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How to style ’90s-inspired nail clips


It’s true, isn’t it? The ’90s are truly back – if these aren’t the reincarnations of our favorite nostalgic TV shows (The prince of Bel-Air, We’re looking at you) it’s the return of patterned jeans, puffy lashes and smudgy eyeliner.

Now we can add claw clamps to the ever growing list. According to Look Fantastic, they are also one of the most viewed trends on TikTok (there have been over 223 million video views that mention them) and if those numbers combined with the Gen Z endorsement don’t confirm well and truly our obsession, then nothing will.

While they make it easy to cut the hair off your face, or just in place of a scrunchie or tie, they can also be used to create more thoughtful styles.

“I love working with the claw clips because not only do they suit all hair types and textures, but you can also achieve quick and easy looks in minutes,” says the celebrity columnist and hairstylist. Liam Curran.

“I love using them to create Bella Hadid-inspired looks – I style the hair with a parting in the center, I leave the front sections loose, then I brush the hair into a tight ponytail,” Liam explains.

“Then once the hair is straight, twist it, then secure it in place with the clip, making sure the ends are positioned upward in a fan shape. Hold everything in place with hairspray before smoothing out the front sections, and there you have a modern twist on a ’90s classic, ”he says. Easy.

And if you’re stuck for nail pliers inspiration, here are a few of our current favorites that we’ll add to your cart immediately …

  • The multipack: Accessorize Claw Clip Set

    Best Claw Clips: Accessorize Rectangle Claw Clip Set
    Best Claw Clips: Accessorize Rectangle Claw Clip Set

Images: Oliver Bonas / Courtesy of Trademarks


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