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Break down spurious cosmetics factories



Those who go to salons and beauty salons for face, hairstyling or hairdressing, spa, etc. may have reason to be very worried. An intelligence agency in the country has dismantled an unlicensed factory that has long secretly produced and supplied cosmetics and toiletries under reputable brands to salons. Located in Keraniganj, an area known for both entrepreneurship and industrial malfeasance, this is not the first such illegal factory there. What was most surprising was the existence of such a factory in a village under Duirgapur upazila of Rajshahi.

In both cases, many of those involved in the manufacture of fake cosmetics have been arrested. The police are now after the mastermind of the Keraniganj factory. In Durgapur, two brothers engaged in this unsavory trade were arrested.

These cosmetics and toiletries come at a price, the law enforcement agency revealed, between 50 and 100 Tk. The chemicals used in the production of counterfeit items used for personal care and grooming are extremely dangerous to skin, hair, health and hygiene.

Customers who visit salons and beauty salons are not at all aware of the products they are being treated with. They trust in the sincerity and honesty of salon operators. It is clear from the intelligence agency’s disclosure that the salons or salons that collect these products do so knowing full well that they are fake.

So, breaking down such illegal factories on its own will not be enough, so it is necessary to obtain from the elements arrested the information about the shows to which they used to supply their products. Famous brands are expensive, and when someone offers a doppelganger at an excruciatingly low price, the main duty of salon operators is to inform the police and help put an end to this nefarious business. Instead, they become complicit in crime by procuring these harmful products. They do this in order to maximize their profit at the expense of business ethics and customer confidence.

Those who run salons, in particular, are keenly aware of the tastes and mental makeup of their clients who are generally from the upper to middle class of society. They do not hesitate to break their clients’ trust in them. In fact, their crime is more serious. If manufacturers cannot find customers for their fake products, they cannot continue production.

It has long been an open secret that fake cosmetics are made and branded. Raids are also carried out to dig up unlicensed factories and arrests are made from time to time. But such factories cannot be suppressed. Either their existence is omnipresent, or the members of the gang who can avoid the arrest start new factories or the people arrested are released from prison after their short sentences to resume their profession.

Thus, the argument for carrying out raids against illegal manufacturing facilities as well as for putting under review destinations like salons, salons, spa centers is very strong. Unsuspecting customers can be victimized if they are duped by cosmetic stores in malls engaged in unethical commerce. But if those who are accustomed to using these brands are asked for a price of even half the list price, they will know that these are counterfeit products.

So there is yet another reason why salons, salons and spa centers need to be vetted. People need to know which salons don’t compromise on the quality of the products they use for their clients’ personal care and grooming. No customer will like to be exposed to the risk of skin cancer and other types of illnesses caused by the dangerous agents in fake cosmetics and toiletries. The safety of the personal hygiene of clients must be a priority. The sources and destinations of these parasitic products must be blocked.

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