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“Become pink for my family, my friends, my sisters”


Hilaria baldwin turns pink.

The 37-year-old entrepreneur shared a short clip on Wednesday that showed her rocking a bold new hairstyle featuring a pink-dyed section at the ends. Baldwin explained the importance of the fashion statement because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“Going pink for my family, friends, sisters #beastcancerawarenessmonth # f * ckcancer,” she wrote tagging her stylist.

Fans took to the comments to praise the star for using her platform to raise awareness about breast cancer.

“Thank you for paying tribute to all those who lost precious lives. The survivors, the prosperous and those currently struggling – we continue to fight together for all those who have suffered and fought against cancer themselves and for those they love XOG, ”said one fan. .

“Beautiful hair. Nice statement,” one user noted.

“Beautiful lady, inside and out,” someone added.

“I love it,” one commentator continued.

This is not the first time that a yoga teacher has drawn attention to an important issue. During National Infertility Awareness Week in April, Baldwin shared a back pregnancy photo and used the caption to talk about her own difficulties with conception.

“It’s # infertility awareness week… and while I’m so blessed to have my babies, I also have a few angels. I had two miscarriages in a row in 2019 – the second in a row. 4 months I was told ‘It’s just bad luck’… there is so much mystery why some souls come into our lives and others don’t, ”she explained.

Baldwin, who has six children with husband Alec Baldwin, explained how much she cried following the miscarriages and noted what becoming a parent has meant to her.

“We all have different fertility / infertility stories and there are so many ways to become parents,” she continued. “Being a parent is really caring for another soul in the deepest way… with this energy that energizes us, we nourish ourselves and fill the world with love. mother to my baby angels as well as to those that I can physically carry. in my arms. If you are struggling or have struggled – or are going to struggle, know that you are not alone … if that serves you, connect with them. others while you cry. We are a powerful group who carry this heaviness in our hearts – and together we can lighten each other’s load with support and understanding. “


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