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For Olympic runner Christina Clemons, bold hair and makeup looks are her “superpower”


The laws of aerodynamics shake in their boots every time Christina Clemons (n̩e Manning) hits the track. While some runners opt for slicked back ponytails to reduce any possible nanoscopic friction between the air and their hair, Clemons rocks whatever hell of a hairstyle she likes Рspace updos, braided crowns, nostalgic accessories galore. Рand passes in front of its competition just as easily.

That’s exactly what she did when qualifying for the June Olympics, crushing the final 100-meter hurdles race with several dazzling barrettes tucked into her hair and kitsch Cool Ranch Doritos earrings hanging from her hair. earlobes. An official partnership with Doritos ensued, and the animated moment made us want to learn more about Clemons’ past beauty looks.

A 31-year-old athlete from Maryland, Clemons looks to the ’90s for much of her hair and makeup inspiration, often sporting butterfly clips, fuzzy scrunchies, dark lipstick and embellished barrettes while sailing the finish line. “I’m a girl from the 90s. It was my childhood,” she told POPSUGAR. “My husband and I always talk about being part of the 90s. If we were young adults back then, I think we would have had the time of our lives.” In addition, she seeks new ideas of beauty from a source that has become a benchmark among other millennia. “I can’t deny that Instagram’s Explore page helps me find some of my looks,” she said. “I love seeing all the different beauties out there and their creativity.” Yes, that makes us two.

“For competitions, I’m always excited and full of confidence, so I like to present myself with bold looks.”

While Clemons’ flawless beauty looks are executed to perfection, she rarely plans them ahead, instead deciding how she will style her hair and what shade of lipstick she will wear on the morning of each run. “Everything I wear depends on how I feel that day,” the track star said. “For competitions I’m always excited and full of confidence, so I like to show myself off with bold looks. During competitions I’m in my own world and doing my own thing. It doesn’t matter who does it I don’t. don’t like what I’m wearing. When I look at myself in the mirror before I leave for my race, it’s just me. It’s the same when I compete – it’s just me and my 10 hurdles. “

For Clemons, the surge of confidence that comes from being track ready on the track is like an extra “superpower”, she said. “A lot of people may not expect female athletes to look feminine. I want young girls and even older women to feel that they can be feminine themselves when playing sports. or exercise. I think it’s important to show our femininity while being athletic because that’s a strength, not a weakness. “

“It’s important to show our femininity while being athletic because it’s a strength, not a weakness.”

Oh, and all the potential enemies who might disagree or wonder: “But won’t that slow her down? Why even bother? What’s the point?“Can kindly see yourself at the gate.“ There is absolutely nothing wrong with coming to the start line all dolled up, ”Clemons said.“ I train like a dog. Trust me when I say my hair and makeup can’t hurt my performance. Say it louder for the people in the back.

While we not so patiently wait to see all of the fun hair and makeup looks Clemons wears on her races at the Tokyo Games, join us in admiring some of her coolest beauty moments to date.

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