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Nezuko’s vibrant new hair represents her demonic side


demon slayer has become hugely popular since its 2020 debut, following the story of a devoted brother’s journey to return his sister to her human form. Fans around the world have been drawn to the siblings and their unwavering allegiance to each other, as well as the quirky, well-constructed secondary characters who join them along the way.

Nezuko Kamado, younger sister of series protagonist Tanjiro, was introduced in her human form. As a human, Nezuko was kind, caring, and motherly towards her younger siblings. After being turned into a demon, it wasn’t just her personality that changed, her hair as well.

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Flame colored streaks appeared in Nezuko’s hair

At the beginning of demon slayer, Nezuko lost her family and her humanity in a tragic massacre at the hands of Muzan Kibutsuji, Lord of Demons. Tanjiro and Nezuko were the only survivors of the Kamado family, however, Nezuko was only able to survive because Muzan turned her into a demon. This meant that she had developed a demonic craving for human blood – and attacked Tanjiro first.

Over time, Nezuko learned to hold back her human urges and now regains her strength by sleeping instead. However, the proof of Nezuko’s demonic side is still present in her appearance. As a human, Nezuko had long, wavy jet-black hair, but since her transformation into a demon, vibrant wisps of fire have appeared. These streaks started small – just a few colorful tips – and were an almost imperceptible change.

However, as Nezuko began spending time in demon form and using her powers more frequently, the flame-colored streaks seemed to grow and became much more visual. For example, when Nezuko transforms into her advanced demon form in the “Entertainment District” arc, her hair color changes are the most prominent and far more eye-catching.

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What Nezuko’s Changing Hair Could Mean For The Future In Demon Slayer

demon slayer often emphasizes how outside forces affect the physical appearance of his characters. Zenitsu Agatsuma has bright yellow hair caused by a lightning strike, the Rengoku clan has red and orange hair induced by the diet of their ancestors, and the Kamado clan are children of fire, hence the reddish hair color by Tanjiro. Along with this, demons having brightly colored hair is a common occurrence within demon slayerlike Spider Demon Rui’s white hair or Upper Moon Demon Gyutaro’s green curls.

It’s highly likely that Nezuko’s flame-colored hair is a physical sign of her demonic side, a reminder to the audience that she’s no longer the innocent girl in the village. The particular color of her hair would also recall her family’s history as children of fire, explaining the burnt red hue at the end of her hair.

This implies that Nezuko’s hair color represents the demon blood within her; as the color takes over her hair, she can succumb to her demonic side more often. Whether this is merely a theory can only be revealed in future episodes of the anime, but there’s no denying that Nezuko has lost control of her demonic abilities in recent arcs. Fortunately, Tanjiro is still here to restore his humanity, but if Nezuko embraces his demonic side much more, that might not remain a possibility.