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Why Welcome To Plathville Fans Are Talking About New Moriah Throwbacks


Welcome to Plathville Viewers are loving Moriah Plath’s recent photos because they show another side to the aspiring singer’s life.

Moriah Plath by Welcome to Plathville is definitely a chameleon when it comes to changing up her look, and fans love her evolution. Plath’s second eldest daughter was always the self-proclaimed black sheep of the family and marched to the beat of her own drum. Now Kim and Barry Plath’s daughter is sharing sweet throwback photos for her fans.

Fans loved Moriah from the moment they met her on Welcome to Plathville. During Season 1, she was a young girl trying to find her way in the world and define what she thought her life should be. It was obvious to many that Kim and Barry’s strict rules were suffocating Moriah, so many fans were happy when Moriah chose to move out on her own. For four seasons, viewers have seen Moriah changing clothes, makeup, and even hair color in an attempt to find out who she is. Now fans get a glimpse of what she looked like as a child.


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Moriah looks almost unrecognizable in photos from his youth. The Welcome to Plathville The star shared some sweet memories of her youth, living in Cairo, Georgia. The first pictures Moria shared were when she was about four years old, smiling for the cameras in her jeans with a plaid dress. At the time, Moriah had shiny blonde hair, similar to how it looked before he started dyeing it. The next snap she shared has her holding a family harp, presumably in the middle of a music lesson. Moriah even shared a photo of her and her siblings wearing modest clothes during a family portrait.

Moriah commented on a photo where she was 12, noting that she had a “baby face.” Followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the multiple photos. Many thought Moriah had such potential but squandered it with her cheap outfits and tons of makeup. However, others Welcome to Plathville fans shared how they liked how “openMoriah has followed her path of self-discovery. Overall, the Instagram post has been a huge hit among her followers.

Welcome to Plathville fans saw Moriah go through a brutal breakup with Max Kallschmidt in season 4. It turned out that the Georgian playboy cheated on Moriah in October. She tried her best to put on a happy face but got bored of Max’s story, which was full of lies. While some fans have become annoyed with her attitude, she is doing her best by posting pretty content for her followers.

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