Apprenticeship loan specifically designed for apprentices

An apprenticeship loan is a loan that is specifically designed for apprentices. People who are in training usually have a regular income. This creates an important basis for obtaining a loan from banks. Trainees should make use of a training loan in cases where they do not receive financial support from their parents or financial aid from the state. Such financial support from the state is given, for example, to students who are entitled to receive BaföG. A training loan is available to all groups of people who are studying, training or continuing education. If you need your own vehicle to carry out the training or if some or all of the training has to be financed by the trainees, this loan is an option. A special form of this loan is the state-sponsored educational loan. However, only those people who are in a late phase of their training may benefit from this form of credit.

Comparison of credit – what to consider?

Comparison of credit - what to consider?

When choosing a suitable bank for the loan, trainees should pay attention to which lender grants the loan and on what terms. At many banks, despite their training status, trainees or students are not immune to having to provide collateral to receive the money. If a trainee has an inheritance or real estate, most banks accept this evidence as collateral. Even in cases in which applicants can provide evidence of life insurance, the credit institutions hold a security for the granting of a training loan. The same applies to a guarantor who takes the place of the borrower in the event of payment difficulties and settles the liabilities.

A guarantor as security for the receipt of a training loan

Applicants should also pay close attention to the terms and conditions of the bank’s individual loan providers. Nevertheless, the amount of the loan offered, the term and the amount of interest can vary from bank to bank. It is important for the trainees to choose the training loan that best meets their personal ideas and offers the most favorable conditions. Finally, prospective borrowers should carefully consider in advance how much money applicants really need and what repayment period they consider useful. After completing the training, the borrowers may extend the loan repayment to a maximum of 144 months. This time frame is contrasted by the condition that a deadline for the end of the loan terms with a maximum duration of around twelve months is usually set. At the latest after this period, borrowers should make the first repayments. Lending should be at a variable rate, while a fixed rate is agreed for repayment at the appropriate time.

Compare apprenticeship loan

Compare apprenticeship loan

In order to find the training loan that best meets your personal needs and financial means, a comparison of the loans is essential. This comparison is done on the Internet with just a few clicks of the mouse. After the interested parties have entered the desired amount and the planned repayment period in the fields provided, they will quickly get an overview of all the providers who are eligible for a payment of the training loan. This comparison should make a significant contribution to the decision-making process of the trainees and help them to choose the right provider.

Credit comparison as an important decision-making aid

After entering the required data, those interested can find out in a matter of seconds what effective interest rate or the associated credit costs for the trainees. At the same time, the monthly installments that arise for the individual credit institutions after completion of the training are shown in an overview. This comparison of gives trainees an overview of any lenders who can apply for the student loan within a few minutes. The time saved for the applicants is enormous. After all, there is no personal contact with various banks in this way.

Advantages of a loan in training

Advantages of a loan in training

In contrast to many other loans, an instant loan in this form usually has particularly favorable conditions. Banks grant these favorable interest rates because they know from experience that well-trained young professionals can usually find a well-paid job quickly. Another advantage of this loan is that the repayment is not due immediately when the loan is drawn. Rather, the repayment of this amount only begins after completion of the training.

From a time perspective, a short loan proves to be advantageous for trainees, since they do not have to do a part-time job during their training or studies. As a result, trainees put all their energy into the training that is so important for their future career. The results are as good as possible or a short study period, which in turn has a positive impact on the résumé. Cash against car deposit: Lend your car and get an instant loan. Without Credit bureau & without risk! Ask for free.

The parents’ assets are disregarded

The parents

According to, instant loans for trainees are also advantageous because any assets or the income situation of the parents are not taken into account when granting the loan. In addition, the mandatory checking procedures, including checking creditworthiness, are kept to a minimum. The banks even completely refrain from asking Credit bureau. The lenders justify this low audit effort by the fact that the loan amount is usually limited to a few thousand USD.