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TV host dyed his hair bleached blonde


TV host and streamer Will Neff recently debuted a brand new look! Neff, who hosts several G4 TV shows, recently went a wash blonde, catching a lot of attention from Twitch/YouTube viewers. The comedian showed off his new look on his multiple shows, including Attack of the show! and give me your price. Neff went blonde before, but it was more of a dirty blonde. This latest change saw the To fear& The podcast co-host went from brunette hair to a fully bleached blonde look, so it was quite a shocking change.

However, many viewers love the look. It was even a topic of conversation on the Thursday Episode of give me your price, with Neff’s AustinShow co-host calling attention to the new hair color. Austin said, “You look good. Tell them about your new hairstyle, Will.”

(Picture: G4 TV // G4 TV)

Neff then took the opportunity to get off to a bit, replying, “Well, I, uh, got my head caught in a toilet situation.” Austin curiously replied, “And it stays that way?” Neff explained, “Well, because of the industrial cleaner I use, it just took the color out.”

The 100 thieves content creator showed off his new look on his instagram, as well as on many G4 shows. Apart AOT! and give me your pricehe also rocked the new ‘do on Show Attack: Vibe Check, the talk show spinoff of the variety show. Neff’s look cannot be seen Hey Donna!his new phone advice show, but only because he wears a red wig to portray the title character of the scripted/unscripted hybrid show.

give me your price airs Thursdays at 5 p.m. ET via AustinShow’s Twitch channel and G4’s Twitch and YouTube channels. Hey Donna! aired immediately afterwards. The G4 channel host AOT! each Wednesday. Past Episodes of G4 Lineup broadcast via YouTube. You can also still catch reruns when they air on G4’s linear TV channel and live streaming hubs like G4 Select, the network’s Pluto TV channel.