelline and Bio-Oil. With over 350 million products sold on Amazon, how do brands gain loyalty in this way? One main reason is product reviews.

Consumers trust reviews make purchasing decisions and four out of five consumers changed their mind about a recommended purchase after reading negative online reviews. There are around 250 million reviews, and more and more, on Amazon. Reviews in the Top 25 were up 21% from the third quarter, with Softsoap increasing the most at 38%.

Vanessa Kuykendall, COO at Market Defense, shared her take on the art of reviews: “The best way to get reviews from Amazon is to just ask for them. Amazon feedback software can be implemented to solicit customer reviews after purchase, and the best part is that you can specifically target the customers who are most likely to write you a good review. You can set rules to only send emails to customers who have left you reviews in the past, those who received their order on time, and those who purchased a product that tends to produce positive reviews on Amazon.

TikTok’s influence on Amazon continues. Building on the virality of the app, Amazon launched the trending product cross-category hub called “Internet Famous – The latest to go viral.” TikTok favorite CeraVe added two more Top 25 products to make four in total, the brand’s highest number in the Top 25 all year. Essential oils are also having a moment on TikTok, with over 140 million views on the topic, sparking interest and sales on Amazon.


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