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Buyers love Rene Furterer’s travel-size hair care products


Even if you haven’t planned a trip to France, that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy the country’s luxury beauty products. It’s hard to go wrong with French beauty as she is often categorized as providing a glamorous feel with a naturally beautiful look. French hair care brand René Furterer is no exception, as it is known for its luxury products for all hair types, whether you are looking to nourish your color-treated hair, treat scalp issues, or help lighten hair.

René Furterer offers a wide range of luxury hair care products including shampoos and conditioners, scalp treatments, hair oils, dry shampoos, and more. And luckily for travelers, you can purchase some of the the brand’s best-selling items in travel size, so that your hair looks its best, even after long flights and exhausting travel days.

Buyers are thrilled with these products that you can easily fit in your carry-on when opting for TSA-approved travel size options. One buyer mentioned, for example, how good the brand Dry shampoo works. “If you want to refresh your rash for a few days or a few days, this is your go-to product. Your hair is not dirty or heavy from this product,” they wrote.

Another buyer praised the Okara Color Protecting Conditioner for its variety of useful uses. “I highly recommend this product ; [it] reduces coppery reflections, promotes shine and a silky feel. “And who wouldn’t want to keep their hair looking great, shiny and silky and all that while it is traveling?

If you are looking for travel size hair care products that will easily fit into your toiletry bag while providing plenty of nourishment and keeping your hair looking its best while you’re on the go, René Furterer is a one stop shop. And if you like these products, you’ll probably want to get full sizes for home use as well.


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